What Is A Google Subscriber? A Mini Guide To Google Subscriber Number Usage

Google subscriber numbers have helped everyone who uses the feature achieve effortless use of Google voice commands to accomplish several tasks. Google voice subscribers are expected to sign up for a phone number, and this is a unique number you can give out to people, just like your regular smartphone number. With the Google subscriber number, phone calls and text messages are forwarded wherever you want them to go.

So, What is a Google Subscriber?

A Google subscriber is a number that allows you to use Google Voice features.

Google Subscriber- Setting Up Google Voice and Other Things You Should Know

To use the Google subscriber, you need to set up your Google Voice and other necessary things. You should know about the following;

1. What You Get from Google Subscriber

Setting up your Google voice will give you your phone number, texts, and voicemails. Fortunately, you can use this number to make local and international calls at much cheaper rates than what you get from regular mobile phone operators.

In addition to making local and international calls, you may also read voicemail transcripts in your inbox and search them like emails. You can also get personalized voicemail greetings and make international calls at meager rates. With the Google subscriber, you will protect yourself from spam messages and unsolicited calls.

With the Google subscriber, you can block unwanted calls and screen calls before answering them.

2. What do You Need to Use Google Subscriber Voice?

  • To set up the Google voice subscriber on your computer, you will need the following;
  • Google Chrome or Mac OS, or Microsoft Windows operating system
  • The supported web browser like Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, or Safari
  • Sufficient memory on Hard drive (at least 250 MB)

How To Sign Up For Your Google Subscriber Number And Get It

Google subscriber does not offer 1-800 numbers, and you should keep this in mind when setting up your Google subscriber number. To set up your Google voice subscriber number, please follow these steps;

Step #1: Go to www.voice.google.com

Step #2: Sign into a Google account

Step #3: Review the terms of the service privacy policy and then click on “Continue.”

Step #4: Search for the available numbers by using the city or area code. If your preferred number is not available in your area, try a nearby city or area code for the same number.

Click on “Select” beside the number you have discovered and follow the on-screen instructions. after setting up your Google voice, you should be able to link another phone number to the first.

Step #5: You may want to create a Google subscriber launcher in the App launcher. This is necessary if the Google voice subscriber app doesn’t appear on your Google app in Chrome; you can add it. Go to voice.google.com and go to the top right corner and click on Google Apps. Under the voice logo, click on “add a shortcut.”

Cost And Availability Of Google Voice Subscriber

Most Google subscriber voice calls within US and Canada are free, but some calls within these two countries may cost 1 cent per minute. There are different rates for calls made outside of the US and Canada. For instance, calls to Australian mobile numbers are $0.02 per minute, and those to the UK and many other European countries may cost between $0.01 to $0.26.

Google Voice Subscriber Accounts

Whether you are an individual Google subscriber or operate a business, you can buy Google Subscriber Voice as a paid subscription add-on. The following are things you should know about Google voice subscriber accounts;

1. Checking for Managed Voice for Google Workspace Account

To check for a Google workspace account, go to your computer and go to the Google Voice page. Click on “Settings” on the top right part of the website. Under the account section from settings, click on “This account is managed by your Google workspace administrator.”

If you get the message above, you have a voice for google workspace account, and your organization handles your billing. If you don’t get a message like that, it means you either have a personal account, work, or school account that is not managed by any organization if you have signed up for a Google subscriber voice account.

2. The Features on Your Account Depends on Your Account Type

The features you will get on your Google subscriber voice account will depend on the type of account you have. If, for instance, you have a voice for a Google workspace account, your Google workspace administrator will manage your account. Your bills will be centrally available to your organization, and you will get integration with other Google workspace services such as Google meet and Calendar.

Types Of Google Subscriber Voice Accounts

There are two main types of Google subscriber voice accounts, these are;

  • Managed Google workspace, and
  • Personal account
  • Personal Account

The personal account is designed for a single person, but it is available in the United States only. It does not come with international locations. The personal account comes with forwarding calls to all linked numbers and voicemail transcripts. It also features the capability to link with mobile apps like Android, iPhone, and iPad.

A personal account allows you to add credit to make phone calls. The personal accounts do not come with auto attendants, ring groups, desk phone compatibility, contacts for the corporate directory, identification of incoming Google Meet calls, and the ability to verify your account with another phone number.

The Google Workspace Subscriber Managed Account

The Google workspace account is managed and can allow you to add from 10 different people to an unlimited number of people. The phone number is available in more than 13 countries and regions. It offers phone calls to international locations and offers every other feature included in the personal subscriber voice account.

All other features that don’t come with a personal account are here. For instance, you don’t have to verify your account even when you change your phone or number. Based on your calendar working hours, you can use features like “Do not disturb.”

With the workspace subscriber managed account, you can identify the incoming Google Meet calls and decide to accept or ignore them. You can also use contacts from the corporate directory, especially if you are unsure or in an emergency case where you need to retrieve the numbers.

This account is compatible with desk phones, unlike a personal account. It also comes with the auto-attendant and ring group features.

There are three types of Google subscriber voice accounts for Businesses, these are;

  • Google voice starter
  • Google voice standard
  • Google voice premier

The Google voice starter is ideal for individuals and entrepreneurs with up to 10 users. This service costs up to $10 monthly and allows up to 10 users plus up to 10 domestic locations. Unfortunately, this package does not include unlimited international calls.

The package offers unlimited calls within the USA, plus unlimited text messages in selected markets only. It allows you to forward your calls to all linked numbers and also comes with voicemail transcripts. It can work on IOS and Android mobile apps. It also works with web applications, and there is 24/7 customer care support available.

This service comes with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) feature, and you can use the activity reporting. Unfortunately, This package does not come with auto attendants, Desk-phone compatibility, eDiscovery for calls, voicemail, and text messages. Ring groups and Export voice activity to BigQuery.

The standard package costs $20 and will allow an unlimited number of users registered on it. All features available on the basic package are also available on the standard package. It has some features you can’t find on the basic package, and these include auto attendants, Desk-phone compatibility, eDiscovery for calls, voicemail, and text messages. It also comes with Ring groups but has no Export voice activity to BigQuery.

The Premier USB 30 is a package that is bigger than the other previous two, and it is the only one with complete features. It has all the features mentioned in basic and standard plus no Export voice activity to BigQuery. The package also comes with an unlimited number of users, plus unlimited domestic and international locations for making phone calls.

Fortunately, it is possible to switch from one Google subscriber voice account to another, especially when your situation changes. You should read the terms and agreements for switching from one account to another because you have to meet up with the next package terms of usage to be able to make the switch.

If you have set up a business, for instance, it makes sense to switch from a personal subscriber voice account to the basic or standard business account; that account should serve you for a while before you upgrade to the premium, which is the biggest of them all and can provide unlimited calls and texts.

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