How To Install Interesting NPCs Skyrim Special Edition- A Mini-Guide To NPCS Skyrim Special Edition

Interesting NPCs is a unique project designed to add more vibrancy to Skyrim primarily through three-dimensional elements. The interesting NPCs come with more than 200 NPCs, and each of these comes with its dialogue entities plus lots of new quests. The extensive dialogue of each NPCs option explains their background, and they also display some information on Lore of the elders’ scrolls episodes revealed in the previous series. In Skyrim, Interesting NPCs also exposed certain things that were partially or not even used in Skyrim.

So, how do You Install Interesting NPCs in Skyrim Special Edition?

Installation depends on whether you are on a PC or Xbox. Digital downloads for Xbox should install automatically, but you have to download via the Skyrim menu screen for PCs.

What Are The Main Features Of Interesting NPCs?

The main feature of Interesting NPCs is the inclusion of more than 200 NPCs, and each comes with its dialogue options that give insight into their background. The Interesting NPCs also come with two new types of followers alongside regular and super followers. The super followers, for instance, are so special because they have dedicated quest and location dialogues. For instance, when you complete the Dragon Rising phase, your super followers will create some comments about the events, but regular followers wouldn’t do such.

On the other hand, regular followers will still have some extensive dialogues on some other occasions. They may have some available quests after traveling for a specific time.

There are many new added quests on Interesting NPCs; you will also find new books and newly composed songs. Interestingly, you will discover that many NPCs can be married, and some characters possess unique sexual traits.

Other New Things You Will Find On Interesting NPCs

In addition to the new features, the following are new additions to NPCs worth knowing;

1. Characters

The characters are divided into Blackreach, Winterhold, Hjaalmarch, The Pale, Falkeath, Eastmarch, Haafingar, The Reach, Whiterun, and The Rift. Winterhold comes with 7 new characters, while Hjaalmach has 9 new characters. The Black Reach has the fewest number of new characters, which is one- Relic.

The Pale has 9 new characters; Falkreath has 14 new characters, while Eastmarch has 23 new characters. Haafingar has 26 new characters, and Reach comes with 19 new characters. Whiterun comes with 20 new characters, while the Rift has 36 new characters, and that happens to be the one with the highest number of new characters on Interesting NPCs.

The Relic, the only new character added in the Blackreach, is a type-4 spider centurion, automated as a Dwarven spider. You can find this character in the war quarters inside Blackreach. The Dragonborn had encountered this character and found him badly damaged. One of the distinct features of Relic is that he has three different voices, one for proper functioning, one for the state of disrepair, and the third one when it is tampered with.

Eleanor is another exceptional character added in Interesting NPCs, and it belongs to the Winterhold group. This is a Breton mage character, and she can be discovered in Arcanaeum in Winterhold. She was discovered to be interacting with Meronin, another unique character.

Al Hassan is another newly added character but in the Hjaalmarch group. This can be described as a redguard blacksmith, and he is the sole owner of the curved sword beside Falion’s house in Morthal. He is a merchant, and if he is not selling his wares, he will be found at the local inn.

Berg is one of the newly added characters in the Pale group or section. He is primarily found in the giant camp of the red rose pass, and he is fond of calling himself a giant. He can be friendly with other players even when the Dragonborn becomes too familiar- a situation that is against the personal space rule imposed by the giants.

Brack is a newly added Interesting NPCs character that belongs to the Falkreath group. This character can be located on the north of the knifepoint ridge. The character is known for his unique dialogue feature, which depends on his location.

Amalee is a new character on Interesting NPCs that belongs to the group – Eastmarch. The character is one of the devout followers of Dibella, another central character.

The cassock is a character in the Haafingar category, and he is one of the new Orc vampires added in Interesting NPCs. He is known for spending most of his time device violent games to engage with adventurers in the game. He does this to satiate his thirst for blood and end his boredom.

Asteria is one of the newly added characters in the Reach group. She belongs to the Imperial race in this game.

Argus is a Whiterun class character that is also newly added. He is an older follower and the scryer working for Jarl of Markarth. His daughter abandoned the Forsworn, which broke his heart and turned him into a drunkard, and his marriage also suffered greatly.

Alaska is a character associated with the Rift, and she is an imperial bard who was introduced in the darkened steel questline. She is one of the characters that can be married to or be recruited as a follower.

2. The Quests

There are a total of 54 new quests on Interesting NPCs. The first quest on this new NPC is a Crabber’s wife, followed by An End to Keep. The Black robes are the tenth quest here, and you will also have other quests like; From the blood of kings, The beast who cannot be slain, spelled it out for me, The conspiracy of the 7000 steps, The teleportation machine, The way to a big oaf’s heart, the loudest whisper, and the vigilance and virtue, that happens to be the last quest on Interesting NPCs.

The Crabber’s wife is the first quest on Interesting NPCs, and the main objectives here are to overhear any conversations that can give you an edge, return to the Juryk and speak to Grotta. Another mission here is to speak to Juryk.

The Dragonborn was found in this quest overhearing two of the patrons, and he went to speak to Juryk to provide him with a clue of his past. In the end, a new Crabber’s song was unlocked for the Jury.

Vigilance and virtue is the title of the last quest on Interesting NPCs. This quest expected the Dragonborn to have completed the way of 9 quests and must have spoken to Rinori and the Hist.

3. The Locations

There were 7 locations used in the entire Interesting NPCs series these are;

  • The Coldstone mine
  • The Robber’s refuge
  • The sky Shadow crypt
  • The Bord’s eye
  • The Widow’s watch Dungeon
  • The Winterfrost cottage, and
  • The curved sword.

The Coldstone mine is one of the most notable locations used in the NPCs. It is presumed to be Talmor prison, where a number of characters were incarcerated for several crimes. Robber’s refuge is another notable location here, and it is located near the Shore’s stone which is located to the south of Thorvald’s cave.

The Sky Shadow Crypt is a location that will remain locked until the Dragonborn is started one of the quests.

4. What are the Books Included in Interesting NPCs

There are quite a number of books you can find on Interesting NPCs, these include; A winter siren volume one, Mortar, pestle and pot, The Boreal journals of Lathgwen Even heart, and the conspiracy of the 7000 steps. You can also find other books such as; The duke of beards, The paper mirror volumes one, two, three, and four, and the stone hand.

There are two types of spells cast in the Interesting NPCs, and these are; The conjure dragon priest and Rage paralysis.

5. Interesting NPCs Songs

There are a total of 17 songs used in the Interesting NPCs series. Alyssa’s song, Portraiture, Tale of the tongue’s variant, A warrior’s life, DiBella’s art, Dragon comes drums, Dragon comes lute, Dusk and anvil harbour, and Eyldi, the bear.

Other songs used in the series are; Gone with the snow, Mogo’s mead, tears of the hist, the journey, seven septims for Sigurd, spring, With the bells on, and Wolves of jorrvaskr.


Interesting NPCs Skyrim special edition is one of the sequels and the latest one, for that matter. It has been gaining momentum since its launch. The game can be easily downloaded on your PC or your Xbox, and you can easily update the game as new updates are released from time to time. With NPCs, Skyrim, new characters, and newly added locations and quests mean more fun. The graphics and sounds have also been improved drastically, with new theme songs added to each scene. The multi-level gaming platform is available for download at credible platforms only, and you need to be careful with third-party download sources.

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