Is Vizio Owned By Sony? Meet The Real Owners

The question, “Is Vizio owned by Sony” has become popular. Why? Most people see a similarity between Vizio and Sony TVs. 

Vizio TVs have captured the hearts of many across the globe. They represent fantastic value for their prices. Vizio TVs have a higher contrast ratio, and the color gamut is encouraging. 

Vizio sells TVs, but the thing is, they only design and sell. In other words, the company doesn’t manufacture its TVs. It partners with other companies to make them. 

The independence of Vizio has made many assume that they are one of Sony’s subsidiaries. People are now curious to know if they truly belong to Sony. 

This post discusses the truth about Vizio and Sony’s relationship, including other things you need to know. Keep reading to get more details.   

Is Vizio Owned By Sony?

No, Vizio isn’t owned by Sony. There’s no connection between both companies. Vizio and Sony are rivals in the audio and visual category. 

Sony has its headquarters in Sony City in Minato, Tokyo. But Vizio’s headquarters is in Irvine, California, USA. 

Vizio is an American company, while Sony is Japanese owned. Both are privately owned and produce TVs and other gadgets. 

So, both companies are in different parts of the globe. But make no mistake, Sony is bigger and has a more solid reputation than Vizio. 

Established in 1946, Sony has been making consumer electronics for many decades. Its products are also pricier than Vizio’s. 

Another thing you need to know is Sony is bigger than Vizio in terms of revenue, market capitalization and value. In other words, it generates more revenue and sells far more products than Vizio. 

If Sony decides to buy Vizio, the only thing that would stand in their way is the owners’ willingness to sell. Sony has the finances and connections to make such a deal happen without stress. 

A Handy Tip: No report states that Sony plans to buy Vizio. Sony has many subsidiaries, making them one of the most comprehensive companies in the world. Going after a rival would be pretty distracting.     

Who Owns Vizio Brand? 

Vizio was founded in 2002 by William Wang. Wang’s primary reason for establishing Vizio was to combat the growing number of overpriced TVs flooding the US market.  

The Vizio chairman had to partner with companies in Asia to handle the manufacturing process. He also invested the money he collected for a home loan with assistance from venture capitalists to make his dream a reality. 

Vizio was once the leading brand in producing HDTV and sound bars in the United States of America from 2014 to 2017. In 2011, the company decided to branch into the production of phones and tablets, like its competitor, Samsung. 

Unfortunately for Vizio, the new products didn’t yield the positive results the company’s owners expected. It was obvious that the HDTV and soundbar were better.

Vizio and LeEco, a Chinese company, had a deal in July 2016. LeEco offered to purchase Vizio for $2 billion, but Vizio pulled out of the deal, citing a “regulatory headwind” as the cause. The problem was that the Chinese government was cracking down on foreign investments at the time. 

Who Makes Vizio TVs?

Vizio is a publicly-traded company and a profitable business. This was a company that began its journey in 2002. Today, they have their products in the United States and different parts of the globe. 

One unique thing about Vizio is that it doesn’t manufacture the TVs it sells. Instead, it outsources them. On the contrary, many TV manufacturers, such as Sony and Samsung, that Vizio is competing with are manufacturing their TVs. 

The fact that Vizio outsources its TV and sound bar production doesn’t mean it leaves all the work to the companies it partnered with. Vizio designs the TV and works with the partnered companies to ensure they manufacture the products according to specifications. 

Vizio considers its business model beneficial, which involves outsourcing TVs and sound bars. With this move, the company can lower production costs, sell its electronic devices at lower prices, and earn a massive profit. 

A Handy Tip: Vizio outsources TV and sound bars to original device manufacturers (ODMs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in China and Taiwan. 

As many as eight companies manufacture Vizio TVs in their plants. Here are the names below:

  • BOE
  • TPV
  • KIE
  • Innolux
  • Foxconn
  • Tonyl
  • Zylux 
  • Amtran Technology

Foxconn and Amtran Technology are two significant companies handling most of Vizio’s TV productions. Both companies handle around 60% of their productions.   

Where Are Vizio TVs Made?

Though Vizio is an American-based company, all its TVs are made outside the United States of America. Vizio TVs are manufactured in Asia. These include China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand. 

Some TVs are made in countries like Mexico, where Foxconn has its plant. Vizio relies heavily on these manufacturers for the components it uses. The only thing it does is provide funds, design the products, and ensure compliance with the designs. 

The company relies on them for LCD and OLED panels, chipsets, circuit boards, polarizers, etc.  

Is Vizio A Good Brand? 

People consider several factors before buying TVs. Some might invest a lot of time into research to get more information, while others might rely on reviews from their relatives or friends. 

In any case, having sound knowledge about factors to consider when choosing a TV and how a specific brand stands out is essential. 

Consider things like audio sound, video quality, lifespan and price point. You can extend the list if you want. 

Many TV brands are already in the market, and many keep flooding the market. However, among these brands, Vizio TVs stand out. They come in varied price points and sizes, but the company’s high-end TVs are worth the value for money. 

In the aspect of color, Vizio is quite impressive for the price. The colors look punchy and have a good black color, especially when viewing scenes in dark rooms.  

Low input lag is another feature that sets Vizio TVs apart. They have lower input lag than TVs from other brands at this price point. This feature also means you will enjoy scenes from fast-action movies without a hiccup. 

Price-wise, Vizio TVs stand out. They are cheap compared to TVs from their competitors. The company has been able to reduce the cost of production by outsourcing its TVs to places where they can get them produced at lower prices. 

Vizio also has a commendable customer service team. However, we can only hope the team continues delivering the needed services to customers. 

Is Vizio As Good As Sony?

The one thing that sets Vizio TVs apart is their price point. They are budget-friendly yet come packed with a lot of features. 

Sony makes some of the world’s best TVs. But make no mistake: Sony TVs are pricey. In the area of video quality and sound processing, Sony stands out. 

For the price point, Vizio is a good TV brand. Sony TVs are way more expensive than Vizio, so there is no basis for comparing both TV brands.   

Is Vizio Better Than Samsung?

Vizio is a good brand. It’s one of the best TV brands on a budget. However, Vizio isn’t better than Samsung. 

Vizio offers more HDMI connection ports, which most people would fancy. Samsung TV’s viewing angle, image quality and dimension set them apart. 

Samsung is also unbeatable in audio and screen quality, including usability. 

Why Are Vizio TVs So Cheap?

Vizio doesn’t produce the TVs it sells, but these are advantageous to consumers. Wang established the company to lower the production cost to enable the sale of modern TVs at lower prices. 

Before he started the company, Vizio’s owner was no stranger to the huge price tags on the latest TVs. He planned to beat down the prices of TVs to enable more people to gain access. 

The business model was to outsource the TVs to manufacturers in Asia to beat down costs. So, Vizio didn’t have to maintain the manufacturing plants, hire massive staff to handle production or shoulder huge running costs. 

These cost-saving strategies benefited Vizio and end consumers because of the low prices of modern TVs. 

A Handy Tip: Though Vizio TVs are budget-friendly, you might not find some of the features in some pricey TVs. 


Is Vizio owned by Sony? No, Vizio isn’t owned by Sony. They also haven’t indicated any interest in buying the American-based company. 

Vizio’s business model is different from Sony’s. It sources its TVs to OEMs and ODMs in places like China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, where labor costs are low.    

Vizio TVs are budget-friendly and boast several features you might find only on high-end TVs. Vizio TVs are also good. 

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