4 Best Alternatives To Canva Video Editor: Editing Upgrade

You are reading the right article if you want the 4 best alternatives to Canva video editor. With millions of users, Canva is arguably one of the most popular choices for online graphic tools.

It, however, has shortcomings that might make you want to find another, more reliable option. 

YouTube and the increase of video-based online platforms have created a need for video editors, and the market has met these needs. 

Hundreds of good split-screen video editor apps and websites have unique features. Let’s find a Canva alternative; 

4 Best Alternatives To Canva Video Editor 

1. Adobe Express

Adobe Express offers many features that weren’t present in Adobe Spark and has been a big Canva competitor. The free version doesn’t have the Adobe watermark anymore, and it has attracted a lot of new users.

Key features

  • The desktop version of Adobe Express comes with a mobile App. You can connect the two and work on your project remotely with easier access through your phone.
  • It features easily usable effects, texture, filter, and overlay, making Adobe the biggest name in video editing. You have integration with Adobe Photoshop and an extensive collection of pre-made templates of many sizes. 
  • It has a library feature lets you create content collections on your device for future use. You can easily share these collections with your friends and colleagues, and you get access to numerous licensed Adobe Fonts to improve your work quality. 
  • Adobe Express features a social integration platform to help you schedule posts on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

Best Target Audience 

Adobe Express is ideal for beginners who need a lot of helpful tutorial videos to guide them through using the tool’s features. It has a standard control panel that is easy to follow and learn with quick conversions for media formats, including SVG, PNG, JPG, MP4, or GIF. 

2. Visme

Visme is a bit more expensive but effective for complex graphics like marketing documents, posters, and infographics. It comes with collaboration tools to help you easily work on and share your creations.

Key features

    • Visme features several ready-to-go templates with layouts for everything from infographics to charts. These make it easier for users to customize and create unique graphics. 
    • It has a brand kit that helps maintain your work’s color scheme and logo for consistency. Additionally, you can import and export with PowerPoint, making presentations much more effortless. 
    • You will get large libraries of free audio, images, videos, and other media to support your work. Some paid plans have privacy controls to secure your work and limit who sees it. 
  • The team collaboration feature includes comments, folder permissions, annotations, and user types to make everything more seamless. You also get organizational tools like analytics, a file manager, and sharing options.  

Best Target Audience 

Visme is ideal for social media marketers since it has the best tools for sharing content and creating marketing documents. You can create widgets and charts to share within your company. 

3. VistaCreate

VistaCreate boasts a library of over 150,000 static and animated templates to ensure you get the inspiration to create. It is the product with the most features on our list and one of the best Canva alternatives.

Key features

  • VistaCreate has pre-made social media templates for Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. With the scheduler, this makes planning your social media content easier.
  • You get logos, color palettes, and fonts in your brand kit to help simplify content creation. You can create icons, add stickers, and customize labels for better brand design. 
  • You can pair VistaCreate to create designs remotely on your iOS or Android device. 
  • VistaCreate features a fantastic video editor with numerous tools that are practical and easy to use. 

Best Target Audience 

It is best for experts who need a lot of customization options and have an understanding of what the various features will do. 

4. Stencil

Stencil is an amazing alternative to Canva since it has many similar features. It gives numerous options for templates that give you a head start in creating visual content. 

Key features

  • Stencil has over 1,350 premium templates to help with your visual content and thousands of fonts to create the perfect images. You can upload your fonts directly to Stencil for the best match with your brand.
  • You can use their collection of beautiful graphics and icons since they are royalty-free and safe to use commercially.
  • You have an easier time creating ads, blog posts, and other social media content thanks to over 140 pre-loaded optimally sized templates.
  • Download your high-quality images, including 300dpi, for printing or sharing on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other online platforms.

Best Target Audience 

This is a fantastic tool for editors who need large media libraries for commercial use without licensing concerns. 

Tips For Choosing the Right Video Editor

You need the right guide when selecting new video editing software to ensure you make the right choice. Several factors should dictate your choice, but here are the most important ones;

  • Pick software that is friendly to your skill level. Amateurs should stick to simple software and get ones with more features and complex settings as they advance their skill levels.
  • Take advantage of free trials to test the software’s user-friendliness and functionality before committing to it to see if it meets your needs.
  • Simplicity is one of the best things in a video editing app, and you need to get one that supports efficient work. If the software is too complicated, you will take several minutes to make little progress as you figure the platform out. 
  • You shouldn’t get an expensive video editor unless you want it for commercial use. Get software within your budget and with most of the features you need to create and edit. 
  • Audio is an integral part of video editing, so you should look into the audio capabilities of the platform you want. The best choice is an editor that allows you to add and edit video audio. 


You have the 4 best alternatives to Canva video editor to make your transition quick and productive. 

Adobe Express is the best choice for most people since it has a long-standing reputation. It has a large community to support you if you have any questions and need help. 

Carefully consider your editing needs before paying for a product to ensure you get everything you need. Read reviews and use trials for each product to find the best match, then upgrade it.

David Huner
David Huner
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