Why Does My Bluetooth Speaker Keep Beeping? The Bluetooth Technology

In the late 1900, Bluetooth technology got introduced. Since then, it has rapidly grown to become one of the most versatile wireless communication technology. Its superb technology has made people adopt its technology in doing many applications and services. In recent years many speaker manufactures have implemented Bluetooth technology to develop Bluetooth speakers.

Due to the Bluetooth speaker’s portability, convenience, and superior sound quality, people have shifted to using them. Most of the Bluetooth speakers come with a status alert system. You may find that others have both an LED indicator and a beeping sound.

Does your Bluetooth device keep beeping? If it does, you do not have to panic and think that your device has gotten damaged. It might be an alert about something. Here is what you should know about the beeping of a Bluetooth speaker.

Why Does My Bluetooth Device Speaker Keep Beeping?

It would be best if you did not immediately worry when your speaker starts beeping. The reason for its beeping might not indicate that your speaker is faulty. One of the reasons why your speaker might be beeping is because of low battery. It also signals that your speaker has fully charged. The beeping sound may vary based on frequency, tone, and intensity.

Reasons Behind The Bluetooth Speaker Producing A Beeping Sound

In most cases, the Bluetooth device will beep to try and alert you about something. Therefore, you should be able to tell what every beep signals. Here are some of the reasons why your Bluetooth speaker might be beeping.

Low Battery

low battery is among the most common cause of your Bluetooth speaker beeping. Therefore when you hear your Bluetooth speaker beeping ensure that you check its battery level. The beeping tone and intensity will vary depending on the manufacturer from which you bought your speaker. In some speakers, you will hear that the beeping frequency will increase with the battery decreasing to a critical point.

In other instances, the beeping sound may get accompanied by LED indicators if the battery is critically low. Therefore ensure that you check the LED indicators while at the same time carefully listening to the beeping sound. By doing so, you will be able to know your Bluetooth speaker’s battery levels.

Connection To A Device

Most speakers have a design that removes a beeping sound when it gets connected to a device. The beeping sound is an alert sound indicating that your connection has been successful. Moreover, your Bluetooth speaker will produce the beeping sound when it gets disconnected from a connected device. However, the two beepings will be slightly different from each other.

Therefore when you successfully connect your computer,  tablet, or smartphone to your Bluetooth speaker, expect a beeping sound. You should know that not all Bluetooth speakers will produce the beeping sound during connection. Some will use a voice command instead of the beeping sound.

To Carry Out A Diagnostic Test

Another reason your Bluetooth speaker might produce a beeping sound may be to carry out a diagnostic test. Most of the Bluetooth speakers come with a self-diagnostic feature. The self-diagnostic test is to check the status of your Bluetooth speaker.

In some Bluetooth speakers, it may produce an up-beep sound and a down-beep sound. The up-beep sound will get produced when the speaker is connected successfully to a device. On the other hand, the down-beep will get heard when disconnected. The action of up-beep and down-beep will signify that the Bluetooth speaker is working fine.

Some Bluetooth speakers also have wake-up beeps to signal that the speaker is ready for pairing. To fully grasp the meaning of these beeps, it is best to read the manual that comes with your Bluetooth speaker.

A Loose-Fitting Power Cable

Have you ever heard your Bluetooth speaker beeping when your plug your speaker into charge? If your Bluetooth speaker does that, it might be because of your loose power cable. Moreover, it might also mean that your cable is faulty.

Most people use cables not recommended by the manufacturers to charge their Bluetooth speakers. Moreover, they also use cables and charging ports that do not match their Bluetooth speaker rating. Therefore, your Bluetooth device will produce a beeping sound when you do any of those things.

Presence Of Dust Or Debris On Your Charging Cable Or Power Port

Most people ignore the beeping sounds when their electronic devices produce them. However, it is a mistake that you should try to avoid because the beeping sound may be passing you’re a vital message. The beeping sound might be a form of debugging in your speaker.

When you plug in your Bluetooth device to charge it, you may sometimes hear a beeping sound. The beeping sound may be a sign that your Bluetooth speaker is not charging as it should. It might be a problem with the cables or power port.

The cause of the cable or power port not charging your Bluetooth correctly might be the presence of dust. The charging cable and the USB ports are usually open. Therefore it might attract dust, and they will gather inside.

Low Or High Voltage

The voltage of your power source is crucial when charging your Bluetooth speaker. Both high and low voltages are not suitable for your Bluetooth device. Therefore, the Bluetooth speaker will produce a beeping sound when the voltage is too high or low.

You should ensure that the rating of your power source matches your Bluetooth speaker rating. Therefore be keen to listen if your speaker produces a beep sound when you plug it in your power source. Reacting to the beeping sound by unplugging your Bluetooth speaker from the power source will prevent it from getting damaged.

How To Make Your Bluetooth Speaker Stop Producing The Beeping Sound

When you hear a beeping sound from your Bluetooth device, you should ensure that you do not ignore it. The beeping sound always comes with a message. Therefore you should be keen and try and figure out the reason behind the beeping sound. 

To make the beeping sound stop, you should ensure that you fix what causes the beeping sound. Here are the things you can try to make the beeping sound from your Bluetooth speaker stop.

Use A Plugin Port Rather Than A Computer Port

Now you know that low or high voltage is not suitable for your Bluetooth speaker. Therefore you should ensure you do not charge your speaker with a computer USB port. The primary role of a USB port is to transfer data. Consequently, it might lack enough voltage to charge your Bluetooth speaker.

Some people do not use the computer USB port but use those USB ports built into the wall outlet. What they do not know is that these USB ports have a low power rating. Therefore if you charge your USB port using that USB port, it will produce a being sound. The beeping sound is to tell you the charging voltage is low.

Therefore you should avoid charging your speaker with a USB port. Instead, charge it directly to your power source using its original charger. When the Bluetooth receives the right amount of voltage, it will not produce the beeping sound.

Ensure You Charge Your Speaker Entirely Before Using The Speaker Again.

One of the reasons your Bluetooth speaker may produce a beeping sound is that its battery is running low. Therefore you should ensure you first charge your Bluetooth speaker up to 100% before using it. You will know if the Bluetooth speaker is 100% charged by the colour it will display. When it shows a green colour, it indicates that the battery is full.

When it is red, your Bluetooth speaker will start beeping because your battery is running low. Moreover, Bluetooth with fewer battery levels will have problems with connections. Therefore your Bluetooth speaker may beep due to poo connections.

Reset The Bluetooth Speaker

When most devices produce a beeping sound, it might be alerting you of a particular problem. The Bluetooth speaker will also do the same. However, there are times that system incompatibility of the Bluetooth speaker may cause continuous beeping. When this happens, the solution you will have is to reset your Bluetooth speaker. Luckily resetting your Bluetooth speaker is a simple task.

How Do You Reset Your Bluetooth Speaker To Stop The Beeping Sound?

You will first hole down the mute button for about ten seconds. Once you do that, you will see light flashes, and the device will turn off. You will then turn the speaker back on and listen if there is any beeping sound.

Does It Always Mean That There Is An Error When The Bluetooth Speaker Beeps?

No, it is not. Some beeping sound on your Bluetooth speaker may be a sign of a diagnostic test. In some cases, your Bluetooth speaker might produce an up-beep sound when plugged in. The beeping sound means that you have plugged in your speaker correctly.


Most people have made Bluetooth speakers and must-have appliances in their households. It is worth buying a Bluetooth speaker because it is portable and produces high-quality sound. When you buy a Bluetooth speaker, you should understand the beeping sound that it might make sometimes. You should ensure you never ignore the beeping sound.  It might indicate something critical going on with your speaker.

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