Why Does Sony Vegas Keep Crashing? Reasons and solutions

Sony Vegas, now called Vegas pro, is cutting–edge video editing software for both professional and casual editors. 

The software is packed with all the tools you need to perform video editing with advanced HDR color correction, sound design, and live streaming.

Most video editing software tends to crash from time to time, and Sony Vegas is no exception. Several users have complained and reported that Vegas keeps crashing while editing. In many cases, this has led to the loss of work.

As you might assume, the software is not flawless; while executing its many features and functions, it may suffer some errors. And you may want to know,

Why does Sony Vegas Keep Crashing?

The main reason could be because the software is CPU- intensive and its primary setting allows it to use all the cores to process. Insufficient RAM, buggy drivers, and incompatible video drives could also cause the software to crash. 

The numerous features that come with this software might be too much for your PC to handle, so an additional video file causes the app to crash since your system cannot support it.

Features Of Vegas Pro

Are you a content creator looking to create videos that will amaze your audience, Sony Vegas is a good option.

Let us get into the details of this software’s operations to give you’re their best features so you can see if it is the one for you;

1. Video and image editing

This software comes with all the video editing tools you could need when making a video. You can work with any video format, and it is very flexible in use while offering user-friendliness. 

You can crop videos, add cut-ins, remove pieces from them, add music, extract audio, and so much more. There are tools here that will suit anyone’s needs, from a newbie to a professional video editor.

You can add images to it to make the videos more appealing and give a better output. You can also edit photos to change the backgrounds, color, sizes, shades, and anything else you need.

2. Visual effects support

This application allows you to add visual effects to your videos to make them more appealing. You have a lot of freedom regarding what you want to add, and any changes are easily reversible.

If you want to generate videos that look professional, Sony Vegas is the choice for you. With their open and easy-to-use control panel, even a beginner will get the hang of it in a few hours. They have a fantastic compositing feature you can use.

3. Superior workflow

Organization and how you connect with your work are important in video editing. This is an aspect that is well integrated into the Sony Vegas user window and in the settings.

The app’s layout gives you easy control over all aspects of your work. The commands and settings are well categorized to make it easy for you to maneuver your workspace. You will have all the tools in one place, ready for you to use.

How To Fix All Crashes And Freezes

Vegas Pro could become a bit of a problem for your PC to handle with all its features, and you will experience some crashes. These can be a significant concern, especially when dealing with a large project, so you need to fix it. 

If you have this issue, there are some settings in the app that you can change to stop it from crashing. 

Sony Vegas is not provided with the best operational settings by default, so you have to get these settings in the app.

You can first hold the Shift key then select the option; this will bring you a special hidden menu. In the new menu, go down and select the internal option to access all the settings in the app.

There are sensitive settings here, so you must be very careful. In the search box, type OpenCL/, and it will leave you with two options.

These two are hardware acceleration codes that are outdated, and they aren’t used, so they cause a lot of glitches.

Click on the fields marked value and type in False for both of the settings. Click apply at the bottom of the Settings window, and it will tell you the change was successful. You will need to restart Sony Vegas for these changes to take effect.

Another change you should make is in the preferences. Go to options without pressing any keys, then select preferences. In the new window, click on the File IO tab, which will give you three options.

Make sure the settings to enable legacy decoding with AVC and HEVC are enabled. If they are not checked, Vegas will use an SO4 compound reader DLL code which boosts its performance, but it causes crashes.

You will not be able to edit 10-bit footage with these settings enabled, but you will also avoid crashes. 

Whenever you need to edit high-end SLR footage, you should uncheck these boxes to decode those videos then enable it once you are done.

How To Prevent Sony Vegas from Crashing

Sony Vegas is a great app, and it can be advantageous to you as a video editor with its limitless tools and editing options. Most users experience crashes and random malfunctions, especially in low-powered computers. 

Crashes can be frustrating because they cause data loss and will distract your creative process. You need to figure out ways to make sure your Sony Vegas does not crash so that you can work better. Here are some tips you can use to ensure this works;

  • The first matter you need to deal with is updates. You need to install the newest version of Sony Vegas; you can find and install it on an Updated PC. If you are using Windows, make sure all the drivers and OS itself are updated. 

Updated systems will work more efficiently together, and the Sony Vegas will sync with them to give you better performance. If you install the software on an old system, you might experience compatibility issues, and the Sony Vegas will crash.

  • You need to enable compatibility mode on your Vegas to make it work better. To do this, right-click on the Sony Vegas app, then go to properties. You will see a series of tabs; choose the compatibility tab. 

In the next window, you should see an option for compatibility mode. Enable this option, then enter the operating system your PC is running. This simple fix will help your Sony Vegas and PC work better together and reduce crashes.

  • Clear the task manager before you run Sony Vegas. Sony Vegas is pretty demanding in processing power, so you need to keep the computer as accessible as possible when running this program. 

If you have another app running in the background, you will take a lot of toll on your PC, and the running app will suffer. This will cause more lags in your videos, and if you don’t resolve the problem, the app will crash. 

  • Import the video into your timeline the right way. This is a matter that depends on your PC’s specs, but it can work as a general precaution. Most people drag a video file from its folder and drop it into their timeline. 

If your CPU is not powerful, this could crash Sony Vegas. Instead, go to file and import the video from the file you want through the Sony Vegas import window. This will allow the app to comfortably take in work and reduce the chances of a crash.

  • You can also make it work better by increasing your processor’s power. Your processor is not always working at 100%, and most of the time, because of power conservation, it will be at 60% or 70%, and your Vegas might need more than this.

Go to the advanced power settings and select processor power management settings. Select the option for maximum processor state and reduce it to 10% from the default that is 100%. This will help how your processor deals with power, and your Vegas will work better.

  • Ensure you have QuickTime installed on your PC before you run Sony Vegas. If you don’t deal with this, you will have many issues uploading videos onto Sony Vegas. 


Sony Vegas is great software, and it has a lot of features for you. These features will become a problem when running the software since it becomes demanding on your PC.  These high processing requirements might cause it to crash from time to time.

You can change some settings in the app and on your PC to increase the performance and reduce crashes. 

Once you get rid of these issues, it will be an amazing tool to provide high-quality videos for you.

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