Does Apple Use Samsung Parts? Fact About Samsung & Apple Relationship

Let’s be realistic: does Apple use Samsung parts as many have claimed? Both tech companies are the biggest in the industry and may likely remain so for years. They also produce a wide range of electronic devices.

While some people rate Apple gadgets over Samsung, others rate the latter higher. Similarly, while most people would prefer Apple gadgets, some have a soft spot for Samsung gadgets. 

Both companies have been around for decades and generate massive revenue. But the question is, does Apple request parts from Samsung? Here is all we know. 

Does Apple Use Samsung Parts?

Yes, Apple uses Samsung parts but also gets parts from other suppliers. Steve Jobs, before his demise, prioritized software. He focused more on software, with plans to incorporate hardware in the future. 

So think of Apple as a software company and Samsung as a hardware company. Samsung has expertise in the manufacturing of hardware. They keep investing heavily in research and development, something most companies cannot sustain for long.

Why? The price of phones will be more than they currently are if Apple starts investing in research, development, and production of some of the hardware required. 

So Apple buys diverse parts from Samsung. But they’re not the only ones supplying hardware to Apple. For example, the iPhone display comes from Samsung or, sometimes, LG in South Korea. 

Parts like DRAM and Flash memory may come from Kioxia’s Factories in Japan. 

A Handy Tip: Samsung is a top player in the OLED market. They made the best OLED display for the iPhone X. So Apple gets its panels from Samsung, the best in the industry. 

Does Apple Use Samsung Cameras

Samsung and Apple’s relationship goes way back. Both companies have a symbiotic relationship that may last for an extended period, or maybe until Apple starts making the hardware they get from Samsung.

But then, while investing a fortune in making hardware when you can get it from Samsung or other supplies much cheaper? Apple has to consider the economic implication of any financial decision they take. That’s what every serious company does. 

So, is Apple getting cameras from Samsung? In December 2022, Tim Cook revealed the iPhone sensors’ maker, and it’s not what many expected. Most people believed Samsung was the company supplying Apple’s screen, but Cook’s revelation ended the debate. 

Tim Cook said Apple has partnered with Sony for over a decade. Sony is a highly reputable camera producer, one of the best in the industry. So it’s not surprising to see that they are the ones behind the iPhone cameras. 

Sony’s involvement in producing iPhone cameras was evident in the iPhone 4S. And this dates back to 2011. Sony markings on the iPhone 4S showed Apple was getting its cameras from Sony. 

Apple likes holding its card to its chest, but the revelation regarding Sony’s involvement in the iPhone camera system blew their cover. Left to Tim Cook or other Apple executives, they would have preferred the secret to remain a secret. But that isn’t the case anymore. 

There’s an assumption that the partnership between Apple and Sony that Tim Cook spoke about started in 2011. If this is the case, then Sony is the company behind the production of the iPhone 4S camera system. 

Does Apple Use Samsung Screen?

Yes, the Apple iPhone uses a Samsung display. In addition to Samsung, Apple also gets its device screen from other suppliers. 

For instance, Apple gets its screen from BOE Technology Group Corp, Japan Display Inc., and Sharp Corp. However, Samsung Display provides almost all the panels used in iPhones. 

Samsung supplied over 70% of OLED display panels in the iPhone 14 series. Apple appreciates the Samsung OLED display because of its versatility. That’s why their OLEDs are high on Apple’s list. 

Things have gradually been moving. We may even find Apple making its components by itself in the not-too-distant time. They rely on Samsung for a range of components and may well change their stance in the future. 

Does Samsung make iPhone 13 Parts?

Apple depends on Samsung massively for parts used in making iPhones and iPad. But they’re not the only ones. Apple also gets its parts from a wide range of companies besides Samsung. 

Samsung provides over 70% of Apple’s OLED display. However, Apple isn’t too reliant on one supplier to avoid disappointment. They get parts from Sharp, LG, Toshiba, and Samsung. 

So, the claim that Samsung supplies all the parts in the iPhone 13 or other phones isn’t valid. Apple only gets a handful of parts from them.  

Does Apple Use Samsung Batteries

Samsung SDI had previously supplied batteries to Apple iPad and MacBook models. But that was in the past. However, they have never manufactured batteries for iPhones. 

Apple gets its batteries from China’s Amperex Technology. They have also obtained batteries from Sony and other makers. 

Apple iPhones currently utilize the L-shaped multi-cell battery. This involves multiple batteries connected to properly use the internal space, boasting the battery life. 

 Batteries with higher energy density could permit Apple to deviate from the multi-cell design, freeing up more internal space.  

This makes the iPhone much lighter without sacrificing battery life or retaining the same design and moderately boosting the battery life.  

How Much Does Samsung Make From Apple

Samsung, LG, and BOE technologies supplied the display on the iPhone 14. However, Samsung delivers the highest number of displays compared to the others.

While Samsung supplied 82% of the display to Apple for the production of iPhone 14, LG supplied 14%, and BOE delivered 6%. However, this could change as Apple moves to reduce its dependence on Samsung in the coming years. 

If this happens, Samsung can expect the worst. Apple has been their biggest client, contributing massive revenue to their coffers. 

Samsung supplies millions of OLED displays to Apple, making billions of dollars in revenue. In 2017, Samsung struck a $4.3 billion deal to supply 60 million OLED panels to Apple for iPhones. And that same year, they delivered 180 to 200 million panels to Apple.  

So, they’re making huge profits from Apple, their biggest client.  

Is Apple Buying Samsung? 

Claims that Apple is buying Samsung are untrue. Apple has never floated the idea of buying Samsung and may not. 

Apple is bigger than Samsung in revenue and value-wise. They are the biggest company in the world, with a value of over $3 trillion. On the other hand, Samsung’s net worth in 2023 is over $500 billion.

So if Apple wanted to purchase Samsung, it wouldn’t be an issue. But the truth is Samsung has built a solid reputation and is one of Apple’s biggest rivals. They sold more mobile phones than Apple in the first quarter of 2023 (Q1).

That said, Samsung may not want to sell. The company has been around for over five decades, and the future keeps looking brighter. Furthermore, they have no reason to sell at the moment.  

Is Apple Planning To Stop Using Samsung Parts? 

Apple’s reliance on Samsung and other companies for parts might soon end. The company has taken concrete steps to stop its overreliance on Samsung and other companies for components used in its gadgets. 

Samsung is Apple’s rival in the mobile device market. So, the company feels allowing a competitor to keep supplying crucial parts isn’t wise. Some believe it gives Samsung an edge over Apple gadgets. 

So, while Apple has long relied on Samsung and other manufacturers for specific components, such as camera sensors, displays, and chips, it’s becoming a thing of the past. 

The company has powered the iPhone using its chips for some years and has started phasing out Intel chips in its iPad and Mac computers since 2020. 

Today, all of Apple’s MacBooks boast Silicone chips. In addition, the company has started a plan to produce displays, meaning it would no longer require the service of Samsung and other suppliers. 

Apple’s first in-house display, MicroLED, will be used in iPhone and Apple Watch in 2024. So it’s only a matter of time before Apple stops relying on other companies, including Samsung, for parts. 


Does Apple use Samsung parts? Yes, Apple utilizes components from Samsung. For years now, Samsung has been their major supplier of display OLED. In 2017, they supplied around 180 to 200 million displays. 

 Samsung isn’t the only company supplying parts to Apple. While Samsung supplied 82% of the displays in 2017, LG supplied 14%, while BOE supplied 6%.

Apple is trying to reduce dependence on Samsung and other companies for parts. So, it’s only a matter of time before they achieve complete self-reliance. 

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