New Product Launch? Components Of Integrated Marketing Communication You Should Remember

You might have the first product of your kind! An archetype meant to take the current market by storm! But no one knows about it; what is the point of having so? This is why communication plays such a big role in product launches.

Then how do we communicate?

Do we call each target audience and let us know about the launch? 

Not a bad idea, but to be honest cold calls are a little overrated and not to mention irritating. According to Blake J. Harber, in 2017, cold calls only meant that you had no other means to communicate. Therefore, making you look very desperate and your data scientists incompetent.

So, let us leave those barriers of communication and move towards the new era!

We have come a long way from just advertising pamphlets which became famous after the industrial revolution, to now having a plethora of communication media. Over here, we will be discussing the components of integrated marketing communication channels that can take your new product launch to a new level.

All The New Media…(Components Of Integrated Marketing Communication)

Staying up to date with a different medium is imperative in having a well-communicated launch. These communication channels are not just for PR but also serve sales and marketing requirements.

We all know there are benefits of integrated marketing communication. Today, in this excerpt below, we will discuss the different media you should look into as the primary components of integrated marketing communication.


It begins with building awareness. Here are the three awareness factors you should focus on.

– Your Brand: Even if they already know about your brand, there is no harm in reintroducing them. Especially if there have been any changes in its ethos that your audience should know about. For example, maybe you are going greener and cruelty-free with your products.

– Organization: Organization is different from your brand. The brand is about what you are giving to the audience; the organization is a whole. This includes your vision, mission, goal, and even the employees within. Now, advertising related to your organization is known as a corporate advertisement. 

It isn’t always necessary when a product is launched as a communication plan, but if you want to relaunch your company in the eyes of your potential customer as a form of reminder, then do so, especially if your company has been under the radar for quite some time and wants to be a household name again.

– Product/Service: Most of the efforts of your planning the components of integrated marketing communication should go behind this advertising campaign. You will need to take help from several media to create a buzz around your product before the launch. If you want to sell out in your first go, make them anticipate.

Some of the mediums you should choose according to one of the best full service branding agency.

  • Social media (very important to have a campaign in today’s day and age).
  • Online advertising through Google ads. Subtle pop-ups are great reminders!
  • Television advertisements will certainly require a big production, but it is still worth it.
  • Influencer marketing is the newest form of advertisement which is creating quite a buzz.

Personal Selling

There is nothing more delightful than receiving a personal message. That is why, even after being one of the oldest strategies of marketing, personal selling still remains one of the most effective components of integrated marketing communication.

Personal selling is when you give the customer the illusion that you are selling personally to them:

Benefits of these components of integrated marketing communication:

  • Helps customers to identify why they need the product for their personal lifestyle.
  • Customized messages always convince better.
  • Shows customers the pain points, aka what is missing from their life.
  • Helps build a relationship with the brand #beyond-the-product.

Here are some of the target audiences these personal selling campaigns should cater to:

  • New Customers: The customer base who have joined your family recently.
  • Old Loyal Customers: These are essentially your most important customer base, and your product launch communication plan should cater to them more often. Keeping them loyal is the goal!
  • Potential Customers: These are the crowd who will be potentially benefited from the product or service. Personal selling campaigns can help them see why.

Sales Promotion

This is where you communicate how your company is better than the others in the market. This is an important component of integrated marketing communication because it compels your audience to choose you.

Marketing is not easy now, especially when you are not the archetype of your company. There are many selling the same thing.

So, here is how you can go forth with your sales promotion for that new product launch:

Create A Sense Of Urgency: You can do so with ‘limited edition offers.’ ‘Everyday hourly discounts,’ ‘Free Giveaways.’, and ‘Free samples for loyal customers.’ This compels the audience to use your product just so they do not miss the offer. You can communicate these through direct marketing methods like email; coupon distribution; pamphlets; etc.

Show Its Importance: Social media is one of the pioneer mediums of communication now. You cannot make an appearance without having a brand established in the digital sphere. Did you know it can also help communicate your sales promotion?

Social media is filled with VIPs known as influencers. Fans who are ardently following their every move. If you can prove that your product is the new ‘IT’ thing everyone is talking about, it automatically creates an urgency.

Among All The Chaos!

When it comes to the components of integrated marketing communication, yes, there is a lot to conquer. However, if motivation is short, remember here are some of the benefits of integrated marketing communication.

Benefits Of Integrated Marketing Communication

Helps you organize all your customers under one umbrella and then form exclusive campaigns for each.

Understanding what the customer wants through a constant exchange of feedback. Ample opportunities to ensure that you make the required changes before launching.

Getting the upper hand over your competitors when it is about building harmonious relationships with your customer base.

Overall, among all the chaos, a well-drafted component of integrated marketing communication is worth the time & effort.

David Huner
David Huner
David Huner is a tech lover. After completing his graduation from the University Of Phoenix, he started gather his knowledge mostly on latest technologies that keeps his life smart and cool. Now he wants to spread his knowledge with people who loves technologies.

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