Nevada Solar One Facts: All You Need To Know

What Nevada Solar One facts are you aware of? The Nevada Solar One project shows the importance of renewable energy in the fight to reduce CO2 emissions. The CO2 emission prevented by this project is similar to removing 20,000 cars from the road. 

The plant became active in 2007 and was the second solar thermal energy (STE) power plant built in the country in over a decade. It also became the world’s largest STE plant since 1991. 

Here, we’ll discuss the Nevada Solar One, stating the facts and important information you need to know about the project. Keep reading to get more details. 

The Nevada Solar One Capacity And Location

The Nevada Solar One is a 64 MW plant in the Nevada Desert. It started generating electricity in June 2007 and has been up since then. 

This historic solar plant is the world’s first solar thermal energy plant since 1991. It was a special project because of the technology behind it. 

Solar energy has shaped not only the United States energy system but also places around the globe with sufficient solar resources. By solar resources, we mean the sun energy, which the STE system relies on to generate electricity.  

How Much Electricity Does The Nevada Solar One Generate Annually?

The Nevada Solar One is a 64 MW plant that can power thousands of homes. It generates 136 GWh of clean energy yearly. 

You’ll be amazed when you calculate how many homes the Nevada Solar One can power. A 136 GWh of clean energy represents the electricity demands of around 15,000 homes in the United States of America. 

So, this project can take care of the electricity needs of 15,000 homes in the country, which shows how massive it is. 

A Handy Tip: The Nevada Solar One is built in the Nevada desert. In addition, it distributes Las Vegas’ electricity supply 25 miles southwest of Las Vegas.  

Who Constructed The Nevada Solar One?  

Shaine Ebrahimi of Green TV Productions called the Nevada Solar One “mind-blowing” while interviewing the project leaders. And that’s what the project is. It is technology at its finest. The amount of electricity the plant generates even makes the project more unique.   

The experience deployed in the Nevada Solar One project was drawn from the SEGS projects. If you’re familiar with both projects, you’ll understand that the Nevada Solar One uses the same solar collection technology deployed in the SEGS projects. 

Solargenix Energy started the project in 2003, though it is now jointly owned by Acciona Energia. How it happened is that Acciona Energia bought 55% of Solargenix Energy, forming Acciona Solar Power. 

How Much Did The Nevada Solar One Cost? 

A solar project dubbed the world’s biggest solar thermal plant ever built in the past 15 years should be worth a fortune. 

So, the Nevada Solar One cost around $266 million. The plant also took around 13 months (1 year and 1 month) to complete. 

Another thing you need to know is that Nevada Solar One occupies 350 acres of land in the state. Now, you can imagine how massive the solar plant is. 

The Nevada Solar One Facts You Should Know

We have discussed some facts about the Nevada Solar One. But note that there is more to discuss about this project. 

  • The Sierra Pacific Power and Nevada Power Co purchases power the Nevada Solar One generates in a 20-year power purchase agreement. 
  • Solargenix Energy has a 40-year lease agreement with Boulder City for the Solar One project. The lease includes a payment of $550,000 per year. 
  • Solargenix has an agreement with Boulder City to lease 650 acres for similar projects in the future. Nevada Solar One is on 350-acre land.   
  • The plant’s solar collection system boasts over 19,000 PTR 70 steels and glass, including 12-foot-long receiver tubes.
  • Schott AG provided the 19,300 solar receiver tubes measuring 12 feet long. 
  • There is a 10,000-square-foot administrative and control building, using orientation, installation, and daylight monitor to lower the need for lighting and air conditioning. 
  • Average annual production is 136 GWh, roughly the power demand of about 15,000 homes in the United States of America 
  • Features 182,000 mirrors (76 kilometers long) 
  • Features 760 parabolic trough solar collectors
  • The plant helps to prevent 129,000 metric tons of CO2 every year. 
  • Sierra Pacific Resources and Nevada Power Company are the energy consumers. 
  • Created 800 jobs during construction and 30 for the plant’s operation.  
  • Build in the desert within 13 months

What Makes Nevada Good For Solar Energy?

If you have not considered solar energy, it is never too late to start doing so. If you’re in Nevada, it makes more sense to embrace solar, as the state is considered a hot spot for solar energy. But what makes it so?   

With an average of around 158 clear days yearly, there’s a strong reason to embrace solar energy in Nevada. The number of clear days per year shows Nevadans can expect great efficiency from their solar panels.   

Another thing that makes installing solar energy an attractive option in Nevada is the below-average costs. It is also a breeze to find reputable companies for solar installations.

The initial cost of setting up solar energy can be a drawback. It is the popular reason most people ditch solar energy. Another reason is the necessary space to install it. 

If space and money are not an issue, solar energy should receive great attention in your property. Thousands of homes are already powered by solar energy and using clean energy. However, if you don’t have the budget for solar energy, you can choose wind power or even a geothermal heating or cooling system. 

Why You Should Consider Solar Energy In Nevada

Are you in Nevada or a state ideal for solar energy? There are several reasons to consider installing solar energy. 

Solar usage in Nevada is skyrocketing every year. In addition, the state has also boasted its capacity to export clean energy to other states nearby. 

There are numerous benefits attached to solar energy. But the major one is a reduction in your electricity bills. Check out the other reasons to embrace solar energy below. 

1: Reduction in energy bills: 

 Are you tired of paying high electricity bills in Nevada and looking for a way to reduce it? Solar energy is the answer. The good thing about Nevada’s energy system is that the state has a reasonable net metering policy. The policy allows many homeowners in the state to use solar energy to reduce their electricity bills every month. 

2: Reduces dependency on the grid:

When you generate your electricity via solar energy, you automatically reduce dependence on the grid for electricity. Your community will benefit from this as the strain on the grid is reduced. 

3: Enjoy long-term savings:

The initial investment in solar energy might be high. But when you consider how much you spend on electricity bills, you’ll discover that you can recoup the money invested in solar energy within a short period. 

For instance, let’s assume your solar energy installation costs around $10,000 while your monthly electricity bill is $100. When you install solar energy, you’ll save $1200 on electricity annually. Thus, your solar energy would have paid for itself in just eight years. 

4: Increase home value:

Your home’s value increases when you make significant improvements to your property. And solar installation on the property is one of those significant improvements you can make. 

If you plan to sell your property, work towards installing solar energy for your home. 

5: Renewable energy reduces CO2 emission: 

The amount of CO2 emission the Nevada Solar One prevents is similar to taking 20,000 vehicles off the road. It helps prevent a massive emission of CO2, improving the planet and even the air we breathe. 

According to the United States Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, solar energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions significantly. Solar energy improves air quality, offsets climate change, and reduces demands on other traditional energy generation processes.


The Nevada Solar One is a massive solar energy project that started generating electricity in 2007. It was the best STE plant in the world for over 15 years and a 64 MW plant.

The project cost a whopping $266 million and was completed in a record 13 months. The Nevada Solar One project generates 136 GWh of electricity, equivalent to the demands of 15,000 homes in the country. The project was built in a desert and covers 350 acres of land. 

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