5 Facts That Make BBC iPlayer Better Streaming Service For Canadian Users

Since its inception 14 years ago, BBC iPlayer has evolved into one of the most sought-after streaming platforms in the UK to watch TV shows and films. Considering the quality and diversity of its content, it’s surprisingly free of cost. All you need is a cable TV subscription to log in and you are good to go.

British content, especially TV dramas and shows, has a huge fan base around the world. Canadian viewers, in particular, love to watch shows like Sherlock, The Tourist, A Very British Scandal, and Peaky Blinders. 

Unfortunately, you can’t directly access BBC iPlayer Canada due to geo-restrictions, however, there’s nothing to fret over it! If you are a loyal iPlayer viewer moving to Canada or a native Canadian fallen in love with British content, you can use a VPN to access BBC iPlayer in Canada.

Here are 5 facts that make BBC iPlayer a better streaming service for Canadian users:

1. Stream live TV Online

Want to know what’s on TV these days? Use the TV guide or navigate the mini-page for each channel to see the schedule of upcoming episodes. iPlayer will display some popular programs that are currently airing live – like the latest episode of The Tourist or any sporting event- at the top of the home screen.

You’ll find a handful of practical information under the playback screen – episode synopsis, the runtime of the TV series, the date it aired first, how many more days it will be available on iPlayer – and options for downloading, sharing, buying, and adding the current show.

2. Watch in 4K or HD Quality

On BBC iPlayer, shows start playing automatically in HD (high definition) quality. But you’d rather switch to SD (standard definition). iPlayer reduces the picture quality to standard quality when there’s insufficient bandwidth or poor wi-fi connection, so you need a stable wifi connection and a good smartphone, laptop, or tablet for the finest HD picture quality.

BBC has been testing both on-demand and live 4K Ultra HD streaming over the past few years – we’ve had 4K coverage of FA Cup and Wimbledon, also Blue Planet II’s 30-day availability – so look out for the next trial.

Display alternatives: When you tap play on your phone, iPlayer will automatically fill the entire screen (it orientates itself to landscape, too). To access full-screen mode on the webpage, select the square button in the playback screen’s bottom-right corner. To go out of fullscreen mode, hit the “ESC” key.

iPlayer has a picture-in-picture feature if you have a MacBook or an iPad that is operating on the most recent versions of macOS Sierra and iOS 9. You can enlarge the tiny pop-out window, which is ideal for keeping a watch on the movie as you keep working on those worksheets and it will remain in the corners.

3. Save or Bookmark Shows to Watch Later

Select the “add” option that appears in the pop-up window for each show, and it will go to your “Added” list (known as “Favourites”). This is an easy way to save shows for binge-watching afterward. Moreover, it allows you to keep a note of any shows that would be worth watching again in the future, such as exceptional BBC Four music documentaries or particular movies like Pride.

Simply select the “remove” button next to each show in the Added list to remove it from the list. By clicking the two options on the top of the list, you can sort the list by broadcast date either chronologically or alphabetically.

4. Download Content on Your Laptop or Record Titles 

Direct downloads from the iPlayer website are not possible on the laptop. The BBC iPlayer Downloads laptop program is necessary for that (opens in new tab). It can be downloaded for free via the website and functions quite similarly to downloading from the app.

Select a TV series in the app, select the “Download” option, and the TV series will start downloading. The size and time left for the download to finish are displayed on the status bar. TV shows are only downloaded with a wifi network, not with a 3G or 4G network, and apps are operable with the device you install them in. your device doesn’t sync your download automatically.

All the shows you download will remain on your device for 1 month, after that they will be deleted automatically. Each show’s status will report how long it will be available.

On the desktop software, you may record entire seasons of your favorite shows. Whenever a new episode becomes available, it will immediately begin downloading (if there is an internet connection). Heads up! This will occupy a considerable amount of memory on your laptop.

5. Restart a Live Telecast

Did you miss the opening scene of Death in Paradise? Nothing to worry about, click on the restart button that appears after selecting play, and you can watch the scenes you missed.

There is an option in the app and website that allows you to rewind the video for up to two hours. By dragging the slider to the end of the time bar, you can also return to the live stream.

The standard: simply hit the huge “play” button once to begin an episode and once more to pause it. By moving the slider, you can fast-forward or replay the video.


BBC iPlayer features a variety of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and live sporting events. If you are currently in Canada and aren’t able to access the streaming platform, that’s due to geo-restrictions. You can watch your favorite iPlayer content with the help of a trusted VPN service. And to make BBC iPlayer a better service, follow the tips and tricks we’ve mentioned in this article.

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