How To Connect Cintiq Companion To PC; Making Your PC And Tablet One

Tablets have become a standard piece of technology around the globe. This is a phone with specs that are superior to those of a smartphone, but it’s not quite as powerful as a PC. They are touch screen enabled, and you can carry them around with ease.

While they are convenient to use, even powerful tablets don’t match the performance of a PC. This might force you to connect your PC to your tablet to take advantage of both devices. Let us look into this and see how you would go about this;

How To Connect Cintiq Companion to PC

The Wacom is a streamlined pen display platform that you can use to edit or create images. You can use the pen to make your work cleaner and better looking than you can achieve with any computer or laptop.

You, therefore, need to connect your PC to your companion to take advantage of its superior editing. Let us get into the details and how you can pull this off;

The Cintiq companion can connect to any Mac or Windows computer using the Wacom link adapter. 

The adapter is there to increase connectivity options for the users. If your computer has a USB C port, you can use it for a single cable connection. 

To connect using any other option, you have to use the Wacom link adapter. Connect the USB C cable of the adapter to the upper USB C port on your companion. Any port will work, but the upper left port supports the best resolution. 

Connect the USB type A cable and mini display cable from the computer on the other end of your adapter. 

Connect the power adapter to an outlet, then connect the power cable to any companion’s open ports. 

You now need to install a driver to run the connection; you can get it at then follow the prompts to download the latest driver for your OS. 

Once the drivers are installed, you will be able to move data between your PC and Cintiq Companion seamlessly.

Cintiq Companion 2 Setup

Most Cintiq companions look the same, and they have an almost similar setup. This makes it easy for you to work with them if you have ever dealt with one before. In case this is your first encounter, here is a guide on how you can go about it;

After unboxing the companion, you need first to plug in the power cable. Hold the power button for about 4 seconds or until the companion boots up. A series of menus will come up, and these are some of the most important in setup.

The first menu will need you to choose the language, select it then follow the prompts through the beginning. 

One menu will request a product key; don’t get alarmed since this key is indicated on your power adapter.

After entering the key, you will get a new window to enter the log-on key and password. After entering all this information, Windows will boot up, and you will see all the tiles like you would on a PC or laptop.

You can tap one of the tiles to confirm if the touch screen is working. If it doesn’t respond, tap the top left express key to bring up the settings. 

Under settings, you might find that touch is off, turn it on, and you should be able to click and drag folders like on a PC.

Next, you need to test the pen that comes with the companion. The pin can work with touch the same as a finger, or you can move it over the screen without touching it to move the cursor. When you use the pen for the first time, it will bring up a settings window.

When you click on the option to calibrate, it will bring up a screen with targets at the corners. Keep the pen upright and click in the middle of each target to get your pen and tablet ready for use. 

After doing this, you need to restart the companion, so it comes with all the correct settings saved. 

To do this, press the home button to bring up the start menu, which will give you access to your applications and shutdown.

 Before you do any significant optimizations, it might be best if you updated the operating system in your companion along with all the software. An updated system will work much better than one that runs on old software that might have issues.

After installing all the updates, restart the companion again to make the changes and integrate the updates into the system. 

Your companion is ready to use, so you can go to the settings and configure it the way you like.

Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid Review

If you have used any Cintiq companion tablet before in your life, then you have an idea of what you should expect.

So is this high performance and high-quality output shared in all their tablets? Let us look at the Companion hybrid and see just how well it holds up;

The hybrid is a companion with the same body as its predecessors, but it runs android Jellybean. It has front and rear cameras that can produce surprisingly high-quality images. 

It also has decent speakers for sound output if you need to watch a video or listen to music. On its side, there is an array of connectivity options you could go with. It has a jack for a microphone, USB2.0, a power cable, Micro HDMI, and Micro SD slots. 

All these options make it easy for you to get your creations in and out of the companion whenever you need to.  

The companion measures 248mm by 375mm, which gives it a decent screen size to work with without ruining its portability.

The hybrid has a stand that gives the user three possible working angles. You can tilt it differently when working on a best to achieve the most comfortable angle of work. This will help prevent fatigue, especially around the neck and back.

This tablet has express keys and a rocker ring to give users quick control options. It comes with a Wacom Pro pen with 2048 pressure levels that you can customize using a two-way switch. You can use this pen to create with as much precision as you would get from paper.

The screen offers you multi-touch to give you easier control over your workspace on the screen. The hybrid can run a more straightforward app found on Google Playstore. When sketching, you can use the sketchbook express, which will give you great control without input lag.

Apart from drawing, users also get to take advantage of all Android features. These include brilliant speech recognition, Google Now, and quick operation. The Google keyboard allows you to swipe between characters instead of typing, which will reduce wrist pain.

Why Is A Drawing Tablet A Good Choice?

Everyone is looking for high-end laptops and PCs with complicated designs and powerful GPUs that cost a ton of money. We seem to forget how well a good and simple tablet could do for you while saving your money.

The first advantage of drawing tablets is ergonomics. When working on a screen, the chances are, you get it in a comfortable angle, then you look down at it and start working. If you work like this all day, it will hurt your neck and back over time.

A drawing tablet will allow for better posture. You will be able to sit with your back straight as you work. Even if you do this for long, it will not affect your neck and back.

Drawing tablets are cheaper, with most of them being under $100. These are professional-level tools that can produce high-quality work without hurting your bank account.

In addition to their price, drawing tablets are also more portable than laptops and tablets. Newer models are made as light as possible, so you can even carry them and work on the move without hurting your wrists.

Most drawing tablets are also Bluetooth enabled, which takes the cables out of the equation traveling. 

A drawing tablet is generally more reliable and durable than other tablets because they are limited in functionality.

When you are not doing many tasks simultaneously, it takes longer for you to get tired. Same as a drawing tablet which is dedicated to one task. This reduces the chances of crashes or software failures.


You can connect the Cintiq Companion to your PC using the Wacom adapter, which comes with the companion. 

This will allow you to use the superior editing options in the companion for images and files you can store on your PC, which has more space.

If you choose one correctly, a Cintiq companion or any other drawing can be your closest companion, and it will help you get a lot of good work done. Setup is easy, and once you are done, it is easy to use and has many advantages.

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