Is Asus A Chinese Company? An Affordable Laptop Brand 

The reason people are asking, “Is Asus a Chinese company” is not far fetched. Asus laptops are budget-friendly. And people believe products from China have lower price tags because of the cheap labor there. 

Asus was founded in 1989 and has been making top-rated laptops since its inception. Asus boasts a wide range of laptops for different budgets and needs. 

We’ll discuss several things about Asus in this post, including claims that they are a Chinese company. Keep reading to get more details! 

Is Asus A Chinese Company?

Asus is not a Chinese company and never was. It’s a Taiwan-based multinational company producing computer hardware and consumer electronics. 

Asus claims it’s producing products that fit the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s smart life. It also ranks as the world’s number 1 gaming brand and motherboard. Asus ranks high among the top-three notebook vendors in the world.   

So, who owns the Asus Company? The company is owned by some young and vibrant Taiwanese engineers who worked with Acer then. Their names include Tzu-Hsien Tung, Wayne Hsieh, Ted Hsu, and M.T. Liao. 

Asus’ founders worked as hardware engineers and have substantial experience. Their expertise and experience are evident in the Asus line of products. Jonney Shih, a Taiwanese, is Asus’ chairman and CBO. 

Asus has developed into one of the top PC brands in the world. As of 2020, it became the world’s 6th largest PC vendor.   

A Handy Tip: The name “Asus” was coined from the name of the Greek horse called “Pegasus,” which is white. 

This Greek horse doesn’t just have a unique color. Its name symbolizes strength, improvement and creativity, the Asus founders’ main goal when creating the company. 

Where Are Asus Laptops Made? 

Most people think Asus is a Chinese company because some of its laptops are assembled in the country. 

Two major companies manufacture Asus laptops in Taiwan. These include ASUSTek Computer Inc. and Pegatron. While ASUSTek Computer focuses on gaming and slim laptops, Pegatron makes 2-in-1 or touchscreen laptops.   

Sometimes, Asus makes the screens it uses on its laptops. But sometimes, it gets screens from third-party companies like BOE and LG. These two companies make good quality screens.  

The Asus headquarters are in Taiwan, China, and the United States. The company was founded in Taiwan and has its base there. But besides these three countries, it has offices stationed in different parts of the world. 

Most Asus laptops are assembled in China, specifically in Shanghai and Suzhou, the two main cities in the country. The company mounted its plants there because of the cheap labor and to assemble laptops for the locals, including export purposes.  

The company has plants in Brazil, India, Austria and Switzerland. But make no mistake, its headquarters is in Chicago and doesn’t assemble laptops. What they do there is conduct research on keyboards and other vital parts. 

Mounting assembly parts in the United States of America and hiring workers to produce laptops will raise the prices of Asus laptops. The company doesn’t want to operate this way. 

The laptop market is highly saturated, so price reduction is an easy way to capture more customers. Asus laptops are less expensive, though they boast some features you’ll find on the more expensive brands.

Asus specializes in producing laptops, desktops, and gaming systems, but these aren’t the only products it manufactures. It also has smartphones, televisions, tablets and other devices.    

 Can Asus Be Trusted?

Trust is an essential factor when analyzing brands to patronize. So, can a consumer trust Asus laptops? 

Asus has been operating since 1989, and its founders are hardware engineers with vast experience. They worked with companies like Acer and have massive computer hardware and software expertise.

Asus is a top brand with a reputation for flooding the market with well-built computers at reasonable prices. Its laptops are reliable and durable.

A good account of Asus laptops’ durability was the case of cosmonauts traveling to the Mir space station in 1998 with an Asus P6300. It was a 600-day-long mission, with the laptop proving its worth. 

The P6300 laptop survived all the unfavorable conditions and arrived on Earth in the same condition it left. It never had any issues or gave the cosmonauts any problems.

Asus laptops now undergo a series of more stringent real-life tests. The company also has a quality control department that has been doing an incredible job.  

The company has promised that from 2023, their laptops will be the most strictly tested globally. Asus has claimed it would adhere to US military-grade standards to deliver users highly reliable and rugged laptops.   

The tests Asus laptops pass through before being sold to end users.  

  • Shock test
  • Vibration test
  • High-temperature test
  • Low-temperature test
  • Sand and dust test
  • Altitude test
  • Freeze and thaw test
  • Humidity test
  • Temperature shock
  • Solar radiation test
  • Mechanical vibration test
  • Explosive atmosphere test

Is Asus Laptop Better Than HP?

A comparison involving Asus and HP will always be sensitive and essential. Why? They are two of the most popular laptop brands in the world. 

Yes, Asus and HP are that huge. In 2022, Statista reported that Asus and HP accounted for around 40% of the global market share.    

Both laptop brands have been in the business for decades, consistently dishing out budget-friendly and reliable laptops. But for those planning to acquire a computer soon and don’t know the ideal brand, we have prepared the table below.

So, here’s a quick comparison between Asus and HP laptops.

How Long Do Asus Laptops Last?

The journey of cosmonauts to Mir station in 1998 shows how durable, reliable and well-built Asus laptops are. Even now, the company has evolved. They now put their laptops through more rigorous real-life tests. 

Asus laptops are durable. They last long because the company takes them through numerous tests and has a reputable quality control department. 

On average, Asus laptops’ expected durability is 3-5 years. But with proper maintenance, you can expect yours to last longer. 

Proper maintenance and usage are necessary to prolong the lifespan of Asus laptops, and the same goes for other laptops. 

Why Is Asus So Cheap?

Asus laptops are cheap because of the company’s business model. Asus assembles their laptops in countries where labor is cheap. For example, it has manufacturing plants in China, Taiwan, and other places where it can mass-produce laptop components cheaply. 

Asus is one of the top motherboard producers and can produce the component cheaply. On the contrary, some of the laptop manufacturers that Asus competes with purchase motherboards and other features. 

Asus doesn’t need important motherboards. Instead, it builds it in-house. This enables the company to sell its laptops at affordable prices without compromising quality. 


Is Asus a Chinese company? Asus isn’t a Chinese company but a Taiwanese company. Its founders are Taiwanese, and even the current chairman is from Taiwan. 

The reason most people think Asus is a Chinese firm is because of the headquarters they have in China. Asus also has headquarters in the United States and Taiwan. 

Asus produces solid and well-built laptops, which are affordable. Its laptops also come packed with features only in high-end laptops.   

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