MSI Laptop Not Charging; Best Gaming Laptop Fixes

MSI is the most prolific gaming laptop manufacturer on the planet, and they have never been anything short of amazing.

If you want to have the best gaming experience with a laptop, you should probably look into MSI models.

Gaming takes up a lot of power. You, therefore, need to have a battery that can provide these high power levels for a decent time frame to have fun.

Your laptop not charging could be a significant disadvantage, and here is how you can go about it;

MSI Laptop Not Charging

An MSI laptop could develop battery charging problems, and you need to fix it as fast as possible to make sure your games run perfectly and for long. The laptop could fail to charge even when the power adapter is connected.

This could be because of a change in system settings or a damaged battery. If the laptop is new, the problem is most likely related to the settings, and your battery is still okay.

The battery mostly charges to 60% then stops charging, and it could be stressful to you, but you shouldn’t worry about it. It is not a problem; it is a pre-installed feature to help your battery last longer.

Let’s get into how you can fix this problem;

  • Go to the dragon center on your MSI laptop and select the tools option.
  • Under the tools option, you will see several battery options you can shift between. By default, the option for best for the battery is selected, which is the cause of your problems. This is a feature by MSI to make the battery more durable.
  • You can choose the balanced option, and your battery will charge up to 80%, then stop charging. Selecting the “best for mobility” option will allow the battery to charge to the total capacity.
  • You can shift between the plans depending on where you are and the access to a power source. If your charger is almost always plugged in, you should choose the best battery setting to keep the battery in good shape at all times.
  • If you have already selected the “best for mobility” plan and your laptop isn’t charging, you should go to the battery calibration option. MSI recommends that you calibrate your battery every three months for the best life. If your battery does not charge after calibration, it is probably damaged or expired. You can take it to a technician to get a professional opinion before you buy another battery. MSI produces high-quality products; thus, it is rare for the battery to be the problem.

How Good Is The MSI Battery?

Having a good battery in a gaming laptop can be a significant advantage since it will allow you to enjoy your games in remote places, even without power outlets.

Since MSI is a big brand and you might be considering it, you need to know how good their batteries are.

A new MSI battery can hold power for up to 5 hours, depending on the intensity of use. This is a reasonable timeline that can allow you to play a game and enjoy it before you have to look for a power outlet.

The battery will work well for about four years, depending on your maintenance. Generally, the battery is reliable, and it will hold power for a decent number of years. Even with the high power demands of a gaming laptop, you will have a long lifespan.

It is important to note that a laptop battery works depending on how you care for it. The battery will work well when it is new and even as it gets used for long.

The rate of deterioration differs depending on care; thus, you have to be good with it.

Keep the battery away from excess heat; use the recommended battery settings each time you use the laptop to give your battery a longer lifespan.

MSI Gaming Laptop Review

MSI is one of the biggest names in gaming laptop production, next to ASUS, DELL and other big brands. If you want quality, style and high performance in one package, MSI is the way to go.

They have worked on newer models of their laptops, with each coming more powerful than the other. One of their most powerful laptops is the MSI GE76 10UH gaming laptop, and we will use it as a point of reference.

It has a core i9 processor with storage of 64 GB and 16GB RAM. These specs will allow it to comfortably run any game you could find without overclocking the laptop.

The screen is a 4K with 120HZ, which works amazingly when paired with the NVidia RTX 3080 Graphics.

The design and build quality of MSI laptops feel excellent, and it will be worth your money. The additional components make this laptop a bit heavy, and it weighs a little over 3 kilos which you won’t complain about because of the fantastic service.

They have relatively big screens, which work better for gaming. The GE76 has a 17.3-inch screen which is big enough to accommodate a fantastic gaming experience. You can also get a laptop with a 1080p high refresh screen if you don’t want a 4K monitor.

The laptop comes with a 1080p camera and excellent speakers, making it a good option for talking to another player online.

The keyboard has RGB lighting that illuminates all keys and functions; thus, you can use it in the dark.

The touchpad is 10.5 cm by 6.5 cm, which feels small considering the size of the laptop, but it works well after you get used to it.

You can control the operation of the fan in most MSI laptops which is a good addition for power conservation.

The laptop has settings to give the userspace to get the best environment for gaming. You can change the settings to suit your needs better and keep the processor in the right work-frame. Although they might be expensive, MSI laptops are worth every penny.

How To Choose A Gaming PC

MSI is one of the world’s best gaming laptop manufacturers, but what defines a gaming laptop? If you are a gamer and you want to shift from a console or PC to a laptop, what should you look for in the laptop?

The choice will be suitable and straightforward if you understand all the aspects that make a gaming laptop better than another. Let us get into the topic and give you all the answers you need.

The Screen

This aspect has a significant impact on your gaming experience since a low refresh rate will even fail to run some games.

The screen should have a high resolution to give you an excellent display with all videos and graphics moving streamlined.

The screen size and refresh rate are essential parts. A high refresh rate of about 120Hz will ensure that the games look and run better. You will be able to get the frames faster which will improve your gaming experience.

The Processing Power

This is the most crucial aspect when looking for a gaming laptop. Games require a powerful processor to run them and render all the sound and video graphics correctly.

If your laptop is not powerful enough, it will overheat and get damaged within a short time. The best gaming laptop should have a core i5 or higher processor that can go as high as 4.5 GHz.

A single-thread performance laptop will be more efficient in executing the game; thus, you won’t have the game hanging.

Overall Performance and Features

Some features make a gaming laptop unique, and missing them will ruin your experience. Your laptop should have a dedicated GPU to render the graphics in the games you play.

The fan should also be high performance since gaming takes a toll on the processor, which produces a lot of heat.

Without proper cooling systems, you would end up with an overheated laptop that will develop more issues with time.

Your laptop should also have ample storage space, or it should be compatible with a wide range of external storage options. Games are massive; thus, you need to have them stored someplace you can quickly access.


MSI has been one of the best laptop manufacturers in recent years, and they have the attention of most big-time gamers. They included a feature to prevent the laptop from charging 100%, increasing its lifespan.

You can disable this feature and charge your battery all the way if you need to move the laptop to a place with no power sources. The battery will sustain you for several years if you take good care of it.

When choosing a gaming laptop, make sure you get one with good specs. Get as high processing power and speed as you can, even if it will get expensive. It will be worth the money if you get the gaming laptop that will rock your world.

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