Why Is Roku TV Screen Green : Here Is Why And Quick Fixes

That’s from the basic Roku device to the high-end one and excellent quality with interesting, smart features. There is a model for everyone.

However, like all other techs, the Roku devices also run into troubles and bugs. It can be an app compatibility issue, remote, green screen, and many more.

I know how frustrating the problem can be when they pop up. Do not worry; the good news is there is always an easy fix for every issue.

Today we’re going to look into the green screen issue and how to fix it. Let’s get back to answering the question.

Why Is Roku TV Screen Green

The green screen issue has become a thing on Roku TV.  It mostly happens on the application and not the local or live TV channels.

The cause of the issue is a bug in the Roku TV application after the update. But if you do not use the app, the problem might be stemming from your HDMI cables.

How To Fix The Roku Green Screen Problem

You can quickly fix the Roku TV issues with a software update, restart, and factory reset. Here are some of the working tricks that can improve the green screen issue on your Roku TV.

Power Cycle the Roku TV

The power cycling trick is known to fix the green screen issues. It’s an easy and quick trick that you can pull without any trouble. Here are the steps you can follow to actualize this.

Unplug your Roku TV from the power source. Do this for thirty to sixty seconds. Connect it back and power it on.

Go to any streaming app or YouTube to check if the issue is gone. If the trick did not fix the problem, you can do the other quick fixes in this article.

Switch between the App and Live TV

It’s another simple, quick fix that you can try if the power cycle did not work. So how do you do this? If you stream Hulu, Netflix, or YouTube applications on your Roku TV, you can switch to live or local TV (known as feed channel).

Please do it for a few seconds, like thirty to fifty, then return to the application you were streaming from. It should certainly fix the issue.

HDMI Cable

You can also get the green screen issue if you have connected too many cables on your Roku TV. Disconnect any unnecessary wires from the TV.

After doing this, check to see if the issue is gone. If this does not fix the problem, try a different HDMI cable. Alternatively, you can use the HDMI splitter.

Many users say the HDMI splitter does fix the green issue. You can also check your HDMI settings. Accessing the HDMI settings is easy. Here is a guide to the HDMI settings that will save your time.

Go to the settings on your Roku TV and scroll down to the TV inputs option. Open the option and then choose HDMI mode.

Change the mode from either HDMI 2.0 or HDMI 1.4. Choose the model that works for you and goes back and check if this has fixed the issue.

Factory Reset

Factory reset is always the last option for many. It fixes almost all the other Roku TV issues. A factory reset will have your TV in the same state it was when you first bought it.

It wipes all your network preferences and downloads. Losing all the fancy settings you had put on your Roku TV is not something to merry about.

However, the option has worked in many instances. Here is how you can factory reset your Roku TV. You’ll have to access the home screen menu and then go to settings.

Move down to the system and then advanced system settings. Finally, set the factory reset option and confirm. After the reset, check the Roku TV to confirm if the green issue has been fixed.

Restart the Roku

The restart option can help fix the green screen issue. Here are the steps to follow. Using the remote, navigate to the home screen. After this, go to settings and select the restart option. The Roku TV will restart.

Other Common Roku Issues

Remote Control

Roku TV mostly comes with two different remotes. These are the enhanced “point-anywhere” and infrared (IR).

In case of any remote problem, you will first have to confirm the type of remote you have. The “point-anywhere” does have a small button just below the batteries.

It does not have the button then it’s infrared. You can fix the issue by downloading the Roku remote app. It’s the best option when your remote control is damaged beyond repair.

It allows you to operate the Roku device from your smartphone. The application is available in both Google PlayStore and iOS.


So how will you know the Roku TV has Wi-Fi issues? There are several ways to know this. Bad video and the audio quality shows that you have Wi-Fi issues.

Slowness in command responses is another red flag. The last and obvious way to know is when you see the “not connected” message on your home screen.

With such issues, it’s best to start by checking your Wi-Fi signal strength. The signal strength can be poor, fair, or strong. For poor signal, you will have to improve it.

You can also relocate your Roku TV and place it near the Wi-Fi source. However, it does not help if the Wi-Fi strength is terrible. But you can try repositioning and find out if it does work.

If the device has an Ethernet port, you can connect it directly to Wi-Fi using the Ethernet cable. It’s the best way to test your Wi-Fi and find out if it has a fault.

If you get the “not connected” message, then you might have entered the wrong Wi-Fi password or are not in the Wi-Fi range.

But if your phone or laptop is connected to the Wi-Fi, then the issue might be the wrong password. Check the network settings of your Roku and try again.

If you get the error code 009, the Roku is connected to the router but can’t access the internet. But if all the other devices such as your phone or tablet are connected and working correctly. Restart your Roku device. Contact your service provider in case this does not work.


The audio problems include distorted audio, audio dropouts, no audio, and many more. The cause of the audio issues can stem from the hardware, cables, or software.

On cable, it depends on the complexity of the whole setup. But before you try any available solutions, I recommend that you power off the device and unplug it from the power source, then plug it back in.

It sounds silly, but I can assure you it can save you a lot. It fixes many more problems than you can imagine. Therefore it can also improve your sound issue.


The issues with video quality include things such as stuttering, buffering, and degraded detail. These issues are caused mainly by bad network connections.

The first quick fix should be checking your network connections. The Wi-Fi should be very stable.

At the time, the issue might be that the internet plan you are using cannot offer sufficient bandwidth to support the content you are streaming.

The recommended Roku download speed is 3 Mbps for standard content. The HD content needs 9 Mbps, while the 4K HDR needs 25 Mbps.

But if the plan you have offers a suitable bandwidth, you’ll have to check if anyone in your connection is using high bandwidth on other devices. Go to your setting and check if there are unknown devices on your Wi-Fi connections.


This is another prevalent Roku problem. The HDMI creates a connection between two devices and allows the transfer of both audio and visuals. However, at times the connection might have issues.

With HDMI issues, you might experience black screens, HDCP errors, and flashing video. The quick fix for this issue is to power down everything, remove the HDMI cable, and reinsert.

Check that the cable is well attached at both ends and restart it. If this does not solve the issue, do not worry. There are many other ways to fix this.

You can replace the HDMI cable and see if this helps. If the HDCP problem persists after this, then the issue might be different. Maybe the HDMI cable cannot support the HDCP level.


The Roku TV, like other devices, is subject to errors and issues. The green screen issue is one of the common Roku TV problems.

It shouldn’t worry you at all because it is fixable. You can try the several fixes that we have mentioned in this article.

The great thing is that they are not technical, therefore easy to pull. If the above fixes do not work, then contact the Roku support team for help. You can get their contact details from the Roku website. They will surely help.

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