Minecraft Base Ideas: The Best Ideas

Minecraft is a very popular video game. It takes part in a three-dimensional world. The players create and destroy different kinds of blocks.

The Minecraft game is in two modes, and both are exciting to play. The two modes are Creative and Survival.

The creative mode is, however, quite simple. The players do not need food to survive, plus they are given all the supplies. In addition, they can break the different kinds of blocks.

The survival mode is quite trickier. You can be smart and keen to make it in this mode. The player has the role of finding their food and materials for building.

In certain parts of the survival mode, the players interact with moving creatures (zombies and creepers) and block like mobs.

All in all, the purpose of the Minecraft game is to explore, survive and build. The game has infinite possibilities when it comes to building.

Minecraft Base Ideas

In Minecraft, there is an endless list of things that one can build. These include things like castles, bridges, statues, houses and fancy nether portals.

You should pick on a building idea that is fun and not too challenging. With such, you won’t give up or get bored.

If the idea is too difficult, you might certainly give up on it within a few hours. The best way to go with a building project is by dividing it into smaller projects.

You should also note that there’s a huge difference between survival and creative mode.

In survival mode, you’ll have to work hard to get all the materials. It will be harder when working on massive projects like building a skyscraper.

In the creative mode, you won’t have lots of struggle. You can build anything you want because the materials are available to you.

1. Castle


Photo: Planet Minecraft (Gothic Castle)

Building a castle is fun. We all dream of living in a castle one day in our life; Minecraft has made this possible for you.

The materials you need are simple and easy to get, like wood and stones. Castles can be anything from a small fortress to a giant wall city.

The great thing is the castle moat, and the wall offers you protection against the mob. Plus, you can shoot at mobs from the top of your wall using a bow.

2. Modern Skyscraper

Modern Skyscraper

Photo: Clenrock.com

Creating a building that looks modern in Minecraft is quite interesting. It’s also challenging since you have to think carefully about the block types you need.

If you are after something that is both interesting and challenging, then the modern skyscraper is it. But before you start pulling it up, you’ll need permission from those living nearby.

3. Skull Home

Skull Home

Photo: m.imgur.com

The skull home is completely different. Many players do not think of using such a home. Though creepy, it’s a creative creation and good for those who love fantasy.

You can add some mystery by covering it with a jungle biome or lush forest with tons of plant overgrowth. It’ll look like something that has been in existence for more than a hundred years.

4. Ship


Title: Setting Sail/ Minecraft

Building a ship also needs some next-level creativity. A ship is quite iconic and eye-catching. You can give it some pirate of the Caribbean look and feel.

You have the freedom of selecting the style and color of the ship and sails. The ship will be more incredible if the water looks realistic. You can get this feature by installing the best Minecraft shade.

5. Desert Pyramid

Desert Pyramid

Photo: m.imgur.com

Most players do not love creating the desert pyramid. It’s because the building is big and flat. Therefore the build will need a lot of planning and landscaping to be perfect.

If you are up to the challenge, then you can try it. Regardless, the desert pyramid can help you to survive well in the desert.

You can go for the gorgeous pyramid style that has beautiful details at the top and entrance.  The great thing about the desert pyramid is that you can access it using a decorated highway bridge.

6. Farm


Photo: Farming with Style/ Minecraft

A farm is an essential build in Minecraft. It provides the players with supplies and food. There are several farm ideas, and the one you choose depends on you.

The best Minecraft farm idea is making a glass greenhouse. It uses natural light and protects the plants from mobs and animals. Add some lighting to it to keep mobs away during the night.

7. Cathedral


Photo: Planet Minecraft (English Gothic Cathedral)

The cathedral can be more luxurious and grand than the castle. With the cathedral, you are at liberty to use several patterns, blocks and designs.

It’s because it’s a huge block that needs splendid architectural knowledge. However, building a cathedral is not an easy task. It would be best if you surely put in some extra effort into it.

8. Survivalist Underground Base

Survivalist Underground Base

Photo: Pinterest

Other buildings like stone castles and sky-rise are being overused. The underground base is a great build that you can certainly try.

It’s a contemporary bunker-like shelter that does contain all the elements of a normal house. It has a furnace, bedroom, storage area, and kitchen.

9. Gardens


Photo: Bib and Tuck

The gardens are a great addition to almost everything. You can build them in town or in front of your home. So, when you are creating the garden, try using benches, gravel pathways, water and trees.

Use the bone meal on the grass to grow flowers or naturally get them in the Minecraft world. They’ll make your garden look and feel beautiful.

10. Clock Tower

Clock Tower

Photo: Reddit

The clock tower is another beauty that you can create in Minecraft. The great thing about it is you can make it according to any style that you love.

No one can stop you. Look for the perfect spot to position it. You can own a cathedral, skyscraper and finish things with the clock tower.

11. Mini-Fortress


Photo: Rebrickable

The fortress is quite simple to build. The design is extremely three-dimensional. It’s modern and made using glass, oak and cobblestone.

You then make a wall with a large gate around the modernist structure. The building is, however, less spacious. But this is a great thing because it makes it easier to defend.

12. Modern City

Modern City

Photo: Arch Daily

A modern city contains lots of things and structures. They include parks, paved roads, sidewalks, skyscrapers and many more. It also has several repetitive buildings.

The modern city is a huge project that requires much time. But I wouldn’t vouch for the modern city in survival mode.

13. Mountain House

Mountain House

Photo: Reddit

The mountain is one of my favorite places to build a home. The mountain offers you a great view of the land beneath it.

Plus, you can see the enemies approaching. The high ground also offers you some safety. There are several ways in which you can build the mountain.

The building styles are several; choose between modern and traditional or a mixture of both.

14. Famous Landmark

Famous Landmark

Photo: Minecraft Education Edition

There are many famous landmarks in the world. If you do not know any landmarks, you can check it out on google.

Look for a photo of a famous landmark and use it as a reference for building something special in Minecraft. For example, there is the statue of liberty and the Eiffel tower.

15. Museum


Photo: PCGamesN

With the museum, you can showcase all the things you have collected in your Minecraft journey.

In the real world, the grand museums, just like cathedrals and castles, do attract tourists. Building an epic museum can surely bring attention to your Minecraft server.

How To Build Faster In Minecraft

The Minecraft world has many beautiful blocks. There are more than hundreds of items and blocks in Minecraft.

The blocks have unique textures and colors, and you can create almost anything you need with them.

I can say the game was specifically built for players with creativity. It’s for those who can create beautiful things using their imaginations.

In survival Minecraft, a player has to build a base that will protect them and their valuables.

The building is a fun activity but can as well be time taking and very tedious. So here are some of the things you can do to make building easier in Minecraft.

World Edit

The world edit is one of the useful and powerful Minecraft mods. The mega builders mostly use it when building massive bases.

With a few commands, you can copy-paste a building or other things like tree designs.

It is also used by players who want to create massive cities in Minecraft. With the world editor, you can surely copy and paste the small buildings and many more.

Blue Prints

I’m certain you know the rules of building in Minecraft.  You have to be careful with the tiniest of details, more so when doing repetitive builds.

The blueprints can save you from this headache. Use the mods to acquire the blueprints. Do not worry; it’s not cheating but a great tool for survival.

Many players in the survival Minecraft use blueprints to build copies of structures.  The great thing about blueprints is that you can certainly create blueprints of the building in a downloaded world. You can then build them in the survival world.

Keep the blocks ready.

It’s common for players to start building and stop midway because they are out of resources. The players have to look for resources and continue building later.

It can mess with your plan and make the building process boring. Therefore before you begin the building journey, make a list of all the items you’ll need.

Then collect the items. These types of planning will help you to be more efficient in Minecraft games.

Light the neighboring areas

The creepers can slow down your building. They do not care whether you did create the building in a few minutes or some hours.

The best and easy way of securing your building is by properly lighting all the nearby areas. The hostile mobs cannot come to areas that have lights above level seven.

Why Minecraft Is Among The Best Selling Video Games Of All Times

The Versatility

You can choose Minecraft to be anything you need. There is the hardcore part of Minecraft known as the Survival mode.

Here you will struggle in any steps that you make. But also there is the creative mode that allows you to create anything you need, from the majestic castles to cities.

The game was meant for everyone. Let’s take a look at the things that make Minecraft one of the bestselling.

The Exploration

The Minecraft game is all about exploration. It has several landscapes and biomes that are fun to explore.

In this game, you will always make discoveries in the never unending world. Some of the best things in Minecraft are discovering a shipwreck and diamonds. There are several other great discoveries.


Minecraft is a fun and challenging game. In the Minecraft game, you create, explore and survive.

This article has a list of fifteen ideas that will surely lighten your next Minecraft base. The ideas are so perfect. They range from building a farm to a museum.

The game is much fun when you certainly have great places to hang out with your friends. In addition to being great, I can assure you the ideas are a blast to build.

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