4 Ways To Improve The Performance Of Your Gaming PC

Every gamer wants a smooth gaming experience. What kind of gaming experience you have largely depends on what kind of PC you own. For this purpose, gaming PCs are preferred but just owning a gaming PC does not ensure a smooth experience. You may need to do some things to amp up the performance of your PC so you can have the best experience in gaming.

Firstly, let’s find out what issues you might face with your gaming PC.


FPS or frames per second refers to the number of images that are displayed on the screen in one second. Games run just like movies, but many still images are run in a course of one second making up the video.

The most common issue with any PC is low FPS. When the game is too heavy for the PC to run properly, you are experiencing low FPS. This can happen due to outdated drivers, less RAM, or old graphic cards.

To give a fine output, usually 30 to 60 FPS is recommended. However, for a gaming PC, the FPS can go above 144, giving a very clear and smooth video gaming experience. If your computer isn’t powerful enough, the frame rate will fall. This leads to the game looking giving slow motion or unclear output.


Lag refers to when there is a difference in time between pressing the button and the action happening because of that. During gaming, especially in competitive ones, lag is one of the most annoying factors.

In gaming, you need to be time buttons and inputs. Delays in these can cause frustration and overall lead to failure in many cases. For instance, in Call of Duty, you may press a button to shoot, but due to lag, your character doesn’t perform the action which can lead to that character being killed.


A crash is when an application closes by itself. Imagine being in an intense stage of the game and it suddenly closes. No doubt it will cause anger and frustration for any gamer.

Games crash when the video memory takes up more memory than there is space in RAM. It can also happen when your video card is outdated.

4 Ways To Improve The Performance Of Your Gaming PC

Fortunately, there are solutions to how you can improve the performance of your PC to have a smooth gaming experience. Check out some of the tips below;

Update Internet Connection

A fast internet connection is essential for multiplayer online gaming. Nowadays, almost all games offer a multiplayer option. Whereas, many games are only multiplayer-oriented. To enjoy all such games, you need to have fast-speed internet that offers minimum ping and low latency.

Our recommendation is to go with Xfinity internet for an optimal gaming experience. Dial the Xfinity customer service number to learn more about Xfinity internet plans that are suitable for your online multiplayer gaming.

Lower Resolution

One of the ways to improve the FPS of your game is by changing the game’s resolution. Resolution is the number of pixels on your screen. The higher the resolution, more the pixels. Therefore, they will use more memory of your GPU. 

By lowering the resolution, you decrease the pixels of the screen and which, in turn, takes the strain off of your GPU. If you are facing low FPS, try lowering your resolutions as this can effectively improve your gameplay.

Change the Game’s Video Settings

Every game has Video settings in the game. If a game is not running smoothly, do change these settings. Games video settings offer low-end, med-end, and high-end settings.

You can change the settings from the in-game to customize the video settings as per your need. You can mix and match such as, keeping a few settings at the high end and changing some settings to the low end. But be sure to keep in mind that whatever settings you choose, it should be able to run your game smoothly.

Update Drivers

To run any game, you need to have all your drivers up to date. Enable auto updates on your PC so the lasts versions of the drivers that you have on your PC are automatically downloaded. Many problems you encounter can be resolved by simply updating your drivers.

Drivers are not only required just to start the game but also to play the game as it is supposed to be. An outdated audio driver can cause no audio in the game.

Similarly, keep your video drivers up to date too as they improve the performances and fix the bugs.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up, if you encounter problems while gaming you can use any of the above methods to improve your gameplay. However, if your PC is old, you might need to update your PC to run new coming games as they will be heavy and take a toll on your PC.

David Huner
David Huner
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