How To Connect Matricom Controller To PC: Better Gaming

Both Mobile and PC gamers know that certain games are fun and better with a controller. The mouse and keyboard might be precise when it comes to gaming but are surely tiresome.

It’s even worse when using them in places with limited space. However, the gaming controllers do hit differently. They offer the next level of convenience.

With a Bluetooth controller, you can play from any part of the room as long as you have great vision. Again with the controller, you have all the controls at hand.

However, not all Bluetooth controllers have been created equally. Some work specifically with android devices, while others work perfectly with all the devices.

This article will be discussing the Matricom controller. So let’s start by finding out.

How to Control Matricom Controller to PC

Firstly, Go to PC device settings and turn on your Bluetooth. Check that your Matricom controller is on.

On the controller, press mode and x button simultaneously until the controller lights blink. Go back to your Bluetooth setting and scan for new devices. 

The Matricom controller will appear instantly. Click on it to pair. The controller vibrates after successful pairing. 

Matricom Controller

The Matricom controller is surely among the best wireless controllers. It’s perfect for gaming from your couch.

With Matricom, you can play games on your android device or PC. Plus, you can also connect it to a PlayStation. Such a gem!

Talking about PlayStation, I can assure you that it does not significantly differ from the PlayStation standard Sony controllers.  The button and joystick layout are quite similar to that of the PlayStation.


It uses the Micro-USB to charge. It makes it easier to charge because the Micro-USB is so common.

The location of its charging port is similar to that of PS3, PS4, and PS5 controllers. The battery is built-in and has a capacity of 600mAh. A full charge can last up to 2.5 hours which is great.

Sensitivity and Resistance

All the controller buttons, such as the left/right thumbsticks, front/back bumpers, have great sensitivity and resistance.

All you need is to give them the right amount of pressure. They are too mushy or sticky.

Bluetooth Support

The Matricom has a supported Bluetooth connection. Meaning you can play from any part of the room without worrying about pulling wires and so on.

It can connect to a device that’s up to 10 meters away. The Bluetooth connection is so straightforward. You won’t have to worry about downloading setups or so on.


The small buttons are made of rubber. The rubber offers a nice grip and prevents your fingers from sliding.

The top surface of the controller is also made of rubber, giving your hand a great feel.

With the rubber, you can play for several hours without feeling uncomfortable, plus it’s sweat resistant. The surface of the thumbstick is enough; therefore, your thumb will be very comfortable.

Wide Support

The Matricom controller has LED lights. The LED lights show the mode you are in from right to left: charging light, mouse mode, apple mode, X input mode, android mode.

On the apple mode, you will play the old generation apple games such as Apple IIGS games. The great thing about the Matricom model on Windows 10 is that you won’t have to download and install any drivers.

Pairing Matricom with Android

Pairing the Matricom to an android device is very straightforward. Press the M (button), the home button, and A-button simultaneously.

The red light should blink, and “gamepad” will show on your phone’s Bluetooth devices list. Click on the name to pair, and that’s all.

A plus feature about the Matricom controller is that it allows you to pair your Bluetooth headphones when it’s still connected. With sound and a controller, your gaming experience will certainly be great.

The Mouse Mode

With this model, you can use the controller as a mouse pointer. It works like the normal computer mouse and has all the functions like double, left, and right clicks.

Zooming of the screen is also possible. To enter the mouse mode, press M and A buttons simultaneously.

The Best Bluetooth Gaming Controllers For PC, Android, And More

Xbox One Bluetooth Controller

This controller is all around. Meaning it supports almost all the devices. You can use it to game on your android, PC, laptop, or MacBook.

If you are a gamer and already own an Xbox console and this controller, then you are surely sorted. You can use it on other devices.

The Xbox controller design is legendary, and many other console manufacturers are copying the design. You will notice that almost all the controllers in this list resemble the Xbox.

It’s because the design is tested and true. It feels good in the hands, and the controls are so responsive. The controller uses two AA batteries that can last approximately 40 hours.

However, there is an environmentally friendly option. The Xbox One Play plus charge kit is the option and can last for around 30 hours.

Sony Dual-Sense

The Sony Dual-Sense is another intriguing game controller. It’s a perfect pair for your PlayStation 5.

Its design cues are similar to those of the previous Sony controllers. But this new Sony Dual-Sense looks much like a spaceship.

In the company’s history, it’s the white controller that has come with several changes. It’s just so different.

Most of the previous controllers’ options have always been in the back button right from the box button. But not in the dual sense. It has been specifically designed to match the PlayStation 5.

Another great addition to the Dual-sense is the adaptive trigger setup that lets you feel all the different responses as you game.

It also supports the 3.5mm headphone jack and has a built-in microphone that allows you to chat with your friends.

It has a create button that helps you to share content or go live on various streaming platforms. The controller uses AA batteries and can only charge through USB-C.

Xbox One Core

The Xbox One consoler is the most popular. However, there’s another sheriff in town, “Xbox One Core.” You will get it with the Xbox Series S and X.

The great thing about the Xbox One Core is that you can use it on other platforms too.  With a quick look at the controller, you might not notice its difference from the other mentioned Xbox.

However, the two controllers do have some slight differences that can surely make a huge difference. The D-pad of this model is round and resembles that of the Xbox One Elite controller.

The Xbox One Elite controller is one of the luxurious Xbox controllers available. The control has a better response, plus its triggers and bumpers have been improved.

Microsoft has added a stippled texture on the two parts for better grip. The controller can also retain the 3.5mm headphone jack.

It has the all share button.

Dual Shock 4 PS4 Controller

So, if you have no plan to purchase the PlayStation 5, there’s no need to get the Dual-Sense controller. I would advise that you stick to the Dualshock 4 or get one.

It comes in different colors; you can choose your favorite color. With only one glance at the DualShock 4 and you know it’s a PlayStation controller.

Its look is the same as other PlayStation controllers and is something you are used to.  The Dual Shock has a touch panel, headphone jack, and many more.

It functions on both mobile and PC. However, it will not be a smooth transition for anyone who uses the Xbox controllers. Its design and that of Xbox are completely different.

Matricom G-Pad

The Matricom G-Pad is among the best Bluetooth controllers in the market. You can connect to almost all the devices that allow Bluetooth connections.

The devices can include tablets, Windows 10, PS3, the latest Samsung Galaxy Series, iPhone, and many more.

It has a rechargeable battery, so you won’t be pressured to buy new batteries every time. The controller’s design is similar to that of PlayStation 3 and has a good and comfortable feel.

It has a 16 button design that features the top finger trigger and the normal XYBA gaming buttons. On performance, I can vouch for the Matricom-G. It does not have any connectivity problems or lag.

You should try this game controller. I can assure you that you will love it. In addition to the great features, it is well priced.


Both PC and Mobile gaming are quite popular today. To some, it’s a profession, while to others, it’s just a way of relaxing and passing the time.

Today’s video games come with great graphics and do need great controllers as well. With a perfect controller, you will have a better experience.

Matricom is one of the companies that make great wireless controllers. All your device need is a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Matricom works in almost all devices that support Bluetooth, including PC. In this article, we have given a guide on connecting your Matricom to your PC. I hope it was helpful.

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