Minecraft Nether Portal Design Ideas – The 20 Best 

Are you looking for the best Minecraft nether portal design ideas? Don’t worry; there are several designs to choose from. 

A nether portal is a structure in Minecraft that allows a player to travel between the overworld. That’s between the main Minecraft world and the Nether (a dimension with unique terrain and resources). 

To create a nether portal, a player must first gather obsidian blocks and use them to build a frame in the shape of a rectangle. 

Most players find the basic nether portal design to be ugly. However, various designs can help you improve it. Here are our 20 best interesting nether portal design ideas. 

Minecraft Nether Portal Design Ideas 

There are many Minecraft nether portal ideas to get inspiration from. But keep in mind that when designing the portal, the frame doesn’t change. 

You can only enhance its surrounding block. Here is a list of our 20 best nether portal design ideas. 

1. Stargate Theme

Stargate Theme
Source: pinterest.com

The Stargate-themed nether portal in Minecraft is ideal for players who are fans of the Stargate franchise. 

This portal will offer them a fun and immersive way to recreate the experience of traveling and exploring new worlds within their Minecraft game. 

A Stargate-themed nether portal greatly adds to a multiplayer server or community. It provides a unique and memorable way for players to travel and explore together.

2. Futuristic Nether Portal Design 

Futuristic Nether Portal Design 
Source: pinterest.com

This design surely adds a unique and creative element to the game. A futuristic nether portal is a fun and interesting way to add a science fiction theme to your Minecraft world. 

Plus, it still provides a new and exciting challenge for players who enjoy building and decorating in the game. Ultimately, there are also various futurist ideas; pick one that excites you. 

3. Medieval Design 

Medieval Design 
Source: pinterest.com

The medieval-themed nether portal design is a fun and interesting way to add a historical or fantasy element to your Minecraft world. 

To create a medieval-themed portal, you’ll need blocks with medieval or ancient appearances, such as cobblestone, stone bricks, or sandstone. 

You can also add decorative elements such as banners, torches, or iron bars to give the portal a more authentic medieval feel. 

4. Skull Nether Portal 

Source: pinterest.com
Source: pinterest.com

It’s among the most complicated design ideas on the list. Not only are the materials hard to get, but it’s also big. 

The depth of this skull nether portal are least 3 layers. You’ll have to work on the skull, teeth, eyes, and the obsidian layer that’s on the inside. 

You can make it livelier by adding some nether rack under and inside the eyes. Then lighten up everything using steel or flint. 

Lastly, adding teeth built with pointed dripstones can make the skull more frightening. Generally, there are many skull ideas; you can even come up with your unique one. 

5. House Design 

House Design 
Source: pinterest.com

The house design is a creative and unique way to make a nether portal in your game. To create this nether design, you’ll have to build a structure around the portal using blocks of your choice. 

Make the house as simple or elaborate as you like. You can use wood, stone, or brick to give it a distinct appearance. 

Alternatively, incorporating interactive elements can create a more elaborate portal house. These include red stone mechanisms or command blocks for special effects. 

6. Sword Design

Sword Design
Source: pinterest.com

This nether portal design looks like a sword coming out of the ground. It is made from a mix of materials, all of which are available in the Minecraft overworld. 

To create a spectacular sword-themed nether portal design, you might need iron or gold (for the handle), quartz or obsidian blocks (for the blade), etc. The sword design nether portal will be a great addition to your game.

7. Overgrown Nether Portal 

Overgrown Nether Portal 
Source: pinterest.com

This is an old theme when it comes to Minecraft nether portal designs. Besides its aesthetic look, this portal design tells a sad story of abandonment. 

Over time the leaves and dirt layer on the portal slide down. This leaves the structure mossy and sunken, tightening the portal entrance. To create this portal, you’ll need vines, grasses, leaves, blocks, etc. 

8. Vampire Bat Nether Portal Design 

Vampire Bat Nether Portal Design 
Source: pinterest.com

The vampire design is a creative and eerie way to decorate the portal leading to Minecraft’s Nether dimension. 

You can achieve this theme by using dark, gothic-inspired blocks and decorations, such as black stone bricks and cobwebs. 

You can make the portal more interesting by surrounding it with carved pumpkin heads. Ensure you give it a Halloween-like atmosphere. 

Overall, with a little creativity and attention to detail, you can create a Nether portal that is truly fit for a vampire bat.

9. Amethyst Nether Portal 

Amethyst Nether Portal 
Source: pinterest.com

The amethyst nether portal is beautiful and unique. It’s easy to achieve this theme using purple and violet blocks and decorations. 

All you have to do is build a square nether portal. You then cover the obsidian using amethyst, block things and add amethyst crystals. 

You can further enhance this design by adding amethyst-themed items such as banners, decorative mobs, etc.

10. Mountain Design 

Mountain Design 
Source: pinterest.com

This stunning and immersive design is best for people that love nature. This theme is easy to craft since it doesn’t need a lot of materials. 

The portal itself should be surrounded by towering stone pillars or carved into the side of a mountain for added realism. You can enhance this design by adding waterfalls, streams, and other natural features. 

11. Japanese Styled Nether Portal 

Japanese Styled Nether Portal 
Source: pinterest.com

This theme is ideal for players that love Japan or Japanese culture. It’s easy to create; you only need traditional Japanese-inspired blocks and decorations, such as bamboo, Shinto gates, and cherry blossom trees. 

There are many designs when it comes to Japanese-styled nether portals. You can frame your portal with dark wooden beams and adorn it with red paper lanterns or glowing red stone torches. 

12. Classic Roman Portal Design 

Classic Roman Portal Design 
Source: pinterest.com

The classic Roman-themed Nether portal design is great and beautiful. It captures the grandeur and majesty of ancient Rome in a unique and immersive way. 

You can use ornate, gold-plated blocks and marble combined with columns and statues. All these materials help create a sense of grandeur and luxury evocative of the great Roman Empire. 

You can add glowing red stone torches to the ambiance to create a sense of mystery and wonder. Additionally, the use of Roman-themed items such as banners and armor enhances the theme further and brings it to life. 

Overall, the classic Roman-themed Nether portal is a fantastic design that will impress and delight players of all ages.

13. Torii-Themed Nether Portal 

Torii-Themed Nether Portal 
Source: pinterest.com

The torii is a traditional Japanese gate typically found at the entrance of a Shinto shrine. You can create a torii-themed nether portal using blocks and decorations that mimic the look of a traditional torii. 

The torii-themed nether portal brings a sense of cultural authenticity to the game. Traditional Japanese design elements, such as red paper lanterns, add cultural depth and immersion that many players may appreciate.

14. Sand Nether Portal Idea 

Sand Nether Portal Idea 
Source: pinterest.com

The sand nether portal brings out the feel of the desert environment in the game. If you have time and resources, you can surround the portal with dunes, sandstone, etc. This can create a sense of immersion and believability in the game world. 

Additionally, the sand Nether portal idea is visually appealing and will make the portal stand out in the game world. Overall, the sand nether portal idea is very creative and visually appealing. 

15. Temple Nether Portal Design 

Temple Nether Portal Design 
Source: pinterest.com

The temple design is a common choice among players. However, it adds a sense of grandeur and mystery to the game. 

This design features ornate columns and intricate details as if the portal leads to a sacred, ancient temple. 

Some players even incorporate puzzles or challenges into their temple portal, adding an extra layer of excitement. 

Overall, this design will offer you a rewarding and immersive experience, whether exploring or showcasing it to others.

16. Desert-Themed Nether Portal 

Desert-Themed Nether Portal 
Source: pinterest.com

This design truly offers a captivating and immersive experience for players. The sandy, arid landscape of the desert biome is a perfect setting for this portal, as it adds a sense of danger and mystery. 

Imagine standing in the scorching heat of a desert, surrounded by dunes and cacti, as you approach a massive, ornately decorated portal. 

As you step through the portal, it transports you to a twisted, fiery version of the desert you just left behind, filled with deadly mobs, etc. 

You can explore this design to have a different Minecraft experience. 

17. Marine Nether Portal Design 

Marine Nether Portal Design 
Source: pinterest.com

The marine nether portal design is creative and immersive. It brings a different but unique feel to all Minecraft players. 

This theme’s inspiration is from the ocean and incorporates elements such as coral reefs, sea creatures, and shipwrecks into the portal and the surrounding area. 

You can design the portal to look like a variety of different things. This includes a grand palace built into a coral reef or a massive shipwreck covered in seaweed. 

The marine nether portal design is a great choice for players who want to add a touch of whimsy and wonder to their Minecraft experience.  

18. Minecraft Cottage Cone Heart Portal 

Minecraft Cottage Cone Heart Portal 
Source: pinterest.com

This design is inspired by the cottage aesthetic and romance. This aesthetic features a rustic, romantic, and natural style, often featuring soft pastel colors, flowers, and heart-shaped motifs. 

With this idea, you can design your portal to look like a beautiful, picturesque garden gate. You then carve a heart shape into the frame and surround it with lush flowers and foliage. The portal is ideal for players who want to add a touch of whimsy and romance to their Minecraft experience.

19. Heart-Shaped Nether Portal 

Heart-Shaped Nether Portal 
Source: pinterest.com

This portal adds a touch of whimsy and romance to the Minecraft experience. It is especially appealing for players who enjoy a more fantastical and dreamier atmosphere. 

The heart-shaped motif gives the portal a unique and distinctive look, making it stand out from other, more traditional portal designs. 

The heart-shaped nether portal can also serve as a landmark or waypoint for players. It’ll help them navigate back to their base or other important locations in the game. 

The heart-shaped nether portal is a great choice for players who want to add magic and charm to their Minecraft adventures.

20. Cave-Themed Nether Portal 

Cave-Themed Nether Portal 
Source: pinterest.com

The cave-themed nether portal is a great choice for players who want to add a sense of danger and mystery to their Minecraft experience. Its design theme incorporates elements of a cave system into the portal and the surrounding area. 

This gives the impression that players are venturing into a treacherous, unknown underground world. 

You can design the portal to look like a natural cave opening, with stalactites and stalagmites hanging from the frame and a dark, foreboding entrance.


The different Minecraft nether portal design ideas offer players endless opportunities to express their creativity and add their unique touch to the game. 

From grand temple designs to dreamy cottage core motifs, there is a design theme to suit every player’s preferences. 

Nether portals can also serve as useful landmarks and waypoints, helping players navigate back to their base or other important locations in the game. They also add an extra layer of excitement and immersion to the Minecraft experience.

Ultimately, the choice of nether portal design is up to the player, and with so many possibilities to choose from, the sky is the limit for creative expression in Minecraft.

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