Why You Should Start Faxing Online: Top 4 Reasons

“The more things change, the more they remain the same.”

You’d think this classic Alphonse Karr quote would apply to anything but today’s businesses. Believe it or not, it does. Much as companies have overhauled obsolete processes and tools in an attempt to keep up with the changing times, their need to fax documents hasn’t changed one bit. 

What has changed, though, is how they do it. Savvy businesses are no longer relying on a physical fax machine to complete document transmission. They’ve already made the jump to its modern, more formidable counterpart: online faxing. Recent statistics reflect this; as of 2020, the online faxing industry had a market size of $1.3 billion, and by 2025, it’ll be worth a staggering $1.9 billion

Not convinced yet? Fax machine lovers, here are four undeniable reasons why you should start faxing online.

1. Fax From Anywhere, Anytime

Online faxing provides you with the freedom to send faxes at your convenience, regardless of your location or the time. Whether you find yourself at home, in the office, or even on a well-deserved holiday, the flexibility of online faxing allows you to seamlessly send faxes from anywhere. Gone are the days of waiting to return to the office to transmit your important documents – with online faxing, you can send them on the go without delay. Hello, unparalleled convenience! 

We can hear you asking, “But how exactly do I send a fax online?” Fret not, your service provider will show you the nitty-gritty of how it’s done. eFax, for example, provides an incisive, easy-to-grasp guide on sending fax online; all in the spirit of showing you a smarter way to fax.

2. Cut Down The Costs

Oh, the endless hidden expenses of analog faxing. 

Fax machines have a notorious tendency to break down frequently, which can lead to substantial costs for your business. In such instances, you are left with the option of repairing or replacing the malfunctioning equipment, both of which can deal a significant blow to your finances. What’s more, the annual expenses for repairing and maintaining analog fax machines can easily amount to hundreds of dollars per device, adding up to a substantial sum. 

With online faxing, you can send and receive documents electronically, so there’s no need to print them out. This can save you a significant amount over time if you’re faxing regularly. Also, you’ll never have to worry about expensive hardware repairs, maintenance, or replacements.

3. Unbeatable Security Features

Most proponents of the good, old fax machine say that because data is sent using analog lines, it’s not as easy to get hold of. That’s true, but you know what else is true? If a hacker were to intentionally infiltrate the line, they could access the data sent without any problems. In other words, analog faxing is a disaster waiting to happen from a security point of view. 

Online faxing takes document security to a whole new level by incorporating robust encryption capabilities. This ensures that documents in transit cannot be breached or altered whatsoever.  

Compliance with international data privacy laws is also vital. Top online fax service providers follow HIPPA and other regulations like GLBA in the U.S.

For those who appreciate the peace of mind that comes with physical copies, mobile fax apps provide unmatched flexibility. When need be, you can access the copies of faxes available in your account and in the cloud – safely consolidated in one location.

4. Embrace Eco-Friendliness in No Time at All

When you quit from using a fax machine, you are taking a proactive step in safeguarding the environment from excessive plastic and paper waste. For context, paper accounts for around 26% of total waste in landfills

This scenario is where the benefits of online faxing get real. It’s possible that you haven’t realized it yet, but your actions will make a positive impact on creating a greener planet. Granted. 

Faxing Like It Is Meant to Be

No disrespect to the ever-functional faxing machine, but we’re no longer in the 20th century. Faxing has evolved. It’s gotten better, faster, cheaper, more secure, and certainly more eco-friendly, courtesy of online faxing. Only a decision separates you from these irresistible benefits. Whether you’ll be faxing from your mobile app on the go or right from your PC or Mac, rest assured that you won’t ever regret it.

David Huner
David Huner
David Huner is a tech lover. After completing his graduation from the University Of Phoenix, he started gather his knowledge mostly on latest technologies that keeps his life smart and cool. Now he wants to spread his knowledge with people who loves technologies.

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