Is Samsung Care Worth It? A Must-Read For Samsung Users

So, is Samsung Care+ worth it? Have you used it? The new Samsung gadget you acquired has a warranty, so why splash extra bucks on the Care+?

For most people, a screen protector and sturdy case are enough to safeguard their device. Unfortunately, these can’t shield your phone 100%. 

Samsung devices are expensive, especially high-end gadgets. And if you’re clumsy, you should protect your gadget as best as possible. 

Most people appreciate the Samsung Care Plus but lose interest because of the price. But if we look at the packages’ details, can we say it’s worth the money? Here is what we think. 

Is Samsung Care Worth It?

Whether Samsung Care Plus is worth it or not depends on several factors. The first is your gadget. Is it an expensive Samsung gadget you’re using? If yes, then are you accident-prone?

If you’re using an expensive Samsung device such as the foldable, for example, and you’re accident-prone, the Care Plus will benefit you. 

The subscription fee for Care Plus shouldn’t be an issue for someone using a Samsung foldable. It’s a personal decision not to use Care Plus if you can buy one of the foldable and don’t have care plus. 

The quality of the phone you’re using determines whether the Samsung Care is worth it. The plan isn’t worth it if you’re using a budget phone. Get a good screen protector and sturdy case, and you’re good to go!

Samsung made Care Plus accessible to customers by offering competitive plans. So you don’t have to break the bank to start using Care+. Just choose the plan that meets your budget and have peace of mind. 

What Is Samsung Care Plus?

The Samsung Care Plus is different from a warranty. It’s a special plan designed to help Samsung device users replace their damaged or stolen devices with ease. 

The Care Plus covers all Samsung products, such as phones to washing machines. It also includes four different packages with varying details. 

Here are the four different Care Plus plans

  • Samsung Care Plus
  • Samsung Care Plus with Theft and Loss
  • Samsung Care Plus Essentials
  • NY-Exclusive Theft and Loss Insurance

The various plans aim to make it possible for users to replace their damaged or lost devices without breaking the bank. You’ll save a lot of money when replacing your device as a Care Plus subscriber. 

In addition to saving, being a Samsung Care subscriber makes it possible to get a replacement for your damaged or lost device speedily. It just makes things convenient for you when dealing with Samsung. 

So if you’re a Samsung U.S. customer, consider looking into the Samsung Care plans. Being a subscriber may be worthwhile, especially if you’re buying an expensive device from the company. 

Samsung Care Vs Samsung Warranty: What’s The Difference?

There are apparent differences between the Samsung Care and Samsung warranty. When you purchase a gadget from the company, the warranty becomes active automatically, provided there is one. 

In other words, you don’t have to subscribe for the Samsung warranty or warranty on Samsung devices to be effective. It becomes effective from the day you purchase the device from the company. 

On the other hand, Samsung Care Plus is ineffective when you purchase a device from the company. It’s a separate service on its own.  

Samsung customers are given the privilege to subscribe to Care Plus on new devices. You have a 60-day window to subscribe to a Care Plus plan. Please take action within this period to ensure you’ll be eligible to subscribe to any Care Plus packages.  

Again, as we said, Samsung Care is a separate service the company offers on new devices. And they offer four different plans to their U.S. customers. 

You can choose the Care Plan that matches your budget. But read the details of each plan to understand how they suit you. 

The Samsung Care and Warranty are for 24 months. That’s the similarity between them. Another similarity is that they make it easier and cheaper to replace a faulty device.

On this note, Samsung Care is much better than a warranty. With Samsung Care, you can replace your devices, whether lost or damaged.  

In other words, Samsung Care allows you to get a replacement for your phone in case of accidental damage. You can only get a substitute for a Samsung device if the device has a mechanical fault. 

You cannot replace a lost Samsung device with a warranty. The company won’t even pay attention to your complaints when you reach out to them that you lost your device. 

Here is a summary of how Samsung Care compares to Samsung Warranty:

 Samsung Care PlusSamsung Warranty
Battery replacement Up to four claims a two-year policy for accidental or mechanical damage. Runs up to 36 months Software coverage Up to two claims for a year’s policies for accident damage or mechanical breakdown It covers mechanical breakdown and accidental damage only.Device health check 1-year battery warranty Lifetime customer support Remote setup and diagnostics It covers mechanical breakdown only

What The Samsung Care Plus Covers

Samsung Care comprises four plans to make phone replacements and repairs a breeze for users. However, understand that each program includes different details. Here’s a breakdown of each program for better understanding.  

 1: Samsung Care Plus:

This is the standard plan. It covers accidents when using the device, including unlimited mechanical breakdowns. 

What type of accidents does Samsung consider? Any accidents! These include spills, drop damage or cracked screens. 

Note also that Samsung doesn’t offer all replacements or repairs for free. But the benefit of being a subscriber is the massive discount you’ll enjoy. In addition, you won’t have to pay a dime to ship the device.

Here is an example of how much discount you can enjoy as a Samsung subscriber. Assuming you damaged your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen. How much do you think a replacement would cost? 

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen would cost around $450. That’s what you need to pay to get a brand-new screen. 

Here’s how much you must pay when you subscribe to the Samsung Care plan, $29. You only have to pay $29 to fix your Samsung device’s screen. 

A Handy Tip: The Samsung Care Plus plan gives you access to replacement and unlimited repair claims, as stated in the package details. However, the company requires subscribers to pay for accidental damage or screen repairs. 

It doesn’t matter if the accidental damage resulted from poor handling. Samsung will fix your device for you, though you have to pay a fee. But don’t worry; they’ll offer you a massive discount.      

Does Samsung charge money for hardware failure or mechanical breakdowns? No, the company doesn’t. You’ll get repairs or replacements for free if the problem is a mechanical breakdown or failure due to the hardware. 

The Care Plus plan is standard but doesn’t cover theft and loss. In other words, if you misplaced your device, you won’t get a replacement from Samsung. 

2: Samsung Care Plus with Theft & Loss 

The Samsung Care Plus with Theft & Loss is the next plan after the Samsung Care Plus. As the name implies, this plan includes all the benefits you get from the Samsung Care Plus plan, including theft and loss. 

The plan allows you to replace your unrecoverable, stolen or misplaced phone up to three times annually. 

3: NY-Exclusive Theft & Loss Insurance:

This Samsung plan is only available in N.Y. and differs from the other plans. It only covers theft and loss. 

You can get three stolen, lost or unrecoverable claims within 12 months. The value of each claim is $2,500.

4: Samsung Care Plus Essentials:

This plan only covers mechanical failure and not accidental damage. In addition, it’s also much cheaper. 

The Care Plus Essentials plan extends the traditional warranty by a year. So it’s similar to the conventional warranty, though it has an additional 12 months.   

A Handy Tip: The Samsung Care Plus plans don’t cover chargers and other accessories. None of them does.   


Is Samsung Care worth it? Consider it if you’re using an expensive Samsung gadget. However, the Care Plus plan isn’t free. You have to pay a one-time subscription fee. 

Samsung offers four plans, and each covers accidental damage and mechanical breakdowns. Please check each Samsung Care Plus plan’s details before committing.  

Different Samsung Care Plus plans are available. And they include different details. So choose a plan that meets your device. But the ultimate goal is to secure your Samsung device. 

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