About Us

Layers App is one of the fastest-growing online magazines for tech news, product reviews, and tech-related stories. We provide ideas, tips, information, and guides that make sense in a world where technology is always evolving. 

We take pride in providing the latest tech stories and news to keep our readers informed with the latest happenings in the tech world. Our tech posts are well-researched, detailed, and simple to understand.

Meet The Man Behind Layers App:

David Huner is a tech lover and someone obsessed with technology. He is fascinated by how technology has advanced over the years and waiting to see what the future holds. 

Technology has changed different aspects of our lives. These include academic, work, social, personal life, and more. And learning how these changes are happening and how we can leverage these technologies to fix a myriad of problems is equally important. 

David Huner is the founder of Layers App. When he’s not fishing for the latest tech innovations, you can find him packing his tools for the next DIY project. 

David loves to create things with his hands. But what he enjoys more than that is sharing information about his DIY knowledge.

He’s a tech lover and would always be. He also loves trying out varied gadgets and sampling the opinion of people to have an in-depth understanding of various products. 

The internet is awash with numerous tech platforms. And most of these platforms are just there to publish as much content as possible to earn advertising revenue. 

They don’t care about the credibility of what they publish online, including how that information might affect the readers. 

But that’s not the case with Layers App. We’re a tec magazine with a difference. We provide information and reviews you can trust. 

The Information We Share On This Website

These are the type of information you’ll find on this platform

Tech blog posts: We provide DIY tips and how-to information readers can leverage to solve day-to-day challenges. Our blog posts are information-packed, detailed, and simple to read.   

What makes a good blog post is not the word count but the quality of the information provided. And here on Layers App, we strive to provide quality information to keep readers informed about on new and existing technologies.  

Buyer’s Guide & Product Reviews: We don’t advise our readers to splash the cash on items they don’t have information on. We encourage people to read the buyer’s guide to know the factors they have to consider before choosing a product. 

Our buyer’s guides are professionally drafted to equip readers with the knowledge to make the right buying decision. 

How we develop our product reviews is unique. We interact with real buyers to get their opinion on the products. We also rely on personal experience using these products, and we conduct research on the products’ features provide in-depth information on each product so that readers can make informed decisions.   

We Fancy Community Involvement

We welcome community involvement on this platform. So, feel free to share your suggestions and tips with us. If you have a product that you want us to review, we’ll be glad to hear from you. 

In the same vein, if you have a tech-related story or a topic you would like us to discuss, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.