21 Minimalist Small Gaming Room Ideas; Gamer’s Paradise

Gaming has grown more popular recently, and gaming devices are improving. Let’s face it, with the ongoing pandemics, it is in your best interest to stay in your game room. You might not have a big room, but you can still have a lot of fun gaming.

You can create an amazing gaming room with the basics with the right table and organization. There are many setups to choose from, depending on what you have. Here are some of the best choices for a minimalist small gaming room;

1. Wooden Aesthetic Gaming Setup

This setup is one of the simplest yet coolest ones on our list. This will be an amazing option if you are going for a natural look. It has one screen, keyboard, and mouse, making it minimalist.

You have two speakers for quality sound and a large flat screen. The design of all these components allows them to fit in a relatively small space. 

You need only one regular-sized table to set up your gaming room. The speakers can go on the floor or walls if the table is small.

Wooden Aesthetic Gaming Setup
Source: List-em.com

2. RGB High-end Gaming Setup

This setup has a simple black and white color mix and an RGB system to complement it. You get a comfy RGB gaming chair that will take care of your back as you game. This small setup can fit in a corner and give you the best experience without using up space.

It has amazing lighting that will help you see without distorting the quality of your screen. The speakers might be big, and you can always use a wall mount option for them to save table space. A window is always nice for air circulation and cooling.

RGB High-end gaming setup
Source: Battlestationsetups.com

3. Window-side Battle Station Setup

Who says you can’t game and take in the view simultaneously? This setup will be the best for you if you have an amazing view from your window. It is a small setup that will be relatively easy to set up and adjust.

Everything is compact, so you need only one corner of your room to create this setup. Having a curtain in case the sun gets too bright and you can’t see your screen will be a good idea.

Window-side Battle Station Setup
Source: List-em.com

4. Large table Bedroom Gaming Setup

This gaming setup will be an amazing choice for users with small rooms that like to stay organized. You get one large table to hold all your gaming paraphernalia and a comfy gaming chair. 

The large table makes it easy to keep everything organized and leaves more space for additional electronics. You have a bed in the same room, which makes power naps much easier. 

Large table Bedroom Gaming Setup
Source: Battlestationsetups.com

5. Minimalist Wall Mount Gaming Setup

If you want to go small, this is the best setup you can choose. All you need is a gaming chair, a table big enough for your mouse and keyboard, and a surface for your CPU. The screen is a wall mount, so you won’t need desk space for it.

The CPU can go on top of cabinets or under the table, depending on the design you want. You can get wall mount speakers to complete the setup if you don’t have space. This setup is open for modifications with more screens, décor, and devices.

Minimalist Wall Mount Gaming Setup
Source: Battlestationsetups.com

6. Office desk Battle Station Setup

Our sixth option confirms the magnificence of simplicity, and it looks amazing. You have a large monitor for high-quality graphics and videos, a mouse pad, and a keyboard and mouse. It doesn’t get simpler than that, and it is compact.

You can have the CPU on the side or under the table based on preference. You have enough space to keep your books and some décor to make the setup elegant. A gaming setup is incomplete without a chair and a pillow for your feet.

Office desk Battle station setup
Source: Battlestationsetups.com

7. Purple RGB-themed Gaming Setup

Any purple or RGB lovers out there? This is your choice as it has everything you could need from a gaming setup. The table has enough room to allow full mobility and space to store a few electronics. You have a CPU close to you for easy access if you want to make changes.

The table has drawers to keep all your items whenever you aren’t using them. This feature makes it easy to keep the table clean. The lighting will always set the mood for your gaming and guarantee amazing performance.

Purple RGB-themed Gaming Setup
Source: List-em.com

8. Basic Elegant PC Gaming Room

You don’t need fancy RGB lighting or gaming consoles to get an amazing gaming room. As this setup proves, you need a PC, a mouse, and a keyboard, and you are ready to go. You can have some speakers to get better sound quality and gaming experience.

The monitor has a small base which means it occupies a relatively small space on the desk. You will have enough room for the mouse and keyboard with nothing else.

Basic Elegant PC gaming room
Source: List-em.com

9. Twin design Gaming Room Setup

You should look into this setup to create a gaming room for two or more people. You can have multiple stations next to each other with enough space to allow for mobility. Getting headphones might be necessary to allow each user to enjoy their experience.

Twin design Gaming Room Setup
Source: Production.bobvila.com

10. Dim-lit High end gaming setup. 

Dark themes are a popular choice for games, and this setup will keep everything dark just the way you like it. Everything is dark colored, and the room’s lighting is dim. You can fully immerse yourself in the game if you get an RGB setup.

The large screen also helps improve your experience in a way you can’t get from another setup. The organization of the speakers, screen, and peripherals is classy and professional. What gamer wouldn’t want this?

Dim-lit High end gaming setup. 
Source: Battlestationsetups.com

11. Window Side Compact Gaming Setup

A little light is good for your health, and this setup allows you enough natural sunlight as you play. It is all on a small table that takes almost no space in your gaming room. You have enough space for speakers, décor, keyboard, and the mouse.

The monitor has a large base; you can use it to keep your game pads when you aren’t using them. Small speakers will work best for this setup. 

Window Side Compact Gaming Setup
Source: Empire-s3-production.bobvila.com

12. Dual Screen RGB Gaming Setup

Isn’t one screen enough? Try using two high-quality screens and see how much better your gaming experience will be. 

This setup allows you to connect two screens and get bigger images and better immersion. You have table space for décor and all your gaming paraphernalia.

Nothing screams elegance better than a transparent RGB CPU that comes with this setup. Its compact design allows it to fit in any room. 

Dual Screen RGB Gaming Setup
Source: Battlestationsetups.com

13. Gaming laptop setup

Gaming laptops are getting increasingly popular, and you might want a setup for your laptop. This setup is a great choice for any room since it is highly adaptable, and can change it however you need. 

You can use any desk, provided it has enough space for your speakers, laptop, and a mouse or joystick. It is easily customizable, and a standard table will give you enough space for other items.

Gaming laptop setup
Source: Empire-s3-production.bobvila.com 

14. Plant Décor Game Room Setup

This setup will be an amazing choice for those that love nature and plant décor. You will need a relatively spacious and well-ventilated room to use real plants. The center of attention is the gaming setup, which does not lack any aspect.

You have an under-the-desk CPU, so you don’t have to deal with fan noises while gaming. This also leaves enough space on the desk for your speakers, keyboard, and mouse.

Plant Décor Game Room Setup
Source: Battlestationsetups.com

15. Compact Double Screen RGB Gamer setup

Go big or go home, which is what this setup is all about with its colossal double monitors and CPU. 

This will be an amazing choice for gamers with a large PC who don’t have the space to spread it out. It compresses all the components in one neat corner.

You will have a lot of electronics in one spot, so you must have good airflow in the room for cooling. Keep the wiring clear to avoid electric shock or damage to your equipment.

Compact Double Screen RGB Gamer setup
Source: Empire-s3-production.bobvila.com

16. Minimalist RGB Keyboard Setup

RGB will take any gaming setup to the next level, and this setup ensures your RGB system works at its best. You have a dim lamp to light the room so you can see everything, but the dimness allows your RGB lights to work their best.

The RGB keyboard adds to the elegance of the setup, and you can use it in the dark. The CPU on the desk allows easy access to plug in removable media.

Minimalist RGB Keyboard Setup
Source: www.list-em.com

17. Window Desk Minimalist RGB Setup

This is your choice if you have an amazing window view that you don’t want to trade for a gaming setup. 

It has a transparent curtain that filters light, allowing enough into the room. You can always use the darker curtains to get total darkness.

The gaming setup is simple, but it has everything you need. It has an easy-to-access RGB CPU, a mouse, keyboard, and enough desk space for full mobility. You can use big speakers if you put them under the desk or on the wall.

Window Desk Minimalist RGB Setup
Source: Empire-s3-production.bobvila.com

18. Multiple Layered Screen Gaming Setup

This amazing setup will be a great choice for someone that needs a workplace that doubles as a gaming setup. 

You can split the visuals between the four screens or use the big one for gaming. You can use one small screen if you need to finish some work.

The screens provide enough light to see the keyboard, so you won’t need additional lighting. If you get a big enough desk, you will have space for speakers behind the monitors. If not, wall mounts are also an option.

Multiple Layered Screen Gaming Setup
Source: List-em.com

19. Double Wall Mount Monitor Gaming Setup

Do you think two screens are amazing? Try a huge screen above a large screen to get the best gaming experience. 

This amazing setup allows you to use huge screens without using up space. You have two wall mounts on top of each other.

You will also need a desk for all your gaming paraphernalia, including the keyboard, mouse, and CPU. Most average-sized tables will be good enough with the screens on the wall. You will have enough space on the desk for books, speakers, and lighting.

Double Wall Mount Monitor Gaming Setup
Source: List-em.com

20. Musicians Gaming Setup

This is another amazing multipurpose gaming setup option on our list; you will love using it. It is a window-side set up to give you a view of everything outside your house. You can get enough ventilation to cool and dust your PC, so it lasts longer.

The organization of this setup leaves some space on the side for additional electronics. You can have musical instruments, amps, etc., in this space. This allows you to use the setup for more than just gaming, increasing your productivity. 

Musicians Gaming Setup
Source: Battlestationsetups.com

21. Compact Gaming Room Setup

The last option on our list will take up virtually no space in your gaming room. You need a desk to fit your CPU, monitor, and peripherals, and you are ready to game. You need a gaming chair to complete the setup and ensure your comfort.

Getting a big table is a good idea since it allows for more motion while you game. This improves your reflexes and makes it easier to stay organized. You can have multiple screens using wall mounts or a bigger desk.

Compact Gaming Room Setup.
Source: List-em.com


You must know how to get the best minimalist small gaming room for your house. Gaming is popular; you must get the best setup to enjoy the experience. Some setups take a lot of space, but you can get away with a small table in a corner.

When trying to save space, you should consider wall mount options for speakers and monitors. Wall mounts will allow you to use smaller tables which saves space. Space can’t limit you as long as you get a nice chair, gaming paraphernalia, and a creative mind.

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