The Laptop Makes A Rattling Noise When Tilted. All You Need To Know

Today the laptop is an essential device. It’s used by various professionals, students, and many more.

The various functions of the laptop are gaming, designing, coding.

The laptop users do face several issues while using it. Some issues do affect work progress and consume time. One of the issues is the rattling noise that comes from the board. Knowing where the noise comes from is hard.

However, multiple reasons make the laptop produce rattling noise when tilted. This article will look at some of the factors that cause this and the quick fixes.

The laptop makes a rattling noise when tilted.

The primary issue behind rattling noise is the loose screws of the fan. It might also be other components in the laptop.

With loose screws, the laptop produces a rattling sound when you tilt it. It indicates that parts are scratching in the laptop.

To fix this issue, you have to tighten loose screws in the laptop. In the case where there are no loose screws, check the keyboard. At times the keyboard produces a rattling sound.

Additional Information

Loose RAM

Loose RAM can make your laptop produce rattling noise when you tilt it. This happens when the RAM is not correctly placed in its slot.

In case you hear such noise, the purpose of doing a check of the RAM and placing it firmly in the slot. After fixing it, check to find out if the noise is gone.

Loose Fan Mounting

It’s the most common issue behind rattling noise in the laptop. The fan tends to get loose with time because of excessive usage.

The rattling noise is produced when the fan rubs the edges of other laptop components. The noise is always high-pitched and so disturbing.

Fixing this issue is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is to adjust the fan into its place correctly. If it’s broken, you’ll have to replace the fan as soon as possible to prevent more damage.


Overheating is another factor that brings about the rattling noise. The laptops tend to overheat when the fan is spoiled, or there is no enough power supply to the GPU.

Insufficient power makes it difficult for the unit to manage the CPU needs.  To avoid overheating, you’ll have no choice but replace the cooling fan.


Dirt is the cause of most problem and fault in electronic devices like the laptop. It can slow down the computer and affect its hardware.

Check if your laptop has a clog of dirt and use a blower to remove the dirt sufficiently. This might fix the rattling noise issue.

These are some of the issues behind the rattling noise in laptops. Now that you got some understanding of what makes the noise. It’ll be better if you quickly fix the problem to prevent it from becoming much worse.

Is A Rattling Fan Bad

Working with a rattling fan is not attractive at all. You cannot completely concentrate on the work at hand. Finding the solution and actualizing it is the only thing that will guarantee you peaceful work.

The computer rattles when it generates excessive heat that forces the fan to swing vigorously in normal circumstances.

The purpose of this is to get the hot air out of the laptop while allowing cool air into the laptop.

In addition, too much dust build-up can make the computer rattle, and this reduces its performance.

Extensive functions like gaming, CPU tests, and many others will make the computer heat up quickly, forcing the fan to move faster.

While doing this, the fan will indeed produce a rattling noise. However, if the rattling noise disappears after the task, then there’s nothing wrong with the laptop. But if it doesn’t and persists, you have to find the cause of the issue and quickly fix it.

If the noise persists, it’s an indication that your laptop has an issue. The issue is making it so difficult for the laptop to work as usual.

Therefore, you must fix the issue, or the laptop will rattle to a halt. It’s because when the fan fails to reduce the heat to normal levels.

The computer starts having several issues like slow performance and becomes inefficient. The internal heat increases, making the laptop shut down.

How To Fix The Rattling Noise

Destroy the Malware

At certain times the laptop produces rattling noise because it’s being slowed by malware or virus. It makes the laptop work extra hard when performing even the simplest of tasks.

This raises the laptop’s temperature. The best way to solve this issue is by installing an anti-virus. It will allow the laptop to function correctly.

Blow Away the Dust

Dust is among the common causes of the issue. It’ll make the laptop produce rattling noise. The best way to do this is by opening the laptop fan and blowing off the dust using a blower.

The accumulation of dust in the fan causes an obstruction that leads to the rattling noise. It will increase the rate of fan spinning and sorts the issue of unnecessary noise.

But you can eliminate this issue by constantly cleaning the processor. Do this regularly. If opening the laptop is challenging or tricky, you can hire a professional.

The Maintenance Tips for the Laptop

The laptop does offer convenience. That’s to students, salespeople, novelists, and many more. They rely on the laptop to complete various tasks and stay in touch with family and friends.

A good laptop should be powerful enough to perform the specific functions you want it to do. That’s the thing that makes laptops to be quite expensive.

Because the laptop is quite expensive, it’ll benefit you if you know how to maintain it properly. It’s an investment that pays for itself slowly within the years.

Here are some of the tips on how to maintain your laptop. Hoping the information will be helpful to you.

Keep Liquids Away From the Laptop

We love drinking beer, soda, or coffee while doing various tasks on our laptops. With liquids, accidents happen so quickly. If you can’t perform without a drink, let’s say coffee because it is addictive.

Always use a cup that has a cover or lid on it, in the case where the liquid spills in won’t get out of the cup or bottle. Liquids do damage most internal microelectronic components.

This can cause electrical damages and electric shocks. Short circuits do corrupt data, plus they can destroy some parts of your laptop.

The solution to such an issue is so apparent. Keep drinks away from the laptop. You might be so careful, but it happens that another person spills it.

Install an Anti-virus

The download you make from your laptop might contain the virus. If your laptop does not have anti-virus, then it’s at risk of circuit error or software issues. Viruses do corrupt data and slow down the general operations and performance of the laptop.

Do Not Expose Your Laptop to Extreme Temperatures

For example, it’s cold, like during winter, and do not always turn on the laptop immediately. Give it time; it should warm average room temperature. It will certainly prevent any damage to the drive.

The damage is caused by condensation that forms inside the laptop. Avoid sweltering temperatures.

The laptop will struggle to cool down the system. In addition, excessive heat destroys the laptop battery.

Protect the LCD Display Screen

The display is an integral part of the laptop. Without display, you’ll not be able to use it. After using the laptop and shutting it down, always ensure no small items on the keyboard. This can be things like earphones, pencils and many more.

They can break the screen or scratch it. Then close the lid gently while holding it in the middle. Closing from one side causes pressure on the other hinge, making it snap or bend with time.

Handle the Removable Drives Carefully

The removable drives help in data transfer and storage. Always scan the drives before adding them to your device. They might contain potential viruses that can harm your data and slow down performance.

Handle the disks with care. More so the compact disks because they can crush when dropped. If you are not using them from the laptop, store them properly in the storage box.

Do not unnecessarily pull the laptop’s Power Cord.

Directly pulling the power cord from the power source socket is not good. It’s because it can cause the power cord to cut.  Instead, pull it directly from the plug. If the power cord does pass next to your feet, be keen.

Minor accidents like kicking can loosen it, and it’ll break eventually. It might also make the laptop fall hence breaking or destroying its parts.


I hope that this guide has helped you find the solution to the rattling sound from your laptop. There are various causes behind this issue. The great thing is that they are fixable.

So you will still be maintaining your old laptop. But if you do not fix it in time, it may lead to further destruction.

David Huner
David Huner
David Huner is a tech lover. After completing his graduation from the University Of Phoenix, he started gather his knowledge mostly on latest technologies that keeps his life smart and cool. Now he wants to spread his knowledge with people who loves technologies.

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