Laptop Keeps Charging On And Off; Laptop Power Supply Fixes


A power supply is mandatory for a computer to work since it uses electricity for everything. Every computer, mobile phone or laptop has a power supply unit to distribute the power to all the components depending on their needs.

A laptop is supposed to be portable; thus, it should have a battery that can hold power for a decent amount of time.

This requirement means it should be able to charge appropriately and have full power, which won’t happen if it keeps disconnecting. Let us get into this topic to see how you can fix your laptop charging issues;

Laptop Keeps Charging On And Off

This malfunction is a big problem, especially if you are using the laptop as you charge it. Most laptops, by default, change the screen brightness when the charger is connected and disconnected.

When your laptop malfunctions, you will have fluctuating brightness. These changes can be very distracting and harmful to your eyes.

It will cause you to have headaches and other discomforts you would rather not deal with in the long term. The fluctuations could also damage some of your laptop’s internal components.

The most common reason for this issue is a dead battery. This information will come as bad news to you, but most of the time implies that the battery has outlived its lifespan and is now too used up to charge correctly.

It is most likely that at this point, you would have used the battery for a year or two, depending on how well you maintained it.

If your battery has this issue and only holds full power for 5 or 10 minutes, then it is time to get a new battery or laptop.

However, if the battery still holds power for an hour or two, it means that it still works, and the problem is with the battery’s drivers. You will therefore need to delete the driver for your battery to fix this problem.

Press the Windows key along with the “X” button on your desktop, and a pop-up menu will come up in windows.

Go to device manager under the menu and click on battery. In the battery menu, uninstall the AC adapter by right-clicking on it.

This will not affect your battery’s working, but you will not see the battery icon on your toolbar. The flickering screen will stop, and everything will work as it should from that point.

Laptop Battery Maintenance Guidelines

It is a nightmare when you have tons of work to do, but your laptop keeps dying because the battery can’t hold power.

Everything has a lifetime, and eventually, the battery will die out, but you have to give it a long life.

There are many tips and guides about conserving battery life, but the essential key is proper maintenance. Here are some tips you can use on your laptop battery to make it hold power for longer;

  • Always enable the battery saver. This will reduce the amount of power drawn from your battery at all times, which will save the battery from getting damaged. Removing large amounts of power at once from any battery will harm it. The battery saver reduces the power used in processing data; thus, the internal components won’t heat up. This control ensures that the fan does not run at high intensity; therefore, the battery life is extended.
  • Unplug any unused peripherals from your laptop when using battery power. These devices include webcams, external hard drives, keyboards and mice. You have to disconnect them because they draw a lot of power from the battery. The constant drain of large amounts of power from your battery will eventually drain it and reduce performance.
  • Keep the laptop battery and use the laptop in a cool place. A hot battery will deteriorate much faster as the internal components get compromised by the excess heat. An additional reason to keep it cool is to protect your processor. It’s best to stay away from heat whenever you use your laptop and store it in a cool place. If you use the laptop at about 320C each day, it will lose only 4% of its charge in 3 months. If the temperature is 500C, the battery will lose up to 25% of its charge in the same timeline.
  • Plug the battery in before it dies. Most users think it is correct to plug the battery in only when it is completely drained, but this misconception will mess up your battery. This will lead to a faster rate of battery destruction than half recharges. Discharges of up to 50 or 80% are more suitable for longer battery life than a more significant discharge of 0%. The best thing to do is start charging your battery when it reaches 20% since using a low charge puts pressure on the battery, reducing its ability to charge. Don’t allow your laptop’s battery to drop to 0%.
  • Don’t always keep the laptop plugged in. Plug in the charger when your battery is running low, but unplug the charger when it gets to 100%. Please don’t use it while connected to maintain full power because this will damage the battery life. For the same reason, don’t leave the laptop charging overnight. This is because the laptop will get fully charged, but it will remain connected to the current because you won’t be there to disconnect it.

Laptop Only Works When Plugged In

If you have this problem, it means that your laptop will only work when the charger is connected to it, and as soon as you pull the charger out, the laptop goes off. This problem turns your laptop into a desktop, and it is not practical as a mobile device.

In such a situation, the battery is charged, and you can see the battery indicator on your laptop, but the laptop can’t work without the charger.

The problem might be with your battery, but before you spend a lot of money getting a new one, here are some fixes you can try on the laptop;

This is a fix that works for those who can see the battery icon and charge it. If you can’t see the icon, it might indicate more significant problems since the computer might not even register that the battery is present.

This could mean that your battery is damaged, or it could still be an issue with the software. So before you go to a technician, you should review the drivers and check whether they are enabled. This is a simple procedure that will save you a lot of money.

You can go to the device manager and disable the Microsoft ACPI since its malfunctioning might cause the problem. You should notice the battery icon disappear on your screen as you delete the driver.

Disabling the driver could work, and you can restart the laptop to make sure all the changes have been integrated. You can then unplug the charger and see if it works.

If it doesn’t work, you have another possible fix in Windows 10. Go to the command prompt and type “powercfg-restoredefaultschemes” and press enter. This will reset all your power plan settings to the way you bought the laptop.

If both don’t work, you might have to see a technician since the problem is probably with your adapter or battery.

How To Pinpoint Your Power Problems

If you have tried all the software fixes and your laptop isn’t working, it might be time to try a hardware fix. The problem could either be with your batter, your charger port or the adapter itself.

You can get the specific location of your problem by trail with each separate component. You can connect the adapter to a different laptop and see if it works. If it is okay on another laptop, the problem is with your charger port or the battery.

If it works on another laptop but doesn’t work on yours, then the problem is probably your charger port or battery.

You can then connect the adapter to your laptop and remove the battery to see if it works. If it works okay, you would know the charger port and adapter are okay, so your battery is the problem.


If your laptop keeps charging on and off, the problem could be the battery, the adapter or the drivers. Don’t be quick to replace the battery since you can fix the problem without spending any money.

Try disabling the battery drivers and restarting your laptop. If this does not fix the issue, you can test the battery, adapter and charging port separately to know which one has a problem before going to a technician.

To keep your battery working for longer, you need to take good care of it. Please keep it away from high temperatures and avoid drawing a lot of power from it at all times. Taking good care of your battery will make it last longer and save your money.

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