Why Does My Charger Keep Going On And Off? Charger Woes

Different faults within one’s charger might leave them wondering, why does my charger keep going on and off? Smart devices like smartphones are the most precious human inventions in human history. 

As much as these devices might have changed how humans interact, some of us still take them for granted. And without proper care, they might start misbehaving and fail to work as we may intend. 

A charger constantly going on and off is a common problem resulting from a lack of proper care, and here’s why it often occurs.  

Why Does A Charger Keep Going On And Off?

The main reason a charger keeps going on and off is due to faulty connectors in the charging socket of your device. Connectors inside your charger might have collected a lot of dust, preventing the flow of electric currents.  

It might also be due to tiny sparks that might result from connecting your device to a charger already on. Cleaning your phone’s socket might fix the problem.  

Other Reason Why A Charger Keeps Going On And Off

Apart from faulty connectors, other reasons why your charger might be going on and off include the following: 

Wrong Charger

In some situations, you might have left your charger at home, and your phone is almost dying. To prevent being off, you might try another person’s charger or buy a cheap one to boost your phone. 

The problem is that the charger might look similar to yours but may not have the exact design to charge your phone. A lack of specific details on the design of a charger might keep it going on and off. 

Damaged Cable 

One might accidentally damage their cable when it is still in the AC outlet. One of the most common ways individuals damage their charging cables is by rolling over them with their office chairs or placing heavy things on them. 

A damaged cable can charge your phone for a while before stopping, and sometimes it might keep going on and off.  

Faulty Power Source

If the problem does not come from your charging connectors or cable, then there might be a good chance that your power source is faulty. A faulty power source offers unstable electricity to your charger, causing it to rapidly go on and off. 

The problem is common in power sources like battery packs and wall outlets. However, in many cases, wall outlets might be the problem due to several circuit issues. 

Struggling Battery

Batteries tend to get faulty after several overcharging experiences. Though newer devices have an intelligent system that allows them to automatically disconnect from a charger while full, some batteries might still get faulty. 

A faulty battery might be why your charger keeps going on and off. 

System Update

Failure to complete system updates is a common problem that might keep the charger on and off, especially for iPhone users. 

If your software is not up to date, your IOS might start to malfunction, causing troubles when charging the device. 


Certain environmental conditions, such as areas with high humidity, can affect your charger, causing it to keep going on and off. 

Hardware Damage

If you have subjected your device to physical abuse or dropped it in water, you might have corrupted its hardware. Motherboard or screen damage might be why your charger keeps going on and off.  

Malfunctioning System Drivers

Have you made any changes to your phone recently? If so, the changes you made might have damaged your drivers, and that’s why your charger keeps going on and off. 

Possible Fixes 

  • Get An Original Charger

Instead of borrowing a charger or buying a cheap one, just look for an original one. Original cables might be more expensive, but they are worth it. 

The last thing you’d want to do is to damage your phone’s electrical system due to charging and discharging. 

Therefore, instead of risking your expensive phone, it might be better to get a new and original charger or wait until you get home. 

  • Get A new Charger

Damaged cables might cost more to fix than to buy a new one. Just head to a trusted dealer of phones and accessories with your phone and get a new charger. 

If you are unsure if the charger is damaged, test it in cold and warm conditions. Metals shrink in cold conditions, which might be the reason behind the power shortage in the cable.  

  • Find An Electrician

If the problem is your wall outlet, you could find an electrician to fix it. You could test if you have a faulty wall outlet by testing your charger on other wall outlets.

If changing the wall outlet fixes your charging problem, you can be confident that your charger is not the problem. Wall outlets might have some complex circuitry that might lead to an inconsistent power flow, and it is best if you don’t try to fix it yourself. 

  • Get A New Battery

Once your battery gets faulty, then that is its final days. There is no magical fix for a defective battery; replacing it is the best solution to preventing your charger from going on and off. 

Unplugging your device from the charger once it is full is a precautionary measure to prevent your battery from damage. It will help your battery to have a longer life and save more energy. 

  • Update Your IOS 

Updating your IOS can fix many bugs in the system, probably fixing the problem of your charger going on and off. You could update your iPhone manually by: 

  • Step1: Backing your files to the iCloud
  • Step2: Connecting to a stable internet
  • Step3: Head to device settings, click on general, then software updates
  • Step 4: Check the available updates and choose the one you want to install.
  • Step5: Select install now to commence the update

You could also the IOS via a computer by: 

  • Step1: Back up your data on iCloud 
  • Step2: Connect your iPhone to your computer via cable
  • Step3: Heat to finder sidebar, click on your iPhone, then click on general and click check for updates
  • Step4: Click on update if there is an available update

Updating your phone can fix many bugs, and if your charger does not stop going on and off, don’t worry. There are a plethora of ways to kill a rat. 

  • Charge In Stable Environment

Charging your device in a stable environment is an excellent way to try to solve the problem. Ensure that your environment is neither too hot nor too cold. 

  • Check Your Hardware

Heavy applications, physical damage, and overheating can severely damage a device’s hardware. If you are unsure that your hardware is faulty, try changing the charger to see if it will keep going on and off. 

Once you are confident that the hardware is faulty, contact the support team of your phone. For example, iPhone users could contact the Apple support team. 

Reach out to them and request for assistance. Nonetheless, you could also take your phone to the nearest Apple-authorized service center, and a technician will examine it. 

  • Get A New Device

If all the above fixes fail, then it is high time you consider purchasing a new phone. Appreciate your phone for how long it has served you, and head to the store and get a new one. 

When Should Your Replace Youe Charger? 

It is common for humans to get attached to their property, including chargers, especially after having them for a long time. 

If you have had a charger for a long time, here are some clear signs that you need to call for a replacement: 

  • Broken Wire 

People who have owned an electronic device for some time can testify that the charging cable often starts to fray or seize to work. 

If you see that your charging cable has an exposed wire, then that is a sign that it is living on its last days. It could help if you stop using the cable, as it might further damage your device. 

Once you see that your charger has a broken wire, finding a new replacement is best rather than trying to fix it. 

  • Slow Charging Speeds

Chargers that take forever to recharge your device to its full capacity are as good as deceased. You might get your device charged after over 10 to 24 hours of humble waiting. Slow charging speeds are another sign that you should look for another charger. 

  • Loose Connection

The worst feeling you could ever have on a charger is trying to connect it, but it no longer fits tightly. Therefore, the charger keeps jacking out if shaken involuntarily, which could mess you up, especially when you like to charge your phone at night. 

Sometimes you will have to find the perfect spot for it to start charging your phone. If you miss it, you could return to find your phone with a low battery. Therefore, a loose connection should tell you to replace your charger. 


There are plenty of reasons why your charger keep going on and off. From faulty connectors to a struggling battery, you have to explore all possible reasons to discover the problem. 

Identifying the problem is a sure way to develop the best solution possible. Sometimes, your charger might be too old for the job, and replacing it can be the only solution. Fixing the problem early enough will prevent your device from developing further complications. 

David Huner
David Huner
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