How To Charge Laptop With HDMI

One of the most frustrating things when you are on your laptop is that your battery dies. You can’t use it anywhere! However, the good news is that there are a few different ways to charge your laptop without having to plug in or find an outlet.

As more laptops are being released with USB-C ports instead of traditional charging ports, some people might find themselves in a panic when their laptop battery starts to die on them. Don’t worry, though – we’re here to help. If you have an HDMI cord for your computer, then this will be easy. In this post, we will show you how easy it is to charge your laptop with HDMI.

What Are The Different Ways You Can Charge Your Laptop?

Laptops are charged through many different methods, and each method has its pros and cons. The most common way is by using a USB port or an AC adapter which allows flexibility but limits the usage of laptops. You can also charge a laptop with an HDMI connection if there are no available USB ports nearby, for example, on a TV or an aeroplane.

This gives you the flexibility to charge your laptop using the available option. The most common way people charge their laptops is through the use of a USB cable. The next time you cannot find your laptop’s AC adapter, just look for the nearest USB port and plug it in to charge it that way. You can also charge your computer using an HDMI connection by connecting it with another device such as a monitor or TV.

Another option is charging from a wall outlet. You can use the AC adapter that comes with your laptop to charge it from a wall outlet. An additional option is charging through a power bank. A power bank allows you to have another source of energy while on the go, so you won’t run out of battery while using your laptop or cell phone. When you want more juice for your devices, charge them through a power bank.

The last option is charging from your car battery. This works by connecting the DC adapter to your laptop and then hooking it up to a cigar lighter in a vehicle or cigarette lighter socket on a plane. You can also charge laptops with car batteries using USB ports built into some cars, which you can access when you are inside the vehicle.

The final option to consider is charging your laptop with solar power through a portable solar panel charger. You can use this method when you are outdoors or in an environment where there isn’t any other source of energy nearby. Just set up the panels and let it charge. This way, even if you’re stuck somewhere without electricity, you can power your devices.

Charging your laptop with a power bank and solar panel are the most convenient methods because they allow for maximum mobility while charging laptops. These two options also give more freedom to use devices since you won’t need to look for USB ports whenever you want to use them.

How To Charge Laptop With HDMI

One way to charge a laptop is by using the HDMI cord that goes from your laptop to your TV or monitor. You can do this with laptops and TVs alike, but it works best on newer models of both types of devices. The method will allow you to essentially use the same cable as an energy source for charging up your computer’s battery.

Laptop HDMI Charging Instructions:

Plug the HDMI cord into your TV or monitor. There should be a separate port for an HDMI cable to go in and connect to another device on a newer laptop. 

However, if you have an older computer that doesn’t have this feature built-in yet, simply plug the other end of the cord directly into your outlet instead. Turn on both devices and allow them to begin powering up entirely before proceeding with further steps in this process.

Start by plugging the HDMI cord into your laptop. Then, stick it in a free port on either your TV or monitor and turn both devices on.

You can now start charging up your computer’s battery as you usually would simply by using an outlet to power it instead of just burning through its own energy reserves that much faster.

Turn off both devices and then turn them back on again one at a time, as this will ensure better results in the process. Press and hold down your laptop’s “power” button, then press it again to turn on both devices when prompted by a message that appears on the screen.

When you can see an image from your laptop or other display device appearing on the TV or monitor connected via an HDMI cord, take this as a sign that you have successfully charged your laptop via this method.

This is a simple way to charge your laptop without having to buy any adapters or other accessories. You can also use the TV as a monitor while charging it up instead of plugging in another device.

Is It Safe To Charge A Laptop Using HDMI?

You can charge a laptop using HDMI, but it’s not safe. HDMI is a terrific way to watch HD movies on a huge screen and listen to high-quality music. The HDMI adaptor only supplies a tiny amount of voltage or current, insufficient for electrical appliances.

However, charging a laptop with an HDMI wire should only be done if you are desperately stuck somewhere. Otherwise, we recommend using the charging adaptor that comes with your laptop.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Laptop Charger

There are different charger types for laptops, so make sure you have the right one before purchasing a replacement. You can find laptop chargers on Amazon or eBay that will fit your specific laptop model to ensure compatibility with your system. If possible, try to purchase an original device replacement part to lessen the risk of damage to your laptop. Here are factors to consider before buying a laptop charger:

  • The type of laptop do you have. Your laptop type will determine the type of charger you need for it.
  • If your laptop is new, make sure to check with its manufacturer to get a compatible charger model.
  • Type of power source you are using. One laptop may require more wattage than another, so check your device for this information before purchasing a charger online.
  • The voltage input range to avoid damage or overheating. You can find the voltage requirement on the bottom or backside of your laptop system near where the charger port is located.
  • The wattage power required by your device will tell you precisely what watts or voltage the adapter needs when charging. Your system manual gives this information if available.
  • Replacement laptop chargers will take long to charge your system than the original parts. Make sure you know the differences in charging times before purchasing a new one, as it can be inconvenient if you need your device for work or school.
  • The price of replacement laptop adapters varies from model to model and brand to brand. Shop around for the best charger price.
  • If your laptop is disassembled, make sure to keep all its components together and label them in order of their removal from the device. You cannot afford to lose a single part, or else you might not be able to use it again later on with another charger.
  • Do not buy a universal charger. Universal chargers are less expensive, but they can cause damage to your computer. You’ll want to purchase the one that came with your device originally, if possible. Make sure it is compatible before purchasing so there isn’t any damage done. 
  • Be mindful of design and appearance. Some laptop chargers are more aesthetically pleasing than others, so be sure to find one that suits your style preference. You will want something you feel proud to show off rather than just hiding it away in a drawer somewhere when not using it.


We recommend getting an HDMI cable if you need to charge your laptop and want a quick, easy solution that doesn’t require any complicated setup. These cables allow you to plug one end into the TV’s USB port or power outlet and connect it to your computer via an HDMI port. You’ll be able to watch movies on the big screen while charging up at the same time.

If you are looking to charge your laptop using HDMI without an outlet or power source, this is possible with the help of a few adapters. You can try an Apple charger plugged into a USB-C adapter and then plug that adapter into your HDMI cable. There are many other combinations as well to find the right one for your specific needs. We hope this article has helped understand how to use HDMI as a power source for your laptop.

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