Privacy Policy

Do you have any questions or information about our (Layers App) Privacy Policy? Feel free to contact us. 

This privacy policy details how we (Layers App) collect and use information from our visitors. We also want you to know that we will not use your information for any purpose besides the ones mentioned here.

Please take note of the following:

  1. This website (Layers App) uses cookies to help visitors navigate the website with ease and load pages faster. So, by using Layers App, you consent to the website’s use of cookies. 
  • Layers App uses log files like many other websites. And the information in the log files includes the visitor’s IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, ISPs (Internet Service Provider), browser type, track user’s movement around the site, number of clicks for trend analysis, and we may choose to gather demographic information.   
  • Links and adverts belonging to third-party websites are displayed on this platform. We wish to state that these websites might request specific information from users for the purpose stated in their privacy policy. So, we encourage users to read and be sure of the information they provide on these third-party websites. Layers App wishes to state it has no control over the affairs of these third-party websites. 
  • We can add, remove or change information on this privacy policy with or without prior notice to users. So, we urge users to visit our privacy policy section for updates often. 
  • We have several advertising partners on this website, and some of them may use cookies. We wish to state that Layers App doesn’t control the cookies these third-party websites are using. Thus, we encourage users to read their privacy policy or ask questions, if necessary, to know how cookies on these third-party sites affect their use of the sites.