HP Spectre BIOS Update; Optimizing Your Computer’s Operation

 HP has been and continues to be a big brand in the manufacture of laptops and computers. Since their launch, they have come up with innovative designs and computers capable of amazing feats, and they show no signs of stopping.

Among the best of HP’s products is the HP Spectre which is an amazing convertible laptop. This laptop works amazingly, but you might want to install some updates to make it even more efficient. Here are some means you can use to achieve this goal;

HP Spectre BIOS Update

One good thing about HP is how their products share a basic architecture; thus, they all work in an almost similar way. You can update the BIOS from your HP Spectre the same way you would any other HP model.

When updating the BIOS, you need to make sure there is enough power supply to the computer. This is to ensure the update is properly because an interruption in the update could cause the computer to crash. 

There are other ways to update the BIOS, but the easiest and safest one is using Windows. Here is a guide on how to update the BIOS;

  1. Connect the power cord and keep it there for the entire update. This is to make sure there is a steady supply of power during the update.
  2. If you have BitLocker in your computer and use it to encrypt the hard drive, you have to disable it before attempting the update; otherwise, the BIOS won’t install.
  3. You also have to disable Windows Defender’s protection temporarily. In the search button, type Virus, then go to the virus and threat protection settings. Go to the settings and turn off Real-time protection.
  4. Now your Laptop is ready for the update. Go to your browser and type in support.hp.com/drivers. You need to know all the details of your laptop, including model, make and others, to get a download that will work.
  5. Follow the website’s navigation to find and download the latest listed BIOS update for your computer.
  6. Once the update is done, close all applications that were running. You can do this by going to the task manager and ending all the ongoing tasks.
  7. Once you have closed all other programs, open the previously downloaded app and allow it to make changes to your system. This will bring you to an installer window.
  8. In the installer window, follow the install wizard through the license agreement and prepare for the BIOS update. When this is done, another prompt window will come up.
  9. In the new window, select the option to update. This will allow your device to update automatically without using an external device which would take more time and resources. 
  10. Follow the prompts until you get to a new window which gives you an option to restart the computer. At this point, select, restart now. This will make your computer reboot into the BIOS update utility.
  11. After a few seconds of the Windows loading screen, a new window will come up with three options. Choose the option to “Apply the Update” now. A new loading screen will come up to show you the installation progress.
  12. Once the install is done, the computer will reboot to add the changes you made to your BIOS. This will make your computer run more efficiently the next time you use it.

When you log into the computer, make sure you put up windows defender, although it should automatically re-enable Real-Time Protection of your files. You should re-enable BitLocker, so the security of your files is not compromised in the future.

How To Restore The BIOS On HP

You could have tried to install a BIOS update on your computer, but it didn’t go so well. Now you are stuck with a computer that can’t work because it has some major BIOS problems. Don’t get too worried about this because HP has you covered in such a situation.

You can use some key combinations to restore the BIOS on your computer. Most HP laptops and computers have a recovery feature for a BIOS update failure. 

This feature allows you to recover and install the previous working BIOS version on your hard disk drive. Let us get into the details and see just how you an do this;

  1. First, turn off the computer, and you can plug in the power adapter if the battery is not reliable for long periods.
  2. To begin the recovery, hold the Windows key and the “B” button down simultaneously. While doing this, make sure the computer is still powered off, but it has access to a power supply.
  3. While still holding the Windows and B keys, hold the power button for about three seconds, then let go of the power button while you still hold the Windows and B keys.
  4. Hold the two keys until the HP BIOS screen pops up or until you hear beeping sounds from the motherboard. The screen might stay dark for between 30 seconds and a minute, depending on your computer. If the HP BIOS update screen doesn’t come up, try the process again, being more careful with the buttons. If the window still doesn’t pop up, you could be having a hardware issue on your computer, or it doesn’t support this function.
  5. Otherwise, the BIOS update will begin automatically, and the system will rewrite and confirm the updated BIOS. 
  6. Once the installation is done, click on continue start-up to restart your laptop, or you can give it time, and it will automatically restart.
  7. The next window you see will be a black screen with some writing on it, the BIOS recovery prompt. Here, press enter on the Keyboard to proceed with loading windows. Read and respond to any following screens to complete the recovery process.

Your PC should restart, and all the BIOS features of the last update will be working. This feature could save you a lot of stress since a computer will not work without the BIOS. Being able to recover all your settings is better than starting from scratch.

HP Spectre Series Review

The HP Spectre series took the laptop market by storm, and it brought a lot of features to the table that many did not think such a small laptop could have. 

Over the years, more laptops in that series have been developed, and each came out better than the predecessor. So let us look at some details about these laptops to see just how good they are;

The top surface of most Spectra laptops is Aluminum with the new HP logo, with the bottom surface being carbon fibre for maximum durability. 

The Spectre comes with 8 GB of RAM, which is soldered on; thus, you can’t remove it. It has 256 GB of internal storage and quick data retrieval. 

The laptop is really thin, making it portable, but it is not a big advantage if you plan to run heavy tasks due to poor cooling.

It has 3 USB C ports and one audio jack for connecting external devices. The speakers don’t work as well as you would expect them to, they have a low bass, and the maximum volume is not that high.

The screen gives an amazing picture at any conceivable angle you can look at it from. In addition to this, you will get a 720p webcam that works pretty well.  The Spectre series keeps getting better, with newer models coming out each year.

Ways To Increase Your Computer’s Efficiency

The whole point of installing updates is to make the computer more efficient in processing. You can do some things to your laptop that will make it work faster and for longer without updates. Here are some tips you can try out;

  • Empty the recycle bin. The items in your recycle bin are technically still on your hard drive, so they will take up space and reduce the performance of your laptop.
  • Store all heavy files and media on an external storage media to give your hard drive more freedom.
  • Avoid any physical damage from falls, spills, dust or excessive heat.
  • Turn it off if you are not using it to prevent the systems from running for too long without using it. The hard drive will get overused, and that is bad news for you.
  • Protect the laptop from attacks by installing anti-viruses and firewalls along with other security features.


You can download and install the HP BIOS update for your laptop or computer free of charge. Go to the HP website and download the driver for your computer after knowing its details. 

If you download the wrong version, you might get stuck with an update that doesn’t work. In this case, you can use a recovery feature that is pre-installed in most HP laptops. 

This feature will allow you to install the last BIOS update you had on your computer. Take good care of your laptop to ensure it works efficiently even if you don’t have all the updates installed.

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