Terms & Condition

These terms and conditions serve as a legal agreement between Layers App, a professional graphics design company, and clients, which include anyone using this site, or Layers App services.

Layers App (“we,” “our,” “us,”) urge all our clients to read the below terms of services carefully, before submitting order to layers app, a clipping path service providing firm.

How We Use Your Data 

We reserve the right to request certain information for the sole purpose of establishing a more robust communication and business relationship with our clients.

The information we may collect, request, or keep are as follows: full name, email address, company, job title, company website, telephone number, profession, IP address, preferences and interests, Postcode, images, IP address, billing information, and company name.

As earlier explained, information requested from clients is used to enable us to communicate better to our clients. We will never send your information to third party sites.

Third-Party Websites & Individuals: 

Layers App is a business run by a group of well-trained graphic design professionals. Therefore, we handle every project by ourselves. We do not seek help from third party websites or individuals outside our company for any project. And bear in mind that we are open to sending you third party links if need be. However, we won’t take responsibility for those links or be held liable for any negative experience, loss, inconveniences or damages sustained. We expect you to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of those third-party sites before making any commitment.

Information on Copyright

Layers App, the entire website and contents therein, boasts several articles, images, and properties. All of these belong to the Layers App. Bear in mind that we do not allow piracy or copying part or all of our contents. Nevertheless, we may permit third-party platforms, provided they seek our consent before doing so. Another way to use our website is to acknowledge that the images, content, or intellectual property used belongs to Layers App.

Information on Free Trials 

Layers App reserves the right to deny or offer free trials to clients. We may also decide to provide samples in place of free trials. In certain situations, we may offer one-time free trials. However, if you have used the facility once and requested for another, you may have to pay for that.

Quality Guarantee 

As a professional graphics design company, Layers App uses cutting edge tools and improved processes to deliver satisfactory clipping path services. Therefore, bear in mind that we will do everything possible to provide quality work to you, as promised or agreed. However, we will not hesitate to redo your work to meet your expectations. But bear in mind that we do not permit clients to give out our work to third-party graphics design companies or individuals.

Image Files We Do Not Accept

Layers App will never accept images that are considered brutal and inappropriate. These include pictures or those related to pornography, nude, and others.

File Storage Policy

Our file storage policy is to keep files that belong to our clients for 2 months at no cost to them. Afterward, the file will be removed from our storage facility. We urge our clients to collect their files from us before this time. Failure to do so, we will not be liable for any damage, loss, hurt, or stress this might cause.

Changes to This Agreement

It is important to note that Layers App reserves the right to modify, add, or replace the terms and conditions herein at our discretion. We can also update the changes made to our already existing terms and conditions on this site without prior notice. Therefore, we urge you to visit our terms and conditions page, as often as possible, for changes and better understanding. However, if you discover any part of our terms and conditions that don’t suit you, discontinue using the platform.