Why Is Samsung One UI Home In Google Activity? All We Know

So, why is Samsung One UI Home in Google activity? Have you ever thought about this question? 

Android devices need launchers. Excitingly, the One UI Home is what the Samsung Galaxy devices use. This launcher comes pre-installed in Galaxy phones. It gives your Android device a customizable user interface too. 

The One UI Home offers a wide range of features that make using Galaxy phones interesting. These include the ability to create folders, add widgets and change wallpapers. So the Samsung One UI Home is a powerful launcher.

We have other information about this launcher we would like you to know. So, keep reading for more details. 

Why Is Samsung One UI Home In Google Activity?

Samsung is an Android device manufacturer that always makes headlines for its innovative tech products. All Android devices require a launcher, and Samsung has developed the UI to serve its Galaxy phones. 

The One UI is Samsung’s latest UI. The company announced it back in November 2018. Why was this UI developed? Samsung wants its users to be able to operate their mobile phones with one hand. 

This UI boasts an intuitive interface. Its clean design shows Samsung’s superiority in the tech industry. The One UI Home boasts other exciting features too. These include a night mode and an enhanced notification panel.      

The One UI was launched following the success of Samsung Experience and TouchWiz, though the tech heavyweight no longer supports the latter. In other words, Samsung has discontinued the TouchWiz interface. The first One UI the company released was based on Android 9. 

Today, the One UI has enjoyed several upgrades and added more features to its long list of features. The latest One UI 5.1 runs smoothly on Android 13 and is available in most of Samsung’s flagship mobile devices.

Launchers are available on all mobile phones. And Samsung has deemed creating the One UI for its flagship Galaxy devices necessary. The launcher comes pre-installed in Samsung Galaxy phones and allows users to customize certain aspects of their devices. 

With this launcher, you can do several things like adding widgets to your phone’s home screen, changing wallpaper, adjusting the app drawer’s appeal and deciding how you want notifications to appear on your device.  

How To Obtain Samsung One UI Home

First, we need to clarify that the One UI Home is only for Samsung devices. You cannot install or use this launcher on any other device. So, it’s a waste of time to download the One UI via Google Play Store on a non-Samsung device. 

Do you need to download the One UI Home from Google Play Store on Samsung devices? No, you don’t need to. The reason is that the launcher comes pre-installed in Samsung’s latest devices that support it. 

Samsung listed the One UI Home launcher on Galaxy Store and Google Play Store. Unfortunately, non-Samsung devices cannot download it. 

Another unique thing the organization did was to separate the One UI Home from the rest of its system apps. It is something it has been doing for all its system apps anyway. 

Separating the One UI Home from other apps benefits Samsung and its users. It gives the organization massive flexibility. In other words, Samsung can easily add new features to the launcher. All it needs to do is send an update to the application.

On the other hand, users don’t have to wait for the company to release the full firmware to start enjoying an app’s new capabilities.    

Is Samsung One UI Home Good? 

The answer to this question is subjective. While some may consider the One UI Home a good launcher, others may disagree. In general, the Samsung One UI Home is good. But it could use some improvement. 

Some individuals think the One UI isn’t good enough or based their displeasures on the launcher’s interface being too busy or clustered. Outside of this, they don’t have any complaints about this system app. 

Individuals who consider the One UI good based their claims on the launcher being customizable. It also boasts a wide range of features that might be helpful to users. 

Can You Uninstall Samsung One UI?

Are you planning to uninstall the One UI Home? Here is the good news. The One UI comes pre-installed on Samsung phones that support it. The unfavorable news is that you cannot uninstall the system app from your device. 

Now you know why you cannot uninstall the One UI on your device. It’s a system application installed on most Galaxy phones. Can you disable the One UI Home? Unfortunately, this is impossible. You cannot turn off the One UI for the same reasons you cannot uninstall it.   

What should you do if you face challenges using the One UI launcher? Here is what you need to know and do. 

Head over to your phone’s settings. Go to “Apps” and then “One UI Home.” When you locate the system app, force stop it. This would help to reset and restart the system app, likely fixing the problem. 

What Are Reasons To Choose Samsung One UI Over Other Launchers?

The One UI Home launcher stands out to most users for several reasons. The first is the interface. The One UI Home boasts an intuitive interface. The design is so clean and sharp. 

Another reason most people might choose the One UI Home is its ease of use. The interface is user-friendly and easy to use. In addition to this, it’s customizable. The One UI Home also comes pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy devices, so you don’t have to download it like other launchers.  

 Does Samsung One UI Hide Applications?

Yes, the One UI Home can hide applications. You can use the One UI to hide your applications if you want to declutter or make your home screen less busy. In addition to hiding applications, you can add a search tool and app tray.

Another way you’ll find this system application useful is when you want to keep others from accessing your app. You can hide your apps in special folders so people won’t find them displaying on the home screen when they pick up your mobile device.  

How To Prevent Samsung One UI Home From Draining Your Phone Battery

The One UI system application has a lot of features that should entice users. Unfortunately, the rate at which it consumes phone batteries has confused many. 

With non-system applications, controlling or reducing battery consumption is a breeze. All you need to do is put the applications to sleep, and the battery consumption will subside. With system apps, the case is different. 

You cannot put a system app to sleep. So there are a lot of restrictions when it comes to lowering system apps’ battery consumption, in this case, the One UI Home. 

So, how can you reduce your One UI Home’s battery consumption? Follow the tips below. 

  • Reduce the number of widgets you’re actively using. Note that widget usage has a direct link to battery life. The more widgets you open, the faster your phone battery drains. So close some widgets and reduce your phone’s battery consumption. 
  • Turn off non-essentials. In this case, we’re talking about your phone’s connectivity. These include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Hotspots, GPS, etc. Your battery will reduce faster if you have all these features on. You may not even use all of them at once, so what’s the point of turning all of them on?
  • Adjust your phone’s screen brightness. This is the easiest way to reduce battery consumption. However, you can increase the phone’s brightness if you feel it is too dull after adjusting it.

A Handy Tip: If you have applied the tips mentioned here, but the battery still drains faster, your launcher could be the culprit. 


Why is Samsung One UI Home in Google activity? The One UI Home is Samsung’s latest launcher. It is an upgrade on the TouchWiz and Samsung Experience launchers developed by the organization years ago. 

The One UI Home runs on select Samsung Galaxy phones. For example, the latest One UI, which is 5.1, runs on Android 13. However, the launcher comes pre-installed on the latest Samsung Galaxy phones. 

The One UI Home is available on Google Play Store and Galaxy Store. Unfortunately, non-Samsung devices cannot install and use it. You can only download it on Samsung devices. 

Furthermore, you cannot uninstall or disable the One UI. It is a system app. We also discussed ways you can lower the launcher’s battery consumption. Check out the tips and apply them. 

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