25 Best Minecraft Library Design Ideas; Creative Gaming Ideas

You are reading the right article if you want awesome Minecraft library design ideas to try out in your game. 

Games are about giving players a whole new world, and there is no better choice than Minecraft; you get to build your perfect world with items in the game.

You might want to build a library for your books but don’t know what design to use. This article features 25 of Minecraft’s best and most achievable library designs. 

One of these designs will inspire you, and you can build your custom library. Let’s get into the details;

Minecraft Library Design Ideas;

1. Simple Small Library Design

Simple Small Library Design
Source: pinterest.com

You can have a small library for a start before adding a large collection. This is a simple bookshelf design that can fit in any room for easy access to all your books. 

You might have only a few books at the start, but you can add more shelves as your volume increases.

You need a small amount of wood and raw materials to make it; therefore, it is ideal for people new to the game.

2. Massive Modern Aesthetic Design

Massive Modern Aesthetic Design
Source: pinterest.com

Look at that beautiful library design; this concept is used in many home libraries because of how well it merges with décor. 

You can have it in a living room, bedroom, or library since it adheres to the sides of the wall and doesn’t take up space in the room.

3. Storey Library Shelf Idea

Storey Library Shelf Idea
Source: pinterest.com

If you have several thousand books, you need a special library to store and access them. This massive library has numerous shelves on its two floors for you to store all your books. 

It will be easy to organize and access them since there are many sections to work with. This makes it an easy choice for other people on your server that might want to use the books in your collection.

4. Two Storey Library Concept

Two Storey Library Concept
Source: pinterest.com

This underground two-story library is a marvel of beauty and organization. You have shelves in the middle of the lower level and on the walls of the upper level. 

Candlelight gives it a medieval feel, while the enormous space allows for hundreds of books and organization schemes.

5. Elegant Bright Library Design Concept

Elegant Bright Library Design Concept
Source: pinterest.com

Everyone will want to come back after seeing this amazing library. The walls are bright and cheerful with gorgeous décor. Pillars bring an academic vibe to the entire setup, with shelves of books to back it up.

This design needs a lot of raw materials; therefore, you should build one when you are advanced in the game.

6. Large Elegant Traditional Library

Large Elegant Traditional Library
Source: pinterest.com

This awesome design makes this one of the best library concepts. All the shelves are on the sides, and beautiful stairs lead you to them. 

The red bricks bring elegance and beauty to the setup, and there is more than enough space for all your academic materials.

7. Storey Shelf Traditional Library Design

Storey Shelf Traditional Library Design
Source: pinterest.com

Nothing speaks of elegance better than a red carpet, which is the base of this library’s design. You walk in, and columns of books greet you on each side. 

There is room to move about and find the book you need. The shelves are high up on the wall, so you need a movable ladder.

8. Small Wall Side Library Concept

Small Wall Side Library Concept
Source: pinterest.com

You can have a nice library even if you don’t have a massive mansion in the game. This is a small concept for someone with a limited collection of books. 

The bookshelves go on the sides of the wall to leave space in the center. Plants and patterns on the roof make for awesome décor ideas, but you have creative freedom.

9. Centerpiece Shelf Décor Library Concept

Centerpiece Shelf Décor Library Concept
Source: pinterest.com

This blue-walled masterpiece can become the envy of all users on your server. It is a design that allows for storing many books without squeezing them in together. 

It is a two-story construction with shelves on the upper and lower levels. The massive space leaves room for décor and design depending on your preferences.

10. Corridor Design Two-Side Library

Corridor Design Two-Side Library
Source: pinterest.com

Who knew all you need to create a library in Minecraft is a great big hall? This concept has no flashy designs or complicated floors, just one hall with shelves on the side. 

The hall can be as long as you need it to be to fit all your books. Shelves on the sides and a large space to move between the books are all you need for a library. 

11. Botanical Library Concept

Botanical Library Concept
Source: pinterest.com

What if you could have flowers and plants inside your library? Minecraft is all about creating dreams, and this is a dream come true for a player that loves plants. 

It features pillars with plants, shelves with books on three stories, and a small piece of paradise in your server.

12. Medieval Two-Storey Library Concept 

Medieval Two-Storey Library Concept 
Source: pinterest.com

Two-story libraries are popular in Minecraft because they are gorgeous and have a lot of space for books. This medieval-inspired library can be the pinnacle of your gaming time as it can hold many books.

13. Brick Fireplace Library Design

Brick Fireplace Library Design
Source: pinterest.com

This can be an awesome home library idea for Minecraft as it goes with the house design. If you have a fireplace and space between it and the walls, you can squeeze a shelf or two in the space and create a small library.

14. Simple Modern Library Concept

Simple Modern Library Concept
Source: pinterest.com

Are those pillars reminiscent of Roman architecture? This design is a blend of modern and ancient architecture that creates a beautiful and practical outcome. There are multiple two-sided shelves, much like modern libraries; thus, it will be easy for everyone.

15. Single Shelf Small Library Design

Single Shelf Small Library Design
Source: pinterest.com

As this underground Minecraft library design idea shows, you can build a library from just wood and stone. 

It features a wooden floor, wooden shelves, and exposed bricks on the walls. At the center is a shelf on which you can keep a few books for the home library.

16. The Great Library Design Concept

The Great Library Design Concept
Source: pinterest.com

If you have a collection thousands of people will see, you need to create a massive library that can store all those books. This huge library can store thousands of books; it is so big it looks like a city.

Activists use such libraries to share knowledge with people in areas with strict government censorship.

17. Open Roof House Décor Library Concept 

Open Roof House Décor Library Concept 
Source: pinterest.com

Your library should complement the beauty of your home, and this design does that excellently. It is a circular room with shelves on the sides of the wall and an open roof to enhance the beauty of the setup. There are sitting areas and beautiful lighting to bring it all together.

18. Classy Study Library Concept

Classy Study Library Concept
Source: pinterest.com

You need comfortable seating areas in any real-life library, so why not include the same in your Minecraft design? This elegant study has several couches and shelves in the background for all your reading material.

It features amazing designs and colors that make it appear modern while showcasing traditional design concepts.

19. Medieval Underground Library 

Medieval Underground Library 
Source: pinterest.com

Beauty in a library can be as simple as a patterned floor, lighting, pillars, and the color of books. This underground library has no modern amenities, and it can be a nice escape for medieval times fans.

The design is simple enough for most players and has enough room for many books and easy expansion for more.

20. Massive Underground Minecraft Library Design 

Massive Underground Minecraft Library Design
Source: pinterest.com

This design concept is ideal for people that want to leave an impression on everyone that visits their library. It is a massive underground hall with shelves along the walls and a sitting area at the center of the room.

21. Elegant Modern Day Minecraft Library Concept

Elegant Modern Day Minecraft Library Concept
Source: pinterest.com

Simplicity is a nice touch in this design. It is a modern two-shelf library with room for several hundred books, and it doesn’t need much to create.

22. Fantasy Library Design Concept

Fantasy Library Design Concept
Source: pinterest.com

Here is another Minecraft library that looks like something from a fantasy movie. It features high walls with shelves and room for thousands of books, but it will take time, resources, and skill to build.

23. Compact Wall Library Design

Compact Wall Library Design
Source: pinterest.com

You don’t need massive rooms or several days of hard labor to create a library in Minecraft. Here is a simple concept for beginners, a small room with shelves on the side for books. You can always add more shells and books as you grow accustomed to the game.

24. Wall Library For Medium-Sized Rooms

 Wall Library For Medium-Sized Rooms
Source: pinterest.com

This is an awesome choice for most users as it has an amazing design, good décor, and enough shelves for many books. The floor and wall patterns bring beauty and class to the design.

25. Grand Home Library Design Concept

Grand Home Library Design Concept
Source: pinterest.com

This beautiful underground library can be yours with some easy-to-find resources since it is mostly made of wood. It has several areas for shelves, and you can make it larger depending on how many books you have.


Hopefully, one of these Minecraft library design ideas will make it easier for you to create your own plan. Minecraft is all about creativity, and you have almost endless possibilities for what you can build from castles, libraries, houses, and more.

As you advance in the game, you will get more ores, tools, and raw materials, allowing you to create more stuff in the game. Minecraft is a popular platform, and building your library can be a nice and relaxing adventure.

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