Where Can I Sell My Gaming Laptop? Laptop Resale Guide

Where can I sell my gaming laptop?” This is a common question often asked by people who want to upgrade or need quick cash from selling their gaming laptops.

Gaming laptops are often expensive out of the shop, so it is relatively easy to sell one after you finish it since it will go at a lower price than a new model.

With this in mind, you need to know all the considerations for selling a gaming laptop and how to prepare for it. 

Modern technology and the internet can allow you to create a catalog for selling several or one device. Here is a complete guide on everything you need for the sale;

Where Can I Sell My Gaming Laptop?

Selling a gaming laptop is pretty easy if you know where to look and depending on which laptop it is. Many online marketplaces and computer shops will buy used laptops at a discount, but here are some of the most accessible choices;

1. eBay

eBay is one of the biggest-selling websites in the United States, and it is popular because it connects ordinary people. 

You will often deal with individuals trying to get rid of items rather than companies selling their products, and selling your laptop here can be fast.

eBay is quick, but it is also well crafted to allow you to set the minimum bidding price or a fixed price for your gaming laptop. 

With bidding, everyone interested can bid their price, saving you the trouble of negotiating as the price will drive itself.

Biding might get you more money for the gaming laptop than you would have initially targeted if the laptop is in good condition. 

The website is straightforward to use, and it hasn’t made any significant changes over the years, so you get an easy time listing products.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another good place to sell your gaming laptop since it has many users, and Facebook does a better job of vetting its users. 

You might have to wait a little to get more people interested in the product, but it doesn’t take much effort from you, so it’s not an issue.

You can connect with buyers to negotiate the price and delivery time, and then they can make payments through PayPal and several credit cards. 

You should be careful, however, since there are many users, which translates to a higher risk of interacting with a scammer.

You can add options such as Facebook Marketplace drop shipping to further streamline the sale and open an opportunity for a full-time business.

3. Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest internet store, and we don’t need to consider why this is a good choice. Its massive size makes it the perfect choice for where to sell your gaming laptop, as it has millions of users who will be interested in buying.

Selling on Amazon is especially easy if the laptop you want to sell has already been sold on Amazon, and it definitely will. You can follow simple steps to post pictures and write a product description and your asking price.

There’s no negotiation, so put up a fair price you would be willing to pay to ensure the product is appealing. Write a detailed description with all relevant information, especially the specifications and condition of the laptop.

4. Gazelle

Gazelle is an upcoming site similar to Swappa and eBay since it will give you an estimated price for the device you want to sell. 

You can provide all specifications and details, and you get an estimate when you post it on the website, saving you the trouble of choosing a price.

Gazelle is an excellent choice for those who want to quickly sell their laptops but will give a relatively lower price. 

They compensate for this by covering shipping fees and sending a shipping box to the seller’s home, which covers their profit.

Gazelle also has drop-off locations in several spots around the US, so it will save you money shipping the laptop.

5. Swappa

Swappa is another excellent place to sell used electronics, especially phones and laptops. It offers a powerful, easy-to-use solution with thousands of potential customers waiting to buy your devices. The platform has software that will predict the value of your gaming laptop.

They also don’t charge any fees for their sales, so it is a good website that might be worth a try. You could use their estimate to correctly price your device and then post it on other websites for better chances of selling it.

What Do Buyers Consider?

You need to understand what a buyer will be looking for to present your product in the best way to capture their attention. 

Gaming laptops are popular, and many people buy them, but what will make a buyer choose your laptop? Here’s what they’ll be looking for; 

  1. The Laptop’s Make

Laptop companies have a hierarchy, and some laptops of a given brand could make more money even if they have similar specs. 

Companies like Acer, Asus, Apple, HP, and Dell have made a name on the market so you can ask for more money for them.

The laptop’s model and year of manufacture will also play a role in the pricing. Newer and more advanced models will naturally draw a higher price than older versions from the same company.

  1. Screen Size and Touch

Screens are essential in gaming laptops, so any seller will check your screen when evaluating the price. This will include the size and quality of the screen. 

A bigger screen will generally bring in a higher price since it offers a more holistic feel to the gaming experience.

Additional features like touchscreen capability will give you an advantage and allow you to ask for more money. Ensure the screen is clean without any scratches as most buyers will use this to try and lower the price.

  1. Processor

The processor and capabilities are the most significant determinant of a laptop’s performance. Any buyer will ask for the processor, which will come down to which generation the laptop is.

The latest laptops are Core i7, so they will fetch the highest prices, and you can get the same for a Core i5, depending on other features it offers. 

The number of processors and their speed are also important, so understand all these aspects before negotiating.

  1. RAM

The RAM is essential for gaming computers since it dictates which games you can use, so a small RAM will be a problem for most buyers. RAMs of 4GB or less will have you defending your gaming laptop in every negotiation.

You can beat this by expanding the RAM to make it a more powerful device that could demand more money. If your RAM is 16 GB or 32, you don’t have to worry; such devices are in high market demand.

  1. Storage 

Internal storage for laptops is another important consideration since it controls the computer’s capabilities. SSD storage computers will fetch more market value since they offer more speed and are the superior storage option.

You can still sell an HDD storage gaming laptop and match an SSD if the Hard disk has a large storage space. HDDs are bulkier and produce more heat and noise, which will be a minus in determining the price, but the additional space will be a plus.

  1. The Laptop’s Condition

Your gaming laptop’s appearance will give the buyer much insight into how well taken care of the laptop is. If the laptop is dirty and full of scratches, they will suspect it is damaged and offer a much lower price.

Before selling the laptop, clean it thoroughly and wipe the screen, keyboard, and casing to make it appear newer. The better the laptop looks, the easier it will be to convince someone that it is worth their money.

If the screen has a crack or there are dents in the body, it will be a good idea to get rid of them and fix such issues before selling. Even if the damage is insignificant, a good negotiator can shake you down and get the laptop at a throw-away price. 

The internal components should also be in their best condition, and the laptop should be running correctly. No buyer will take your word for it when you sell; they will want to turn it on themselves and test it.

Laptops with malware or damaged components will make it hard to get even half the money you spent on it back.


This guide should have been helpful for you if you were wondering, “Where can I sell my gaming laptop?” Many websites allow you to post used products and negotiate a fair deal with other users, and they are ideal for gaming laptops.

Their convenience makes them the first choice to sell your laptop, but they come with a risk of getting scammed. 

Be careful with sharing your credit card information or delivering products without payment. You can sell that laptop quickly with the right profile and a little luck. 

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David Huner
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