Minecraft Bedroom Ideas: Creative Ideas For Your etup

Minecraft is so popular across the globe because of the freedom it offers its users. Minecraft offers you a clean slate to build a world as you see fit. You get to build houses, farms, towns, and more.

A big part of your house would be a room with a bed for you to rest at night. This is important for safety, but you can get creative with it. 

Minecraft has vast options for this, and they all depend on your creativity. Let us look at some bedroom ideas in Minecraft;

1. Classy Blue Bedroom

Classy Blue Bedroom
Source: Nimvo.com

This simple yet elegant design can be a great way to finish your Minecraft bedroom. It has a cool yet complex design that will please you each time you walk in. The lighting is perfect, and it complements the blue bedding to bring an amazing combined feeling.

The white cupboard is nice, and its design brings complexity that will make the room special. You can mine and craft everything you need to create this room.

2. Simple Cottage design

Simple Cottage design
Source: Whatifgaming.com

If you are looking for a traditional look in your room, this is a good choice. Almost everything is wooden, so you will have an easy time crafting them. The windows offer a view of the outside, and there is enough room and light.

You will have an easy time making changes to this room. If you choose to, you can add new materials or expand them.

3. Boxed Green-Brown Wallpaper Bedroom

Boxed Green-Brown Wallpaper Bedroom
Source: Nimvo.com

Looking at this, you can barely believe it is from Minecraft. You could craft this room if you have the raw materials and tools. 

It has a lot of light and a mix of colors that make it cheerful and fun to be in. This is the perfect place to take a rest.

4. Aqua Darkroom design

Aqua Darkroom design
Source: Whatifgaming.com

What speaks for gorgeousness in a bedroom more than an aquarium? The dull lighting makes it a calming place to sit and relax. 

It has nice-looking furniture and enough room to move around. Additionally, the large windows offer a clear view of the outside if enemies approach.

5. Simple Bed Cottage design

Simple Bed Cottage design
Source: Imvo.com

At the start, you can’t go big. You might have only a few raw materials, so you need a simple room. This will be a perfect design for a small house or a user with simple needs. It has a good bed for your character to rest in safety.

You can easily modify the room and add windows to see outside. There is a bookshelf and perfect lighting to complete the room.

6. Closed Wooden Bedroom

Closed Wooden Bedroom
Source: Whatifgaming.com

Wooden designs go well with Minecraft, and they allow creativity. This room has a combination of wood and plants that make it stunning. 

It is a spacious design that does not need too many raw materials, so it can work for beginners. The high walls will ensure all enemies stay out, and you can have a safe night’s sleep. 

7. Shelved Small Room Design

Shelved Small room design
Source: Nimvo.com

You might not have a big house at the start of your game. You need designs that will look good and offer you protection. This simple room will do this job perfectly. It has high walls that keep all the dangers out.

It does not have windows, but they aren’t that big of a deal to most people. You get shelves to organize clothes and a nice bed to rest in.

8. Elegant White Bedroom

Elegant White Bedroom
Source: Whatifgaming.com

You can go into the Minecraft world without leaving your elegance. This room will bring out the inner designer spirit. You will have a perfect room with everything clean and white. 

You have a wardrobe to keep your items and some plants for beauty. The bed’s strategic positioning allows easy access to the window. 

9. Minecraft Wallpaper Décor Room

Minecraft Wallpaper Décor Room
Source: Nimvo.com

A true Minecraft fan would like nothing better than to have a Minecraft wallpaper in their room. This room design allows you this luxury. It has a simple, compact design that will work great for a small house. 

You get a shelf to store all your tools and books for easy access. The lighting is adequate to help you at night, and the bed is comfy.

10. Modern Design Bedroom

Modern Design Bedroom.
Source: Nimvo.com

This room design would be perfect for art lovers playing Minecraft. It is a beautiful floor space with a nice bed at the center. 

You have a shower in the room for more convenient clean-up sessions. The drawers have space to store tools. You get large walls to hang paintings and personalize the room. 

11. Dark Theme Minecraft Bedroom

Dark Theme Minecraft Bedroom
Source: Exputer.com

This room is the perfect fit for a user that appreciates a dark theme. Everything in this room is a cool dark color, and the floor is brown. All the dull colors give it a calm, dark theme that will be nice for most people.

It has a large window next to the bed to view the outside when you are indoors. Décor and modifications will be easy since the colors are neutral.

12. Green Minecraft-Themed Bedroom

Green Minecraft-Themed Bedroom
Source: Nimvo.com

Green is one of the most dominant colors in Minecraft unless you go to the desert. This means it will be rather easy to create a room if most of it is green. This example is a small comfy green room with cute Minecraft pillows. 

13. Black And White Elegant Design

Black And White Elegant Design
Source: Exputer.com

This room is a brighter version for someone that wants more black in their room. It has plants and lights that come together to create a beautiful view. If that gets old, you could always turn to your left and look out the window.

14. Top Floor Bedroom Idea

Top Floor Bedroom Idea
Source: Whatifgaming.com

You can have a second floor in your house if you have the resources. This will allow you the space to build an amazing second-floor room. 

It has shelves for décor and a comfy bed to rest, secure from attackers. The lighting and white floors make the room elegant and outstanding. 

15. Compact Minecraft Wallpaper Bedroom

Compact Minecraft wallpaper bedroom
Source: Nimvo.com

This room has the signature Minecraft décor on all its walls. The soil, grass, and blue skies make for a nice place to rest. 

You get a small comfy bed at the corner to rest and stay safe at night. The size will be convenient for beginners that don’t have large rooms.

16. Elegant Well-lit bedroom  Bedroom

Elegant Well-lit bedroom  Bedroom
Source: Exputer.com

This room might be small, but it has an amazing feel. You get a small nice bed and next to it are picture frames. This can be a great way to finish your day in Minecraft. You also have a big window next to the bed that gives you a view of the outside.

The room has a string of light bulbs on the roof beam. These ensure the room has light at all times, and they complement the décor.

17. Tech-themed Minecraft Room

Tech-themed Minecraft Room
Source: Nimvo.com

Who says you can’t have your name on the wall? This room design will allow you to personalize décor and write on the wall. You have light bulbs at night, but you will have sunshine coming from the window during the daytime.

The desktop next to the bed gives an unmatched tech vibe. You can have fun with the computer and create a smart house for adventures.

18. Large Pink Classic Design

Large Pink Classic Design
Source: Whatifgaming.com

This room is a great idea for someone with a large space and many raw materials. It has closets and shelves for storing your items. The bed is the room’s centerpiece, and above it, you can have a portrait.

The large floor space allows you to add decor and furniture as you see fit. The pink on the walls holds your attention without distracting you from other aspects of the room.

19. Simple Green Bedroom 

Simple Green Bedroom
Source: Nimvo.com

You don’t always have to go crazy with décor, and this room embodies simplicity. It has a signature green Minecraft wallpaper. The box patterns of green bring a simple yet nice look that makes the room amazing.

It has a small window at the top to allow light in during the day. Two chairs are available to rest, and you can always sleep on the bed.

20. Large Open Bedroom Idea

Large Open Bedroom Idea
Source: Whatifgaming.com

This large room will be a great way to live out your interior design fantasies. It accommodates most décor, and you could add any piece of furniture. The bed is small and next to a large window that allows sunlight and an amazing view.

21. Bedroom With Steps 

Bedroom With Steps
Source: Whatifgaming.com

The last item on our list is one of the best designs. This is a bedroom set up with a bed on top of the steps. It looks amazing, and you can get your night’s rest on it. Additionally, you have drawers and closets for all your items. 


There are numerous Minecraft bedroom ideas. Minecraft is a fun game, and you can have an amazing time if you are creative. You get to create everything from scratch, and eventually, you have to build a house. Some bandits might kill you, so a house is crucial.

You might want an upgrade after you have the basics. Minecraft allows you to do pretty much anything you want. You can craft items and use them in your house and room. Feel free to express yourself in colors, designs, pictures, and furniture.

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