25 Couple Gaming Room Ideas- Gaming Room Décor And Design

Couple gaming room ideas could help you get motivation and styling suggestions for your room. Styling a gaming room can be tough.

A gaming room is a sanctuary for gamers. It provides a way to escape and focus on gaming—couples who game need to style their rooms to accommodate their preferred systems.

Are you having trouble getting the perfect couple gaming room design? Look through these ideas for inspiration.

1. Attic Gaming Room

You could still get the perfect couple set up if you have a small gaming room. You have to be smart about how you use and manage your space. It is especially true for PC gamers, as you typically work with more equipment.

You could convert unused space on your artic and use it as a dedicated gaming space. It would be best if you were watchful when setting up cooling for your space.

Attic Gaming Room
Source: Pinimg.com

2. Conor Setup

Using space efficiently is a key concern when setting up two separate gaming setups. You could make some compromises, like using smaller 27-inch or 32-inch monitors for your gaming setup.

A tool mount is handy, particularly for your controllers and headphones. You could also use the tool mount for smaller handheld consoles like the Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch. The setup is great for couples since it maximizes desk and wall space.

Conor Setup
Source: Autonomous.ai

3. Console And PC Gaming Setup

Some couples are split between PC gamers and console gamers. Fitting both systems in the same room requires that you make slight adjustments. You could set up your screens next to each other. How do you accomplish the setup? Mount the TV and have your monitors on the desk.

The setup below shows how you can set the screens so that they don’t interfere with each other. It is a practical solution.

Console And PC Gaming Setup
Source: Luxatic.com

4. Minimalist Dual Screen Setup for Couples

If you are a minimalist couple that enjoys the pleasures of gaming, it is the setup for you. The minimalist setup also works well if you are pressed for space. You could fit two 27-inch dual monitors in the setup.

The minimalist setup is a substitute for the attic setup. It makes efficient use of space, and you don’t have much clutter. The sound dampeners on the wall make it great for streaming.

Minimalist Dual Screen Setup for Couples
Source: Blog.displate.com

5. Gaming And Productivity Setup

You could have a couple’s gaming setup that works well for productivity. The setup works with an L-shaped desk. It makes it easy to organize two systems on the same desk. Every gamer has an orientation. You don’t get distracted by what your partner is doing.

Setting up your systems on corners is a smart move to save space. An L-shaped desk takes advantage of such a setup.

Gaming And Productivity Setup
Source: Blog.displate.com

6. Dual And Triple Monitor Setup

Setting up an odd number of PC monitors can be tricky. It is especially true when trying to match the symmetry of a room. A curved desk could be what you need for such a setup. Cable management for such a setup isn’t easy. You might have to invest in cable zip ties.

You might take time to get used to such a setup, especially if you don’t have enough clearance on the work surface. Using a tool mount is a simple and effective solution.

Dual And Triple Monitor Setup
Source: Standorsit.com

7. Natural Light Setup

Not all gamers love the dark theme setup with a splash of RGB. It might be a bit too flashy for some couples. A natural light setup is equally as good if you execute it properly.

The natural light setup is great, especially for streaming content. Having your set up next to the windows is a great idea. If you decide to have such a setup, position the screens to reduce glare.

Natural Light Setup
Source: Pcmecca.com

8. LED Gaming Setup

The LED couples gaming room setup has a unique and pleasing aesthetic. It looks great when you position the lights to give the room some symmetry. You can theme your room using programmable lights, as in the example below.

The setup demonstrates efficient use of space. There is little clatter on the desks. It is great for gamers who have space for future upgrades.

LED Gaming Setup
Source: Roomforgaming.com

9. Dual PC Setup With A TV

The setup works great for a couple whose main focus is PC gaming but would occasionally play on a console. Like many other setups, it maximizes space in the corner of the room. The setup is clean, and the cable management is commendable.

The custom lighting enhances the gamer aesthetic of the room. Using an adjustable TV mount helps reduce strain while playing console games.

Dual PC Setup With A TV
Source: Pinimg.com

10. Dark Theme TV And PC Setup

It is the perfect gaming room and streaming room setup. It is the setup you choose if you want a premium couple’s setup. It is great for small LAN parties and other coop gaming activities.

The setup accommodates both PC and console gaming. The RGB and wallpaper tie the room into a neat gamer aesthetic. It might be expensive, but it is worth every penny.

Dark Theme TV And PC Setup
Source: Preview.redd.it

11. Wide Monitor Setup For Couples

Running an ultrawide dual monitor setup requires sufficient desk space. A compact gaming room setup wouldn’t do. It would help if you found a solid desk that can handle two arm-mounted ultrawide screens.

Most people place their PCs under their desks using ultrawide monitors to optimize their desk space. Most arms provide decent cable management slots, and the setup looks clean. The setup suits pro-gamers and streamers.

Wide Monitor Setup For Couples
Source: External-preview.redd.it

12. Budget Setup For PC

You could still get a decent gaming room on a tight budget. A tight gaming standard budget still means you can afford the essentials. The setup isn’t fancy or flashy but provides great value to gamers.

You can always look for bargains and sales to get a decent gaming room. It is a nice concept for gamer couples looking to upgrade their setups later.

Budget Setup For PC
Source: Pinimg.com

13. Counsel Setup For Couples

Most gaming room setups target PC gamers, but there is a growing number of console gamers with dedicated game rooms. You don’t have to mount your TV or use your living room for gaming.

You could have a dedicated gaming desk for your PlayStation or Xbox. A TV gaming room isn’t as expensive as a PC gaming room. Cable management is easier, and you don’t have to worry about cooling these consoles. 

Counsel Setup For Couples
Source: Imgur.com

14. 50-50 Couples Gaming Room Setup

The 50-50 couples gaming room setup has one of the unique aesthetics you can find. It looks like two rooms due to the sharp theme contrast. Such a room would require you to invest heavily in the themes. It is a wonderful concept, especially for gamer couples who don’t stream.

The room is perfectly symmetrical. It is great for gamers who are not pressed for space. 

Couples Gaming Room Setup
Source: Pbs.twimg.com

15. PC And Mac Gaming Setup

The PC and Mac setup is ideal for couples who game on separate systems. Some people game on Mac devices, and the setup could be ideal. The T-shaped table is great for separating these two systems.

You have the added benefit of a shared table along the length. The setup makes more sense when you use it as a productivity and gaming room.

PC And Mac Gaming Setup
Source: Blog.displate.com

16. No RGB Gaming Room Setup

People have diverse preferences when setting up their gaming rooms. Some folks prefer dark rooms with custom lighting tiles and RGB. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. The simple setups are great, especially if you light them properly.

The finish in the setup is clean and lively. The lighting matches the room’s décor. It is a gaming room setup that would work great as a productivity space.

No RGB Gaming Room Setup
Source: Blog.displate.com

17. eGamer Tournament Style Couple Setup

The eGamer Tournament Style Couple Setup is perfect for professional gamers. It resembles a gaming booth at a tournament.

The best thing about such a setup is that you don’t need a lot of room for it. The challenge with this setup is cable management and neatly routing cables to your power source. The room is simple and tranquil. Gamers who stream will live with such a setup.

eGamer Tournament Style Couple Setup
Source: Pinimg.com

18. Compact Gaming Room Setup

You may still set up the ideal couple even with a little gaming space. It’s important to use and organize your space wisely. Since PC gamers often use more equipment, this is particularly true for them.

Unused space on your Arctic could be converted and used as a specific gaming area. When setting up cooling for your room, you must be careful not to suffocate your PC.

Compact Gaming Room Setup
Source: Amazonaws.com

19. Premium Couple Gaming Room Setup

If you have a spacious gaming room, you could do a lot with the décor. Space gives you options on how to style your room. The setup shows how you can create the ideal gaming environment if finances are not concerned.

The premium gaming room has a minimalist aesthetic, which gives it a clean finish. You could store physical copies of your game on the shelf space.

Premium Couple Gaming Room Setup
Source: Citizenside.com

20. Do Not Disturb Gaming Room Setup For Couples

Side-by-side gaming setups can often be destructing. People tend to get distracted easily by flashy animations, especially in FPS games. Splitting the setup into distinct options is great, especially if you want to focus on your game.

The setup has limitations because your room’s design may not allow it. You can use other methods to partition the gaming room if side-by-side gaming is too distracting. 

Do Not Disturb Gaming Room Setup For Couples
Source: Imgur.com

21. PC And Gaming Laptop Setup For Couple

Who said laptop gamers don’t need desk space? You can get a great gaming room for both PC and laptop gaming. The setup works well where you don’t have space for two PCs.

In the illustration below, you have enough space for a large ultrawide and a smaller wide monitor connected to a laptop. You could use the setup partially for productivity. A tool rack would be ideal for accessories when they aren’t in use.

PC And Gaming Laptop Setup For Couple
Source: Wp.com

22. Comfy Gaming Setup For Couples

Gaming might be an intense activity, but you don’t have to strain your body. You can customize your room to be as comfortable as possible for you and your loved one.

Here is an example of a simple yet comfortable setup in a tight room. Small gaming rooms don’t have to be uncomfortable. You could game here for hours.

Comfy Gaming Setup For Couples
Source: Pinimg.com

23. Simple Gaming Room Setup

The simple gaming room setup is the cleanest and least complex gaming room. It is ideal for couples who want to keep their gaming room neat.

It also leaves the door open for adding mods and customizing the room. Many gamers love the room setup because it is affordable.

Simple Gaming Room Setup
Source: 9gag.com

24. Pro-gamer Setup For Couples

The Pro-gamer/streamer setup is great for couples who participate in eSports. It stimulates the eSport environment, particularly with the equipment and monitor sizes. The room has sound dampeners to prevent echo for maximum gaming concentration.

The lighting conditions are ideal for streaming content. The setup accommodates PC and Console gaming. It incorporates smart storage solutions for the console and its games. The setup is space conscious, and you have enough room space. 

Pro-gamer Setup For Couples
Source: Pinimg.com

25. Classic Dark Room Setup

The classic dark aesthetic gaming room is a favorite for many gamer couples. The game room isn’t flooded with excessive RGB light. The pure dark aesthetic gives it a mysterious and eerie vibe. It creates an immersive gaming experience, particularly horror or FPS games.

The dark aesthetic is cool, but it might not be for all gamers. Having a dark room also makes it unappealing to streamers and content creators.

Classic Dark Room Setup
Source: Pinimg.com


Couple gaming room ideas are great suggestions for anyone looking to build their gaming room. The different room styles suit different couples. A room design is suitable for any couple, regardless of size or gaming equipment. These suggestions should provide some inspiration.

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