7 Free Apps To Install On Your Firestick 

Firestick is a great and affordable device. However, people tend to forget that even after purchasing a Firestick, you need to pay the subscription fees for several apps. Some applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. require you to subscribe to them if you want to access their content. 

But, there are a few ways to watch stuff for free on Firestick. In this guide, let’s take a look at a few apps to do so. 

1. YouTube 

Although everything on YouTube is not for free, you can still use it for free. You don’t have to pay any subscription fee to access the content. Moreover, you’ll find various movies and series uploaded on YouTube itself. 

The only drawback is that the video quality might be awful and you won’t get additional features, like proper subtitles. 

Also, as mentioned above, you might have to pay a one-time fee for purchasing some movies. 

2. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a dream-come-true for movie and series enthusiasts interested in mainstream cinema. This app typically contains a collection of some of the best and most highly-rated movies. 

Moreover, it’s also a very popular free video streaming service available today, with over 20,000 shows and movies. Note that it’s ad-supported, so you might get interrupted by ads every now and then. 

Keep in mind that some of these free apps might not be available on the App Store on your FireStick. So, you’ll have to sideload them after jailbreaking your Firestick. You can learn more about jailbroken Fire TV Stick devices on this blog.

3. PopcornFlix 

Are you a documentary buff? Then, PopcornFlix is the right free streaming app for you. This app allows you to browse through some of the best available movies, shows, and documentaries. 

Again, this app contains ads. So, you’ll have to bear with them but in all, it is a great app with a lovely collection. 

4. IMDb TV 

You may already know the Amazon-owned website IMDb for the ratings and information related to shows and movies. Thankfully, Amazon decided to launch IMDb TV – a free and ad-supported streaming app. 

IMDb TV consists of some of the best movies and series, like The Life of Pi and Sherlock Holmes, respectively. On top of that, you don’t have to pay a penny to stream anything on your TV. 

Again, you’ll have to put up with ads as IMDb TV is ad-supported. Note that it’s only available in the US currently. 

5. Xumo TV

If you don’t want to go for individual apps to watch content for free, then try out Xumo TV. It is like a virtual cable provider as it offers more than 180 free channels to pick from. You can choose any, and look for the show that intrigues you the most!

Apart from entertainment channels, Xumo TV also offers news, sports, and educational channels. It also keeps adding new channels monthly. However, commercials are a part of this app too. 

6. Crackle 

If you’re scared of installing apps from unknown companies, then Crackle is a safe bet. It is owned by Sony Entertainment, a safe and reputed company. 

Crackle is an ad-supported free streaming service with its own set of shows and movies. The best part is that it is well-organised and easier to browse as compared to Netflix due to its ‘channels’ feature.  

Crackle also offers kid-friendly channels and shows for free.

7. PBS Kids 

If you’re specifically looking for a free streaming app for kids, then try out PBS Kids. It has several educational shows for the little members of your family. Hence, your kid won’t probably feel bored during their free time! 

Final Thoughts

With streaming services like Netflix hiking their prices repeatedly, it can get hard to keep up with them. Instead, you can try out the above-mentioned apps for free to stream your favourite movies and shows. 

David Huner
David Huner
David Huner is a tech lover. After completing his graduation from the University Of Phoenix, he started gather his knowledge mostly on latest technologies that keeps his life smart and cool. Now he wants to spread his knowledge with people who loves technologies.

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