Why Can’t I Upload Videos To Instagram? The Reasons And How To Fix Them 

Video posting is one of the reasons why Instagram has grown so popular over the years. You can upload videos as a post or do a live feed for your audience on Instagram.

Keeping your followers engaged by posting interesting video content is important when seeking to grow an Instagram account.

So, it can be frustrating when you suddenly can’t upload videos on Instagram. And the worst part is you may not know why you’re having this difficulty. Unfortunately, the error message won’t display the reason.

If you have challenges uploading videos on Instagram, you’re not alone. So many people are experiencing similar problems with their accounts.

The good news is we have taken out time to explain why you may be having this problem and possible solutions. Read on!

Why Can’t I Upload Videos To Instagram?

Instagram is a breeze to use. You can open an Instagram account within a few minutes and upload videos almost immediately.

You can even upload videos the second you create your account. So, you shouldn’t have problems uploading videos on the platform.

But if such happens, it would be best to understand what’s causing it and fix it. So now, let’s see why you can’t upload videos on Instagram.   

1. The video is below Instagram’s Standards: 

Like any other platform, Instagram has guidelines for content published. Any video you upload on the platform must meet size, technical criteria, and format specifications.

Instagram’s video codecs are compatible with the video formats used by most mobile devices.

Unfortunately, some devices may not record in a format that meets Instagram’s specifications. As a result, you may experience difficulties uploading videos to Instagram if you have such a device.

2. Your Internet Connection is Poor:

Poor internet connection is another common reason some users have trouble uploading videos on Instagram. Note that the internet is not a switch that you can turn on and off. Although you can turn on your mobile data to access the internet, it also has a mind of its own.

So, no matter how good your internet connection might be, it could fluctuate occasionally. Although mobile internet connection has improved through the years, several factors can affect connectivity.

  • If the network fluctuates when uploading a video to Instagram, the process will likely fail.
  • If you’re moving and unsettled, you may experience problems with your network.
  • You may be unable to upload a video to Instagram if you move between various hotspots.

Finally, posting a video to Instagram will fail if you connect to a public Wi-Fi network that restricts Instagram.

3. Instagram had your video blocked:

Sometimes, your video didn’t upload because Instagram flagged it. And most times, you may not be notified to that effect.

Instagram runs an automated system. There’s no one at the other end monitoring what you post. So, when the Instagram system blocks a video, the system may not explain why. However, Instagram prohibits specific videos on its platform. Pornographic or violent videos will not upload on Instagram.

What Other Content Does Instagram Prohibit?

It’s common knowledge that Instagram doesn’t allow pornographic and violent content on its site. But that’s not all. There’s a lot more.

  • Instagram doesn’t permit spam – creating or submitting unwanted emails, comments, likes, or other commercial or harassing communications.
  • Instagram doesn’t allow support or admiration for terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups. Additionally, selling guns and drugs, as well as providing sexual services, are illegal.
  • Instagram prohibits hate speech and personal attacks.
  • Instagram doesn’t tolerate abuse based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, handicap, or disease.
  • Instagram doesn’t condone or encourage self-injury, including eating disorders.

Instagram May Have Suspended Your Account

If Instagram prohibits your account from posting videos, you’ll not be in the dark. Instead, you’ll receive an email explaining the reasons for the suspension.

That’s not all, though. Banning doesn’t happen overnight. Many banned users know that their conduct may result in their ban.

Mass following and unfollowing are two activities that could result in a ban on Instagram. Instagram may also ban your account if you post too frequently over a long period. Although this may sound funny, it does make Instagram more user-friendly. You’ll therefore have to get used to it.

What Else Can Get You Banned?

Instagram can ban you for the following reasons:

  • Using offensive language
  • Buying followers
  • Selling your accounts
  • Using banned or broken hashtags
  • Using an automation tool for liking or commenting on materials aggressively or following/unfollowing users
  • Selling or promoting illegal goods or services.
  • Sending the same messages or making the same comments over and over again
  • You can also get banned if someone reports your account.

What To Do When You Can’t Upload Videos To Instagram

The first step for anyone having trouble uploading videos to Instagram is to figure out why they cannot do so.

So, we’ve established why you might be unable to upload a video to Instagram. If you’re trying to resolve this, you won’t have to look far because we’ve provided solutions.

Check your connection:

Because a poor network is one of the numerous reasons why you might be unable to upload a video to Instagram, ensure you’re using a solid connection.

Wi-Fi connections frequently overshadow your phone’s internet connection. If your Wi-Fi is connected to a hotspot that isn’t very strong, you may need to turn off your Wi-Fi and use your phone’s internet connection to access Instagram.

If you’re using your phone’s internet connection to access Instagram, you could try turning off and on your mobile data. Your internet connection may decline with time, and resetting will help.

If you’re in a terrible network area, changing positions can improve the situation. Additionally, if you’re using a hotspot connection, remove anything in the way of your internet connection.

Ensure your video format is compatible with Instagram:

Ensure your video’s frame rate is at least 30 frames per second. Because Instagram can handle videos with 30 frames per second (fps), if your video is longer than 30 fps, it will not upload.

We also recommend uploading a video with a bitrate of 3500 kbps. While there are no restrictions on encoding at a lower bitrate, if the bitrate is less than 3500 kbps, you may not get the best out of a video. Unfortunately, Instagram does not support videos with higher bitrates.

If you’re not using IGTV or stories, your video shouldn’t be longer than 60 seconds and shorter than 3 seconds.

Your videos must be 1080 pixels and have a resolution of 4.5. Because Instagram will scale the video down if it is larger, the quality may suffer.

Make sure your video isn’t more than 50 megabytes in size. Although a video of 50 megabytes is the industry standard, a video of fewer than 20 megabytes will be much easier to upload.

About Frame Rates

You’ll often hear this term with computer graphics, video cameras, and motion capture devices. What does it mean? Frame rate represents the rate at which a device displays consecutive images (or frames)

Frames per second or fps is the number of frames recorded by your camera in a single second of video. Frame rate, which is commonly expressed in frames per second, is measured in Hertz.

About Bitrates

The term bitrate is standard in video streaming. It represents the number of bits sent or processed in a particular unit of time. Bitrate is expressed in bits per second (bit/s) and usually involves a prefix such as a kilo(one thousand), mega (one million), or Giga (one billion).

One thousand bits per second is one kilobit per second (kbit/s). 1000 kbit/s equals 1 megabit per second (mbit/s).

A higher bitrate in video output allows for higher image quality. HD video, for example, has a bitrate of 5 to 20 megabits per second.

Standard-definition video usually is 1-6 megabits per second, whereas HD video is typically 2 megabits per second. Therefore, kilobits per second (kbps) are a unit of measurement for mobile video.

Dealing With A Blocked Account

If Instagram decides to block your account, you’ll see something like “Your account has been disabled for violating our rules” when you log in. When you receive this notice, click the Learn More button to know why you were banned.

You can also use this information to file an appeal. It’s risky to be blocked. However, if your request is successful, Instagram will reinstate you.

Can An Instagram Ban Be Permanent?

Instagram can block or shadow ban you. You can still use your account but with restrictions. A permanent ban is also possible. And when it happens, you can no longer have access to the account.

If you like content or follow and unfollow persons frequently, Instagram may restrict your actions for a set amount of time. Because such repetitive activity could be coming from a spam account, the platform gives a warning and blocks the action.

Instagram may shadow-ban your account if you use banned tags or post often. Your account will still work, but your posts will not appear in the Explore area or hashtag sites.

Instagram may permanently ban your account if you break the rules again or repeat the behavior that led to your suspension. In addition, you can no longer use the same username, email address, or even IP address in this instance.


Having trouble uploading a video to Instagram can be frustrating, but it’s nothing to worry about unless it was due to being banned from the platform.

Remember to upload videos of at least 30 fps, 3500 kbps, and not more than 50 MB. Again, ensure you have a strong connection, some public Wi-Fi block Instagram. Also, keep in mind that Instagram prohibits videos with pornographic or violent content.

If Instagram banned you from using their platform, you’ve probably seen several warnings, in which case you shouldn’t be surprised. However, you can appeal your ban, and if your appeal is successful, you’ll return to the platform.

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