Can You Hook Up An Ethernet Cable In A Phone Jack? The Ethernet Connection

Ethernet is a set of standards in the computer network technology facilitating accessible communication between diverse equipment. To conveniently add a device to expand an existing network, it should comply with these sets of standards.  A computer network has both the software and the hardware.

The software part of it, the Ethernet standard, defines protocols governing how connected machines in the network will communicate. On the other hand, the hardware part functions as the pathway for electronic signals.

The Ethernet cable is the most used cable for home network connectivity. the Ethernet cables have rating categories, and the most common ones are Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a. Ethernet and phone connections have similarities. Most people wonder how they can connect their phone to the Ethernet connection. Therefore it leads to the question, can one hook up an Ethernet cable in a phone jack?

Can You Connect Your Ethernet Cable Directly To A Phone Jack

The direct answer to this question is no. the size of the Ethernet cable is more extensive than the phone jack. Therefore it cannot fit. However, you can connect it to your phone when you first connect your phone to a modem. Both Ethernet and phone cables require jacks with the correct number of wires. Otherwise, you cannot use the same jacks.

How To Connect A Phone To The Internet Using An Ethernet Cable

Do you struggle to connect your phone to Wi-Fi? Is your Wi-Fi too slow? If you have these issues, then there is another alternative. It might sound like an old solution, but it is the best solution you have. If you have the correct adapter and an Ethernet cable, you will quickly solve your problems. Using these two, you can connect your phone to an Ethernet port on your router or modem for a fast connection.

You may have a weak Wi-Fi connection but find that you have a strong Ethernet connection. The main flaw of using Ethernet is that you have a limitation of going too far with your device. However, you can use a longer Ethernet cable that is 300 feet long. The following are what you can do to connect your phone to the internet using an Ethernet cable.

Purchase The Suitable Adapter

the first thing you will do is look for and buy the correct adapter that best suits your phone. The good thing is that the cost of purchasing these adapters is low in most of the retail stores. You can find one for less than $20.

Most of the android devices and iPad Pro will have to use the USB-C- Ethernet adapter. The adapter will provide you with a fast and simple Ethernet connection. Moreover, it will also give you access to speeds of up to 1Gbps. USB-C-Ethernet adapter is also super compact. It weighs almost nothing, and it is smaller than your fingers (2.3*1*0.1 inches), thus making it instantly portable.

If you have an iPhone, then you will have to use the Lightning-to-Ethernet adapter. The adapter is a brand of Apple, and it is also compatible with iMac, MacBook Mini, and MacBook Air. The apple thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter will allow you to connect to a high-performance Gigabit Ethernet network. Your iPhone will have to meet the system requirement of OS× v 10.7.4 or later.

You should know that not all adapters will be compatible with your phone. Therefore ensure you research before deciding which adapter you will buy. Moreover, ensure you first read other customers’ reviews to know the place you are buying from is a good place.

Get An Ethernet Cable

if you do not have an Ethernet cable at your home, ensure that you buy one. The Ethernet cable is a must-have because it will help in the connection. You can purchase an Ethernet cable from Amazon. The prices of the Ethernet cable vary depending on the length and quality. You can find the basic line on Amazon that are cheap. If you want lengthier and tougher cable, you can get nylon cables.

Set Up Your Android Device

to connect your Android device to connect using Ethernet, it must be running Android 6.0 or higher. You should also disconnect your device from Wi-Fi and cell service. To disconnect your device from Wi-Fi, you will go to settings and select the network and internet option and disable Wi-Fi. You can press the Airplane mode to turn it off, and it will automatically turn off your Wi-Fi.

Connect Your Device To The Ethernet

The first thing to do is to load a website page in your browser. A message saying  ‘’no internet connection” will pop up on your screen. You will then connect your Ethernet cable to your modem and connect the Ethernet adapter to the Ethernet cable. You will later attach the adapter to your phone.

When the connection is successful, you will see the light flash from your adapter. You will then refresh the current page you opened, and it will load.

Reasons For Connecting Your Phone To The Ethernet Connection

The maximum speed of your Ethernet connection depends on the type of Ethernet cable you use. If you use the correct Ethernet cables, the internet speed of Ethernet will be faster than Wi-Fi. Therefore you would want to connect your phone to the Ethernet other than using the Wi-Fi. Here are some of the circumstances that might make you want to connect your phone to the Ethernet.

Transferring Large Files

You will not notice the difference between the Wi-Fi internet speed and Ethernet when moving small files. When you start transferring files that are about 1GB, that is when you will begin to know the exact speed of your Wi-Fi. It will begin to be slow and even sometimes fail to transfer the files.

Therefore the solution you will have is to connect your phone to an Ethernet connection. The Ethernet speed is much faster than that of Wi-Fi. Thus transferring large files will not be a problem for it.


Another reason why people connect their phones to the Ethernet is because of gaming. Gaming fanatics cannot allow having poor internet. A Wi-Fi internet may support some games that require less internet. However, games demanding high internet speed will become a problem to pay them without having internet issues.

It happens especially when playing multiplayer games that you need to connect with someone else. You may have connection laggings making you not perform well in the game. The best way to play these games is to connect your phone to the Ethernet because its internet speed is faster.

Watching Movies

Some of the sources of video entertainment include Netflix, Hulu Plus, and many more. The Wi-Fi internet can support watching movies on Netflix but not in HD. When you start watching HD content, it might choke you’re a lot of the Wi-Fi connection.

Therefore it might cause your movie to buffer for a long time before becoming watchable again. Moreover, your picture will also be less than stellar. The worst thing you can do with a Wi-Fi connection is to download movies from iTunes. It can take an eternity to download one movie. It is inconvenient if you want to watch it right away.

The best solution to this problem is to use an Ethernet connection instead. Most people have connected their phones to an Ethernet connection because their internet speed and strength are suitable for watching HD movies. Moreover, you can download as many movies as you can without any problems.

The DSL Modems

Do you want to connect your phone to Ethernet connection? If you do, DSL modems are a must-have. Since you cannot hook up the Ethernet cable directly to your phone jack, you will need DSL modems to acts as the medium. 

You will first plug your DSL model into your phone jack using a phone cable. You will then connect the Ethernet cable to our DSL modem and not your phone jack. Once you do that, your phone will have an Ethernet connection.

You can find some companies providing devices that can serve the functions of both the DSL modem and the Ethernet. The equipment is like the DSL modem, but it is more extensive since it houses two devices in one. You will use your phone cable to plug the modem into your phone jack.  Since the device already has Ethernet inside, your phone will automatically connect to the Ethernet connection.

What Is The Difference Between Ethernet Cables And Phone Cables?

Despite the Ethernet and phone cable looking alike, they differ in some ways. The ethernet cable is wider than the phone cables. Moreover, Ethernet cables contain eight wires, whereas the phone cable uses four wires.

How Do You Check If An Ethernet Jack Is Working?

To test if an Ethernet jack is working, you will need a snifter. Therefore insert the snifter into the jack. Once you have inserted it, it will detect the internet connection. It will also display light if your Ethernet jack is in good condition.


Ethernet connection is the way to go if you want fast and robust internet. The Ethernet cable and the phone cable differ in size. Since the phone jack is smaller than the Ethernet cable, you cannot hook the Ethernet cable directly to the phone jack. However, you can use the DSL modem to be the medium.

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