How To Find Adobe Serial Number On Mac

The usage of the Adobe application on your Mac may be frustrating if you do not have a serial number or an activated license. Without a serial number, the use of the Adobe application will have Trouble arises if you do not back up your serial number during the initial installation process. It makes it hard for you to find or retrieve Adobe serial numbers on your Mac.

It is frustrating when you wish to change your Mac or even satisfy your curiosity about finding an Adobe serial number, and you do not know how to go about it. Such cases become stressful, especially when the software supplier does not have a specified procedure to help you find the serial key. Although it is unnecessary to know where you store your Adobe serial number, it is essential to understand some methods to help you find it.

How To Find Adobe Serial Number On Mac

As a Mac owner, you may be using Adobe product applications like Premiere Pro, XD, Rush Lightroom, Illustrator, or Photoshop. Are you frustrated and finding it hard to locate your Adobe serial number? Well, various methods will help you find Adobe serial numbers easily. Such strategies include using serial number finder software, checking your product during purchase, asking your product provider, searching in your Mac’s library.

Find Adobe Serial Number Given During Purchase

The mode you use when buying your Adobe app determines how you find the serial number. For instance, if you purchased it directly from Adobe, you should start by logging in to the Adobe website using your Adobe ID and proceed to the product section. Then check for the registered products section by clicking the “Plans” tab and the “My products” section. Record the serial number corresponding to the app you are using.

Furthermore, logging into an Adobe account will provide you with the required information and prevent any additional bother. After signing in, check on the left-hand side of your screen and click on “Order History.” A new screen will display various tabs. Click “Order Column and select “Order Number.” You will see your serial number displayed on a new screen. Note it down and activate your Adobe product on your Mac.

When purchasing a teacher or student edition of the Adobe app, you likely received a redemption code or a serial number. Check if you noted these keys somewhere and use them whenever required. You may need the serial number or redemption key when upgrading, updating, or wish to change your product plan. During these situations, you will receive redemption codes that you will use to retrieve the Adobe serial number.

If you bought your Adobe product from an online retailer or store, they likely sent you a redemption code. Most retailers request your email address when making purchases. Thus, check your email to see if the retailer sent the redemption code. In the case of online stores like Amazon, there is a redemption code in your account. Follow the following steps to find the redemption code or serial number on Amazon.

  • Log in to your Amazon account
  • Click on “Your Orders”
  • Select “Order Details”
  • On the right-hand side of the account, click on “Go to Your Software Library.”
  • Record the redemption code as provided.

Use the redemption code to retrieve your serial number from the Adobe website. Create an account or log in to Adobe with your existing details. Proceed to services, then click on “Redeem your Purchase.” Enter the code you noted from your Amazon account and click “Redeem,” then record the serial number provided. Proceed to download the app. If your app shows a message with an “invalid serial number,” then the Adobe product you are using is not genuine.

Check The Details Of Your Product During Purchase

After purchasing your Adobe product from a store, it is essential to check for the serial number. You will find a serial number on the product box or the disk sleeve. Also, you can find the 24-digit code on the sleeve of a DVD. Other than that, the insert card may contain a redemption code, which you can use to find the serial number.

Moreover, if you cannot find the Adobe serial number after the purchasing process, try checking your prepaid card. Your prepaid card has a scratch-off foil beneath it. Thus, scratching the foil will reveal a redemption code that you will use to retrieve the Adobe serial number.

Search In Your Mac’s Library

Although most Mac owners do not have specific storage areas for their Adobe serial numbers, the library is critical to find the key. Usually, the Adobe software supplier chooses where to store it. If you recently installed your Adobe product, look through the library, and check the serial number on the Adobe PCD folder. Thus, it is essential to search your serial number in the ordinary files of your Mac’s library.

Since there is a high chance that you did not back up your serial number during the installation of Adobe, it will be hard to retrieve it when the need arises. However, an automatic feature allows Adobe to save the serial number in the Mac library after activation. To find the serial numbers of Adobe apps such as CS5, follow the following steps.

  • Go to the “Library”
  • Select the “Application Support” tab
  • Proceed to choose Adobe
  • Then select the Adobe PCD and then click on “Cache.”
  • After that, select “cache.DB”

After following all the steps highlighted, you will see a 24-digit code with encryption. The encryption protects the serial number from fraudulent activities or access by unauthorized parties. Mac OS X allows you to decrypt it using wine and to follow the prompts displayed on the screen. Besides, you can download a freeware program that will easily decode the serial number and prevent you from going through a hassle. Save the serial number and use it when reinstalling to activate the Adobe app on your Mac.

Use Serial Number Finder Software

Using serial number finder freeware is the best possible solution to find the Adobe serial number on your Mac. If you have a backed-up key that you forgot where you stored, the finder will help reduce your frustrations. Although some software is free to use, others need you to subscribe, and you can pay a small fee. Even if you pay for the subscription, the software relieves you of the frustrations and other costs that may arise, like repurchasing Adobe products.

Apfk (Adobe Product Key Finder)

Finding your Adobe serial number is easy using software because it scans the entire Mac system. This finder will enable you to locate serial numbers for most Adobe apps like CS5, CS4, CS3, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Acrobat, and Dreamweaver. This finder recovers both serial numbers and licenses keys of Adobe apps on your Mac, making it easy to find them. Also, APKF identifies all the Adobe apps present in your Mac and creates a backup folder for all the serial numbers. This feature helps access all the information of Adobe apps with minimum costs.

Mac Product Key Finder

This freeware backs up and recovers all the serial numbers and product keys of apps you install on your Mac. If you have Adobe Photoshop, this program will come in handy and help you find the serial number on your Mac. Subscribing to a pro version will avail a wide range of features, such as deep scanning and providing network information of your Mac.

Using System Information To Find Adobe Serial Number

Adobe Photoshop is an essential tool that allows you to generate graphics, edit photos, and assist in designing. In case your Adobe Photoshop requires the serial number, click on the registration of the app. Before contacting Adobe or checking for app details during purchase, use the following steps to help you access this crucial information.

  • Click and open the Photoshop app from the “Finder” on your Mac
  • Check on the toolbar on the upper part of the app and click on the region labeled “Help.”
  • Then click on the part labeled “About Photoshop.”
  • The serial number will be visible after opening the dialogue box
  • Note the serial number

Which Methods Can You Use To Find Adobe Serial Numbers From Your Mac?

When you have a problem finding an Adobe serial number, you should search on the library of your Mac and retrieve it from your Adobe account. Besides, check on your email if you purchased your Adobe app from a reseller, from the system information of the program, and use it.

Which Are Some Of The Software You Can Use To Retrieve The Adobe Serial Number?

Some of the best programs you can use to find Adobe serial numbers on your Mac include Mac Product Key Finder and Adobe Product Key Finder. The two freeware retrieve all backed-up information and place it in a folder.


Adobe serial number is essential because it enables you to access premium features on your Mac. However, it is frustrating whenever you do not find this serial number on your Mac. To avoid such stresses, you should search your Mac’s library and use finder software like APFK and Mac Product Key Finder. Besides, check your email for any redemption code if you bought the Adobe product from a retailer and check for all the details on the product box and prepaid card.


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