Realme, the Chinese Tech Company, Achieves 200 Million Shipments Milestone, Set To Launch Premium Phones

Realme, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, proudly announced the shipment of over 200 million phones since its establishment just over five years ago, marking a notable achievement in the industry. 

Owned by BBK Electronics, a major player in Chinese consumer hardware, Realme has demonstrated remarkable global reach, with a substantial portion of its shipments directed outside China. 

Market analytics from Counterpoint Research reveal that Realme is the fifth-fastest smartphone maker to reach this impressive milestone.

BBK Electronics, known for owning Oppo and Vivo brands, oversees Realme’s operations and contributes to its rapid growth. 

The achievement places Realme in a select group, with only four companies—Vivo, Huawei, Samsung, and Apple—having accomplished the feat in a shorter timeframe. Globally, only 14 companies have surpassed the milestone of shipping over 200 million phones to date.

Xu Qi, Realme’s Chief Marketing Officer, expressed pride in the brand’s consistent presence in the world’s top 10 smartphone brands for the past five years. He highlighted Realme’s emergence amid a crowded market of over 700 smartphone brands in 2017, which has significantly reduced to around 250 by September.

Realme is poised to venture into the premium smartphone segment with the imminent launch of the Realme GT 5 Pro. 

This upcoming model is set to feature Qualcomm’s latest high-end chip, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, and Sony’s innovative Lytia camera sensor. 

The move positions Realme to compete with other premium offerings, such as Xiaomi’s recently released Xiaomi 14 Pro, which also incorporates the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.


David Huner
David Huner
David Huner is a tech lover. After completing his graduation from the University Of Phoenix, he started gather his knowledge mostly on latest technologies that keeps his life smart and cool. Now he wants to spread his knowledge with people who loves technologies.

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