23 Gaming Desk Setup Ideas: Level Up Your Gaming Experience

Are you looking for the best gaming desk setup ideas for your space? If yes, then you’re reading the right article. It has rounded up everything you need to have your station ready. 

As a die-hard gamer, you must have a great gaming desk set up to enhance your gaming experience. 

Gaming desks range from simple designs such as traditional desks to extravagant designs such as desks with built-in cup holders and LED lights. There are plenty of ways to customize your gaming desk setup to make it the best home gaming desk you can find. Here are 23 of our favorite,

Gaming Desk Setup Ideas

A gaming desk is crucial in making or breaking your gaming experience. So, it’s worth spending effort and time getting the right setup. Check out these amazing game desk setup ideas. 

1. A Traditional Desk

A Traditional Desk
Source: Walmartimages.com

The traditional desks aren’t only gorgeous to look at; they also have a comfortable surface and are incredibly durable. When setting up your gaming desk, you must consider its build quality as much as the design. If you’re looking for a desk that will last for years, you may consider investing in a traditional desk. 

The desks come in varying sizes with ergonomic designs. So there should be little to no issue with maximizing space for your components like gaming mouse, monitors, keyboard, etc. 

Another appealing thing about traditional desks is they are available in multiple colorways. This is something that’s scarcely seen on other gaming desks.

2. Gaming Desk With LED Lights 

Gaming Desk With LED Lights
Source: Coasterfurniture.com

Several gaming tables come with light strips that let you personalize your PC with colorful futuristic designs. It is also possible to add LED strips to any gaming or computer desk to make it stand out from the crowd. 

Other than offering bright lighting, it adorns your unit and its legs. Backlighting will also enhance your gaming experience. Your gaming desk should feature a large surface area and sturdy construction. This way, it’ll be able to accommodate multiple PCs and all your peripherals plus extras. 

3. L-Shaped Gaming Desk

L-Shaped Gaming Desk
Source: Autonomous.ai

Today gaming is a hobby for many people. There have been issues with PS5, Switch, and PS5 shortages. To have a next-level gaming experience, you’ll need a solid setup, including a desk. 

There are many gaming desk designs, but the L-shaped design is one of the most preferred by gamers. It’s ideal for a gamer who intends to squeeze their entire home office and gaming room setup into one corner of their room. 

This desk design offers extra room than the conventional one. Space is something crucial in gaming. Choose an L-shaped gaming desk that offers both desk and storage space. You’ll be able to freely use up to two or more screens, a PC, and a console.

4. Compact Gaming Desk Setup

Compact Gaming Desk Setup
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Are you looking for a gaming desk that perfectly fits your small space? The compact gaming desk setup will do for your space. There are many options of such both online and instore which are well-built and include great features. 

A compact setup will keep your space organized and not interfere with your business. An organized game desk is crucial when working with several devices. 

Choose a desk that fits your limited space well and ensure it matches the overall vibe of your space. But it should be big enough to support all your gaming equipment.

5. Height Adjustable Desk Setup

Height Adjustable Desk Setup
Source: Coasterfurniture.com

Gaming involves sitting for long hours, which can devastatingly affect your health. An adjustable height desk allows you to change postures regularly, thus being less sedentary. If you spend most days sitting, you risk developing cardiovascular diseases, cancer, type II diabetes, etc. 

Most professional gamers are aware of how a sedentary lifestyle is harmful to their health. That’s why height-adjustable desks are becoming more popular in most gaming setups. 

Other than preventing health issues such as back problems, this chair design will enhance your gaming experience. It does this by increasing your concentration, motivation, and performance. 

6. Bed Gaming Station

Bed Gaming Station
Source: Thesun.co.uk

It’s the best setup idea for kids or teens who take gaming seriously. Nothing is more exciting to teens than an amazing gaming bed. This setup is also great if you live in a small studio apartment. 

However, gaming beds aren’t as popular as the gaming desks on this list; they’re slowly gaining traction. Right now, there are several brands in the USA designing gaming beds. They come with varying but amazing features. 

For example, some include a writing desk, heavy-duty bookcase, etc. Select one that meets your specific need, such as space requirements, comfortability, etc. 

7. Convert A Closet 

Convert A Closet
Source: Pinimg.com

Does your home have a spare closet but doesn’t have extra floor space for a gaming space? If yes, then the setup is ideal for you. You can easily convert your closet by adding a desk or chair that fits well into it. 

Ensure the desk you add can hold various devices, including your monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc. Therefore you’ll need to measure your closet before selecting the right gaming desk. 

The amazing part of this setup is it provides some level of privacy. You can close the closet door for privacy and extra space when friends come over. 

8. Add Shelves 

Add Shelves 
Source: Buzzfeed.com

Pilling all your décor and accessories on your gaming desk takes up your precious space. You can solve this by adding shelves above or around your table. They’ll help you to display your décor and prized collectibles properly. 

There are many ways to add shelve to your gaming table. You can come up with your idea or borrow other people’s ideas. Whatever way you decide to fit the shelves, know you’ll love their effect. 

The most popular shelf design is the asymmetric one. Here the bottom shelf is shorter than the top shelf. Some love having shelves of similar sizes or three small-sized shelves in different locations. Shelves are available on eCommerce platforms at affordable prices.

9. Give Your Gaming Desk A Makeover

Give Your Gaming Desk A Makeover
Source: Buzzfeed.com

You can easily add stain-resistant, waterproof marble paper to your L-shaped or compact desk. It’ll protect your desk from any damage. A great makeover will also transform the appearance of a desk. Your old gaming desk will look new. 

Pick a material that’s easy to install; amazingly, installation tips are available online. The material you pick should be thick and of great quality. It shouldn’t tear easily, and ensure it has an amazing adhesion to prevent peeling. The finish should be glossy with a seamless look. 

10. Gaming Desk With Built Cup Holder and Headset Hook

Gaming Desk With Built Cup Holder and Headset Hook
Source: Coasterfurniture.com

A high-quality gaming desk that can hold, store and display all your equipment will give your entire space a thought-out and cohesive look. Some of the best gaming desks have a built-in headset hook and cup holder. Therefore spilling drinks on your devices won’t worry you. 

If you already have a gaming desk, you can add a cup holder and headset hook yourself. Note that these additional features don’t greatly impact the price. There are a lot of gaming tables with cup holders and gaming hooks on a budget. 

11. Gaming Desk With Trolley 

Gaming Desk With Trolley
Source: Pinimg.com

A professional gamer knows there’s nothing better than an amazing gaming desk. An ergonomic gaming desk has a built-in cup holder and a trolley. Amazingly there are gaming desks that offer all these features. Others include features such as protected edges, ambient blue lighting, etc. 

Back on the trolley feature, today, several game desks have a trolley for the PC tower. It’s a clever addition, which allows you to push or pull it to somewhere more comfortable easily. Plus, you can access the back tower without crawling underneath the table. 

12. Electric Height Adjustable Standing Gaming Desk 

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Gaming Desk
Source: Pinimg.com

Several brands are making electric height adjustable gaming desks. But remember that motorized desks are quite expensive (usually double priced) than hand-adjusted ones. Generally, gaming involves sitting for long hours. 

An electric standing table will help you easily switch your position. If you’re a professional or intend to become one, you should invest in a motorized gaming desk. While it might not be among the prettiest options available, it’ll provide all you need for a better posture. 

Its motor is also incredibly silent considering its weight, and it moves smoothly. The only downside is that they don’t have a memory feature to adjust the gaming desk to a preset height. Plus, they also lack holes to pull wires through. 

13. Staircase Cupboard Setup 

Staircase Cupboard Setup
Source: Blog.displate.com

It’s another great setup idea for a small room. If your room is small but has space under the stairs, you can transform it into a functional gaming area. Add a cozy gaming desk and lighting to enhance your gaming experience. 

14. Use a CPU Stand 

Use a CPU Stand
Source: Coasterfurniture.com

All PC gamers need a place to put their system unit. If the space under the gaming desk isn’t enough, you should place a CPU stand beside your desk. A CPU stand is a piece of furniture where you place your stand. 

It comes in varying sizes, qualities, and prices. However, confirm your gaming desk and CPU size before buying one. It should match your space requirements. 

15. Incorporate Cable Management 

Incorporate Cable Management
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Cables are usually a big problem for many gamers. Poor cable management will make your gaming experience less enjoyable. 

It reduces the amount of space on your desk to use other peripherals. You can easily remedy this issue using cable clips with zip ties or straps. 

You should attach the strips to the side of your desk to keep you from getting tangled in the wires. Also, consider adding an extra USB charging port. 

You can purchase a separate desk attachment with ports or choose a desk with extra charging ports. Proper cable management keeps your cables organized and hidden from view. 

16. Include a Desk Mat 

Include a Desk Mat
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A desk mat will be a great addition to your gaming desk. It’ll protect your gaming desk from scratches and other types of damage. 

Buy a table mat that’ll allow proper airflow. A mat will also enhance the appearance of your desk. For example, it will cover your desk’s old surface, boosting your space’s aesthetics.

17. Don’t Spare Your Gaming Chair. 

Don't Spare Your Gaming Chair.
Source: Blog.ashleyfurniture.com

Your game desk setup isn’t complete without a great gaming chair. You’ll need a gaming chair to offer your back and entire body ergonomic support. 

Gaming chairs’ ergonomic features include footrests, lumbar support, etc. They all have huge impacts on the overall comfort level. 

You should also consider the material of the gaming chair. Leather and vinyl chairs are easy to clean and maintain, whereas mesh chairs offer better airflow and breathability. Also, consider other features like adjustable lumbar support, padded armrest, and head pillow. 

18. Bring On The Décor 

Bring On The Décor
Source: Pinimg.com

Décor is a bonus element to your gaming space. The décor you choose to include in the setup will contribute to the gaming experience. 

So you shouldn’t overlook it when setting up your gaming desk. There are many décor ideas out here, but here are the few best. 

Black-out curtains will help you avoid screen glares. You won’t waste your precious game time trying to locate the best angle with no screen glares. Wall art brings unique personality into your gaming space. It can be canvas sets, framed art, posters, etc. 

19. Use TV Instead of Monitor

Use TV Instead of Monitor
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You can turn your gaming room into a comfortable hangout space by connecting the console to a TV instead of a monitor. The good thing about TVs is you can mount them on the wall freeing space on your table. A TV also works in a PC gaming setup. 

20. Surround Your Gaming Desk With Sound

Surround Your Gaming Desk With Sound
Source: Digitaltrends.com

You can wall mount a powerful speaker above your gaming desk. Alternatively, you can install them around your room. 

Speakers will make your gaming experience more immersive. The good part is you don’t need additional space to actualize your surround-sound experience.

21. Customized Neon Sign 

Customized Neon Sign
Source: Buzzfeed.com

You can customize a neon sign with anything and position it above your gaming desk. There are several places where you can buy it affordably, like Etsy. Choose high-quality neon lights; they’ll create a cozy atmosphere. 

22. Add a Larger-Than-Average Mouse Pad to The Desk

Add a Larger-Than-Average Mouse Pad to The Desk
Source: Buzzfeed.com

Overly-sized mouse pads are aesthetically pleasing. Other than appearance, the pads are usually silky smooth. All you need to do is pair it with the right mouse. It’s pretty big and ideal for low-sensitivity gamers. It increases accuracy for high-sensitivity players. It also protects your desk from direct contact with equipment, thus preserving it.

23. Sleek Gaming Desk 

Sleek Gaming Desk 
Source: Buzzfeed.com

Any sleek gaming desk will offer a better experience than scratched-up and cramped desks. There are several sleek gaming desks in the market. They are spacious and sturdy enough to support all your heavy gear. Others include great features like a headphone hook, cup holder, stand, mouse pad, etc. 


The article lists the 23 best gaming desk setup ideas for your space. Most gamers seek gaming desk setup ideas that fit their lifestyle and needs. 

Each player has their unique style and preferences when it comes to equipment. You should pick a setup that works well with your equipment. There are plenty of options out there. But whatever your choice is, we hope this guide has given you some ideas about what could work best for you.

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