Stay Connected Everywhere: What Is The Best Virtual Phone Number Company?

The network is becoming more and more open. Maintaining anonymity is becoming increasingly difficult. 

More and more sites are asking you to enter your real and personal phone numbers. A virtual phone number SMS will help you to remain anonymous and register. Thus, this latest technology will protect your data, but also ensure uninterrupted operation of the Internet and mobile communications from anywhere in the world.

What is it?

The good thing about numbers is that they don’t link your number to a physical location. This is a cost-effective way to get a separate phone number that you can answer using a phone that you already have. They are commonly used as business numbers for entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

*Note: After studying a dozen different companies providing virtual phone numbers, we came to the conclusion that eSIM+ is the best option because of the affordable price for businesses of all sizes and built-in CRM functions.

For those who want to save money, the services are usually cheaper than landlines for businesses. If employees miss important calls while away from their workplaces, it solves this problem.

If a business wants to have a local number in a new market, this will also help. And if your company has employees working outside the office, it’s time to switch.

For novice users, you should purchase a virtual phone number service when they are ready to separate business and personal phone numbers. However, not everyone should purchase a virtual phone number service. If someone is old school and hates technology, they should stick to landlines. If someone has to leave their business in the office and does not want to take calls elsewhere, there is no need for a virtual telephone service.

A virtual phone number is a very convenient service. Most often it is resorted to when:

  • you need to get an activation code, and it is undesirable to enter your personal phone;
  • you need to send a newsletter to a lot of subscribers;
  • you need to create the appearance of a city number;
  • organize a free hotline;
  • it is necessary to collect data from the CA (all potential customers, people interested in the product).

In fact, the user receives a real phone number, which can be used at his own discretion. All telephony procedures are carried out through special computer software.

API telephony services (virtual PBX) are quite expensive, but there are services that may not be so expensive — this is a virtual number for receiving SMS.

Features of the service

Often (almost always) when registering on a particular site, they are asked to enter a real phone number to confirm their identity. But let’s say the memory on the gadget is full of very important messages and there is no more free space. Incoming SMS just won’t fit. In this case, as in many other situations, you can use the virtual number service

The essence of the service is simple:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Choose a number.
  3. Specify it on the website when registering.
  4. Waiting for SMS confirmation. It comes either to the mail, or is displayed directly on the resource.
  5. Enter the required code.
  6. Registration is completed.

There are a lot of portals that provide virtual phone numbers. But, among these sites, there are several that differ in their approach.

What is the best virtual phone number company services?

  • eSIM+
  • Cellite;
  • Free online phone;
  • Gets a phone line;
  • Receive-SMS;
  • Receive-SMS-Online;
  • Receive free messages;

Top 4 sites with registration

Registration sites are more reliable in terms of information protection. By registering on them, you can get a personal virtual number. Registration gives more opportunities for the user and provides at least some protection and a guarantee of the result.

eSIM+ is a service that provides international phone numbers. There are many rooms to choose from that work from almost anywhere in the world. Rates for purchasing a room are available. In addition, the user pays for the service, which gives a 100% guarantee of the safety of his personal data. — you can get a free SMS number from this mastodon API telephony only by performing all the registration steps: press Sign up, enter personal data, password and confirming the page by phone. To get a number, you need to go to “Phone Numbers” and select “Get you Twilio number”. If the phone does not fit, you need to click “Search for a different number” and select another one. Next, specify the country, in the “Capabilities” list, mark the purposes for which you get a number. Next, click “Search” and select a number. You can read the message by clicking on the “Log” tab and selecting the appropriate section. — on this site, you can get a permanent virtual number for free. But for this you will need to constantly view ads. (You will have to pay just the same for refusing it). — shareware service. Without paying money, you can use it at your discretion for 10 days. The main thing is not to exceed the $4 limit these days. Registration takes place as follows: first select the country (in principle, you can specify any state), then in the “Get a virtual number in” field, specify the country again and click “Instant Free Trial”. Then click “Free Trial”, create and fill out an account. 

At this step, do not forget to note that the number is for personal use “For personal use”. In the end, you agree with the rules and click “Continue”. Confirm the account by using the link that will be in the reply letter to the specified mailbox. By clicking on the link, you will need to refuse to secure the number (the service is paid) — “No, I will secure it at another time”.

These are not all sites that provide such a service. However, the resources listed above are the most popular and have proven themselves as reliable providers of such services.


This is a unique and breakthrough mobile telephony technology. Now the user does not need to go to the mobile operator to register the number. Everything can be done quickly and via the Internet.

David Huner
David Huner
David Huner is a tech lover. After completing his graduation from the University Of Phoenix, he started gather his knowledge mostly on latest technologies that keeps his life smart and cool. Now he wants to spread his knowledge with people who loves technologies.

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