How To Make Fractions In Google Docs- Fractions User Guide In Google Docs

Fraction is a famous mathematical expression commonly applied in resolving complex mathematical, science, and other technical issues. Google docs have featured a fraction feature that you can utilize to create an equation. You can use the auto-formatting feature in Google docs, for instance, to create fractions, and that is one of the main options for doing so. As long as you don’t change your Google docs default formatting, this will be your ideal way to create a fraction.

So, How Do I Make Fractions in Google Docs?

One way to make fractions in Google docs is to go and click on insert on the front page, then click on the equation before clicking on the 4th formula option, and that is the little arrow beside the fourth model. The first mathematical expression that comes up is the fraction.

How To Generate A Fraction In Google Docs With Auto Formatting

The auto-formatting feature allows you to use the forward-slash between your numerator and denominator before pressing enter or space to auto-format, and then you can edit your numerator and denominator anytime to complete fractions. For instance, if you enter ¾ and press enter or space bar, the feature will auto-format and get a final result.

You can enable or disable this feature by going to the tools menu in Google docs, clicking on this, and choosing the preferences options. A new window will pop up, where you can click on substitutions and then select automatic substitution to enable the auto-formatting feature. Tap on the OK button to complete the task.

Are There Limitations To The Google Docs Auto-Formatting Feature For Creating A Fraction?

There seem to be some disadvantages to auto-formatting on Google docs for creating fractions. One of the limitations here is that the feature does not support the formal writing of fractions.

The fraction will also be difficult to read if it is used as a separator. The output of the action doesn’t look like mathematical fractions, and by default, this feature wouldn’t work for two or more-digit numerators and denominators. It would be best to keep these in mind before deciding on using this feature to create a fraction on your Google docs.

To resolve all these disadvantages or limitations, Google docs use one feature referred to as the equation tool targeted at mathematics, finance, and scientific operations.

Use Your Equation Tool To Create A Fraction

Another way of generating a fraction in your Google docs is via the equation tool. This tool will allow you to create a customized fraction and will resolve fractional problems by making it look like formal writing. It will also resolve questions and make them easy to read in both equations and expression formats. It makes everything look like the real mathematical expressions in textbooks. This option works efficiently for all kinds of fractions, including proper, improper, and mixed fractions.

This fraction tool comes with a horizontal division between the denominator and numerator. To use the equation tool to add fractions to your google docs, click on the Insert option on the home page, click on the equation, and the equation toolbar will come up below the new menu. From here, you must click on Tap on the fourth formula model and ensure that you click on that little arrow with the fourth model. There should be a new pop-up, and here you can click on the top math expression, which should be your fraction.

The step will take you to a new window with a dash within the Google docs working area. Type in your numerator and click on enter. This will move your cursor to the denominator part, where you can put the denominator number and click enter once again. You can return to this formula and edit the denominator or numerator later.

With this feature, you may also zoom in and out your fraction, especially with the availability of the font size editor on Google docs. The shortcut to open equation tools for creating fractions is Alt I+E.

Using Equation Tools To Create Mixed Fractions In Your Google Docs

The equation tool doesn’t just end with creating a single fraction in Google docs; you can also use it in creating mixed fractions within your Google docs. You can use the same menu to insert your mixed fractions. You may need a third-party feature like Auto-latex equations to complete the addition of mixed fractions in your Google docs.

To create mixed fractions, open the Google docs, then click on the Add-ons before selecting the add-ons. You can specifically search for the auto latex add-ons from the search bar and then choose the Auto latex equation from the drop-down list that shows up.

 Choose your account and select the add-on to detect the account. When you choose this option, the add-on will not only detect your account it will also edit and delete contents from your Google docs. You can also use this feature to connect to other accounts and perform several other functions.

Click on the next button before choosing the done button to complete the installation and the activation of the add-on.

To use the Latex add-on to generate fractions, click on the add-ons and then click on the Latex equations before selecting the start option. Once you click on the start option, you will get the Latex add-ons plus all necessary tools that will pop up in the right section of your screen. You can take a step further by clicking on the Show advanced settings option and then selecting the [\] options that are referred to as delimiters. Type in the frac code in the screen that appears and click on the render equations option to have the mathematical fractions equation displayed.

Use External Websites To Generate Fraction In Google Docs

It is possible to generate fractions on Google docs with some external websites. Websites like latexcodecogs can generate fractions on Google docs with UI symbols.

To generate fractions on external websites, open the website, then tap on the a/b symbol you can find on the menu. This symbol should appear under the code in the text region. Fill in the numerator inside the first bracket and your denominator inside the second bracket. This will create a fraction on the horizontal fraction line, then you can copy the fraction generated into Google docs, and you are done.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Using Google Docs?

In addition to making fractions in Google docs, this amazing feature from Google offers lots of many other benefits, including the ones below;

1. It is Fully Compatible with Other Documents like Microsoft Word

You can open your Microsoft word and some other document platforms right in your Google docs, especially via the Google docs extension. You can also download your Google doc as Docx from your word document without causing disruptions to the file’s format.

Add More Functionality with the Google Chrome Extension

With the Google Chrome extension available, you can add more functionality to your Google docs. These functionalities can help personalize your experience on Google docs.

2. Google Docs Simplifies Collaboration

If you work within a team, Google docs can help every member access and edit content without hassles. Google docs also come with a share option where all those who have links to a file can edit and share with others. You can set the Google docs to be accessed by only those with the link. It comes with a collaborative feature you can use to add and remove collaborators on a single document.

Any edit on Google docs can be undone just the way comments can be rejected or accepted. Your documents are automatically saved as you make changes, even within seconds.

3. Google Docs Allow You Access Your Documents from Any Device

One benefit of Google docs is that you can view, save, edit and send your work from any device as long as you can log unto it. Your Google docs files are stored in the cloud; hence you don’t have to struggle to retrieve them from any device. With this flexibility, you can write and edit on the go on your Google docs. Since files are not stored on your computer, you can save yourself a lot of memory space for other things.


The automatic saving feature of Google docs will help retain your fractions created on the feature; hence you don’t have to create it over and over again. All changes made on Google docs are automatically synced across all your devices; hence, hence your files will not disappear. You can also see your revision history on each file on Google docs, and if you like, you can undo or perform further editing on the files. Google docs come with lots of helpful features; for instance, you can activate the voice typing feature by going to the tools and clicking on the feature, and it will be instantly activated.

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