What Smart Watches Can You Reply To Texts On Android? Wearable Computers 101

Wearable devices are becoming more vital, and many people wonder, “What smart watches can you reply to texts on Android?” 

Android is the most popular phone OS, soions of users are curious about connecting their phones with smartwatches.

Smartwatches have come a long way over the last few years, and they offer numerous functionalities such as apps, calls, SMS, data storage, and more. 

Here is a detailed overview of some of the best smartwatches to help with Android text messages.

What Smart Watches Can You Reply To Texts On Android? 

There are numerous smart watch companies but most use their own Operating Systems that might have many compatibility issues with Android. This might not be ideal if you want to reply to messages through your phone, but there is a solution.

You can get a high-quality smartwatch with numerous functionalities and durability that will help you send text messages. Here are some of the best choices in this;

1. Huawei Smartwatches 

Huawei is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, and it has thousands of locations and workers even in the United States

Most people run to Huawei for their phones, and the company has always had a good relationship with Android.

In 2019, Huawei adopted HarmonyOS for their mobile devices but insisted on keeping them compatible with Android. 

Smartwatches like the Huawei Watch GT series have adopted this incentive, offering easy integration with Android smartphones.

They have several choices for dedicated apps that allow you to quickly reply to messages, view previous conversations, and initiate new chats. You must connect them to your phone first, but it is relatively straightforward. 

2. Zero Lifestyle Smartwatches

Zero Lifestyle is a company that focuses on creating smartwatches, and they have some of the best products in the market. 

Since most people use Android phones, it makes sense that Zero Lifestyle would create smartwatches compatible with Android devices.

Their stylish products have a messaging application allowing users to send replies to Android. You can track your movement and fitness, access your phone, start conversations, and make calls all through a small wristwatch.

3. Apple Watches

This might come as a surprise to most, but several Apple watches are compatible with Android platforms. Apple watches are primarily designed for iPhones, but several third-party apps can help you connect an Apple watch to an Android phone.

Applications like WatchDroid and WearCast are good options to connect your devices and they work for Apple watches. You can use iMessage on your Android for Texts, but the reverse will not work.

You can send texts through voice dictation or pre-set responses with the right app and configuration. It is not as versatile as other options but will give you what you need. New Apple watches aren’t affected by the ban, so you should look for one that suits you.

4. Samsung Galaxy Watches

Samsung is a dominant name in the mobile device industry, with numerous outstanding phones and smartwatches. 

The best part about Samsung is that it primarily uses the Android Operating System for its devices, so compatibility isn’t a concern.

Samsung Galaxy Watches are their best line, offering seamless connectivity to Android phones. These include the Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy series, specifically designed to communicate with Android devices.

These smartwatches have many Android features and applications allowing video sharing and message communication. 

Depending on your needs, you can send quick replies, write text messages, or use voice commands to dictate texts.

How To Choose The Best Smartwatch

Smartwatches can be an excellent addition to your work and social arsenal as they allow you to communicate more efficiently. 

They also have features like fitness tracking and messaging; you must select the right one for an incredible experience.

Most people have adopted this, and the interest in wearable devices has attracted more manufacturers. 

This has flooded the market with products that have made it challenging to know which is best, but here is a guide to help you out; 

1. Understand the difference between fitness watches and smartwatches

There is a gray area between smartwatches and fitness watches, and you have to know where the difference comes in before buying. Both share features to compete in the market, but their original purposes differ.

Fitness watches were designed for people who needed a digital and convenient way of integrating fitness and exercise into their lives. This means they appear more athletic and less stylish than a standard smartwatch. 

Smartwatches have the primary function of offering a more accessible interface on the wrist, but they can have additional features for recording health stats. With this in mind, understand what you need and its intended uses before committing to a product.

2. OS and Phone Compatibility

A smartwatch is like a second phone you wear on your wrist, so it needs to connect easily. The easiest way to get a good match is to buy a watch from the same company or sister company from the devices you want to pair.

If you have an iPhone and want a smartwatch, it will be wise to get an Apple one. The same would apply to those who use Android devices or buy from manufacturers that produce phones and watches.

This commonality in OS or manufacturer will mean that the software and hardware in the devices are better suited to connect them. 

Review your device’s specifications and the watches you consider to see the best potential matches before investing.

3. The Build Quality

A good smartwatch should be tough enough to withstand the everyday bumps and scratches of your activities. It should have a comfortable strap on your wrist since you will most likely wear it all day.

It also needs a classy look that makes you appear sophisticated and well-put together. Some watches even come in different sizes and designs depending on the user’s hand size, and it will be best to go with one of these.

Decide whether you want rubber, leather, or metal straps for the watch since they determine its weight, quality, and feel on your wrist. A waterproof watch is an added advantage to keep sweat and rain from damaging it.

4. Available Connectivity Options

Connectivity is crucial when choosing a smartwatch since it contributes to the versatility of the watch. You need several reliable mediums for connections between your devices and the internet if your smartwatch is to be an asset for you.

Wi-Fi is a crucial consideration or another internet connectivity that will allow you to access apps like WhatsApp for quick communication. It will also let you go online to view work or other important matters remotely, which makes the watch more valuable.

A smartwatch with eSIM support will allow you to make phone calls without using your phone. It is a new feature in most high-end watches, but it will enable you to go all day without needing your phone.

Features like GPS will help track your route to guide efficiency or monitor your movements if you are interested in such services. Built-in GPS systems might be missing, so you must connect your phone to get the benefits.

5. Battery and Screen Quality

You should consider how long the watch can hold power once you charge it since it will determine how much you can use it. Ideally, You should get a watch that can hold power for at least 8 hours, the average work day.

You can charge it overnight and then use it for a full day for an easier cycle to get the best use. Remember that the battery’s longevity depends on the watch’s features. The more features a device has, the more processing power it uses, so its battery will run out faster. 

Another crucial factor in how the battery works is the screen. A good screen is essential in a smartwatch as you will look at it on the move, and it will be pretty small. 

It has to be a high-quality screen if you can comfortably read notifications or long PDFs to help you finish your work while moving.

Anti-glare features to protect from the sun will be an added advantage that will further streamline your user experience. A good balance between high performance, screen quality and battery longevity will give the best product.


Hopefully, you have a place to start searching if you wonder, “What smartwatches can you reply to texts on Android?” Many phone companies will create smartwatches for their new products, and getting one will be in your best interest.

Companies will match the specs for their devices to make it easier for them to connect, so take advantage of this. 

Third-party applications will allow for connections between Android and other Operating Systems, but a common OS will give you more features and easier access.

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David Huner
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