Streaming Room Ideas- The Ideal Room Plan For Your Setup

Your stream room is your place of peace. The room has to be perfect to house all your gear and should look professional. It should also have a creative and clean appearance.

Planning a stream room is never easy. You have to pay great attention to detail. What’s more, your viewers get to see the room and background in your videos. You want a creative and fun room that your viewers love.

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We have gathered a list of room ideas to help you set up your room. Here are the suggestions:

1. The Premium Streaming Room

he Premium Streaming Room

If you have the budget for something premium, then here is a great suggestion. The room is quite large. It allows you to have many monitors in the workspace. The best thing about a white background is that it goes well with your RGB color choice.

2. A Minimalist Stream Room

A Minimalist Stream Room

A stream room doesn’t need to have so much tech. Many successful live content creators use a minimal approach. 

The example below shows how your minimalist room could look. Adding portraits gives your space character and life. The consistent wall and floor color pallet give the room an interesting theme.

3. Custom Die Cut Stickers Stream room

Of course, what if you like changing your stream room frequently? You can decorate your stream room with custom die cut stickers. You can choose the size, shape, or even the text of the stickers on your own. Compared with painting, the stickers are easier to stick and tear off. For example, if you like anime theme rooms recently, you can customize anime die-cut stickers with pictures of your favorite animes. If you like military-themed live rooms in the future, you can also customize military-themed die cut stickers for replacement. Do you want a customdie cut stickers stream room? See more on

4. A Dual Streaming Room Setup

A Dual Streaming Room Setup

The biggest advantage of using a white background is that you can theme the room. You can get creative with your RGB color choices in the space below. The room is perfect if you co-stream with your friends or have guests on the stream.

5. LAN Party Setup for Streaming with Friends

LAN Party Setup for Streaming with Friends

The suggestion is great for people who host LAN party streams. The room is big enough for many streamers. The color-neutral space is ideal. It allows you to get creative with the color choice. The space use is good for many users.

6. An Open Plan Stream Room Setup

An Open Plan Stream Room Setup

An open floor plan for your streaming setup is never a bad idea. The best thing about an open setup is that you can adjust your gear. The setup below allows you to experience great natural lighting

7. The Perfect Room Plan For Small Spaces

The Perfect Room Plan for Small Spaces

The setup is ideal if you have limited room space. The room layout is enough to house all your gear in a tiny space. As seen below, you can play around with the stream theme by using lighting blocks.

8. One Content Creator’s Streaming Room

One Content Creator's Streaming Room

It is the perfect streaming room for one creator. The room is indeed large enough to store your machines and furniture. Such a room allows you to add furniture and gear in the future. It is, thus, ideal if you are a new streamer.

9. The Simple Streaming Room

The Simple Streaming Room

You do not need all the latest tech for streaming. The suggestion below is ideal if you don’t rely on the latest tech. It is a working and simple setup that is ideal for creatives. It also doubles as a gaming space.

10. Multi-purpose Streaming Room Layout

Multi-purpose Streaming Room Layout

You may not always have a fixed space to host your streams. You can, therefore, use a part of your bedroom for your shows. Below is an example of making a streaming space out of your bedroom.

11. RGB-less Streaming Room

RGB-less Streaming Room

Most people like the idea of customizing their setups and having RGB lighting. Some folk would rather have a room without RGB, which is understandable. The room suggestion below is perfect if you want a space without fancy lights.

12. Essentials Only Streaming Room

Essentials Only Streaming Room

You can still make a lovely streaming room if you are on a low budget. You have to plan how to set up your space to make the most of your space. The room below is a perfect example of getting the best value for the money.

13. Dedicated Streaming Room

Dedicated Streaming Room

The room layout is good for folks who stream professionally. Casual streamers will also love it. It shows how to set up your gear for streaming and gaming comfortably. It is perfect for work and fun.

14. Decent Semi-Pro Stream Room

Decent Semi-Pro Stream Room

You might not be a regular streamer but would still like a great video room. The suggestion is a great room for people who love having the best gear. It is a simple yet impressive layout for any streamer. It gives a blend of natural and artificial lighting.

15. The Streaming And Working Combo

The Streaming And Working Combo

You might use it for productivity if you have a streaming space. The room idea blends the best of both worlds to give you a good setup. The layout is practical and functional. It is great for creatives.

16. Standing Stream Layout 

Standing Stream Layout

Most spaces are great for streaming while you are seated. There are special setups that allow you to stream as you move around the room. The space is great when doing live demos. It is also great for cooking show streams.

17. Maxed Out Pro Streamer Room Layout

Maxed Out Pro Streamer Room Layout

Most professional streamers can’t fit everything in their rooms. You can have a good room without crowding out your stream space. Here is an example of how to set up a great room.

18. Space Optimized Professional Room Layout

Space Optimized Professional Room Layout

If you are working with a super spec system, you know that they take up space. You can choose to fix your PC on the wall. You can run cables to the input and output devices, leaving you with a tidy room.

19. Clean Streaming Room Layout

Clean Streaming Room Layout

Nothing is better than having a clean layout. A clean workspace looks professional. It makes the stream better for the viewers. Such a room layout makes cable management easy. You can run the cables through the wall.

20. Plain White Single Color Room Layout

Plain White Single Color Room Layout

The room is perfect if you do not plan to use colored lights for your workspace. It is more suited to spaces that get a lot of natural light. A white background is not only clean but easy to adjust. The setup is great for all types of content creators.

21. Dorm Room Streaming Suggestion

Dorm Room Streaming Suggestion

The room layout is ideal for students. Dorm rooms normally don’t have as much space as other rooms. Such a room setup would be perfect for tiny spaces. It is both compact and fun. 

The setup process is easy. You can use it to study and play games too. Having such a room also falls within many students’ budgets.

22. Streaming Room And Gaming Layout

Streaming Room And Gaming Layout

A streaming room, along with the background, should be lively. Streamers might easily lose interest if the video background is dull. Having such a setup in a mildly lit room is great. You can also change the lighting to suit the video’s mood.

23. Streaming And Editing Room Suggestions

Streaming And Editing Room Suggestions

Any streamer or video editor would appreciate a room like this. You can change your lighting when making content and restore them while editing. 

The room allows you to have a frame of reference to help edit your content with sharp color reproduction. It is a great multi-purpose room.

24. Small Room Streaming Layout Idea

Small Room Streaming Layout Idea

Having a tiny room is no excuse to give up on your streaming plans. The layout shows how you can have a good workspace. It works well with small rooms.

You can take advantage of the room corners because they provide space. The room is proof that you do not need a huge space to make and stream videos.

25. Dark Ambiance Streaming Room

Dark Ambiance Streaming Room

The darkroom is perfect for streamers who love a dim space. You can get perfect shots by using purple light for your videos. Ideally, you would need a room painted in white for the perfect results.

26. Attic Streaming Room

Attic Streaming Room

Attics are usually a great space for streaming. You never get distractions, and the natural acoustics are great. 

The suggestion below shows how to set up your attic to get great clarity for your stream. It also shows how to maximize your space.

27. Stream Room Suggestions For Studio Apartments

Stream Room Suggestions For Studio Apartments

If you stay in a studio apartment, you need to be creative with the setup arrangement. Many combos work perfectly with studio apartments. The setup shows how you can get a great streaming space without overlooking comfort.


Streaming room ideas can help you pick the layout you love. Your stream room is a haven for you and your audience. You need space to house all your equipment. The space must also appear professional while yet being imaginative and tidy.

It’s never simple to plan a stream room since you have to pay close attention to every element. Furthermore, your audience may observe the room and surroundings in your films. To attract the audience’s attention, you want a venue that oozes fun and beauty.

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