How To Remove Ford Radio Without Tools: The Source Of Entertainment For Ford Cars

In today’s world, people are always on the go. They spend a lot of their time on the road. Therefore, to eliminate any boredom, it would help to have a radio in their cars as a source of entertainment.

If you are a ford car user, you will know that it comes with a standard radio. It acts as an excellent source of entertainment for the driver and the passengers. However, sometimes things can go wrong with the ford radio and make you want to remove it.

If you decide to remove your ford radio, you can use its unique tools or remove it without them. So, how do you disconnect the ford radio without tools? This article will explain everything to you in detail.

How To Remove Ford Radio Without Tools

If your ford radio has problems consistently, it would be best to remove it. You can either do it using tools or without. Removing your ford radio without tools is not so complicated. You can choose any method of removing ford radio without tools. If you want to remove the ford radio without tools, you can use the key-style, cheapskate, and knife methods.

Steps For Removing Ford Radio Without Tools

The ideal way of removing ford radio is by using a ford din removal tool. However, there are many situations where you may find that you do not have one readily available. Therefore, you will have to remove it without tools. Here is the procedure to help you remove the ford radio without tools.

Disconnect The Negative Battery Cable

The first step is to disconnect the battery’s negative cable. You will use your prepared 10mm wrench or screwdriver to remove the negative battery cable from your car’s battery. Afterward, you will loosen up the clamp leading to the negative lead post.

Get The Stereo Mounting Bracket Access

Once you disconnect the negative battery cable, you will access the stereo mounting bracket. You’ll do so by removing any dash panels or other interior components to make room for your stereo mounting bracket.

Remove The Stereo From Its Mounting Bracket

You can use two methods to remove the stereo from its mounting bracket. These methods include:

The use of Two Razor-Sharp Knives

In this method, you will use a screwdriver to remove the screws from the side of your stereo. You will then use the two sharp knives to remove the stereo unit from its mounting bracket. Afterward, you will sink them into the narrow side opening to become the handle. You will then use the handle to pull the stereo unit from its mounting bracket. Once you do that, you will have access to the wiring at the back of the radio.

Using A Homemade Radio Removal Tool

Try making your homemade radio removal tool if the knives don’t get the job done. You can use a wire cloth hanger in place of the standard Ford radio removal tool. With one hand, you will hold the wire cloth hanger. With your other hand, use a set of pliers or a wire cutter to make two “U” shapes out of the wire.

You will then cut the hanger at the bottom into two portions, each about seven or eight inches long. Moreover, ensure you shape them into a “U” with your thumbs and fingers if they don’t fall naturally into shape. In addition, ensure you take your time to avoid any injuries or damages. Remove the stereo from its mounting bracket once you finish making the homemade tool.

The first thing will be identifying the two holes on either side of the stereo plate of the Ford. Then, using your homemade tool, insert the handles into the holes. It’s best to press it in until you hear a clicking sound. Next, utilize the dangling parts of the hanger to lift the stereo off its mounting dock. You should ensure you carefully but firmly remove the unit with a single outward stroke.

Remove All Of The Unit’s Wires

Once the wires get loosened, remove them with their appropriate wire binders. It would be best to remember that this stage necessitates extreme caution. You should ensure you avoid pulling the wires directly. In addition, you should also remove your unit’s antenna cable from the back.

Methods You Can Use To Remove The Ford Radio

When using the methods, you should ensure you take your time to avoid scraping the whole radio apart. Moreover, it would be best to create extra time to prepare your preparations. The following are some methods you can use to remove your ford radio.

Cheapskate’s Method

When using this method, you will need a coat hanger for this. Moreover, you will need a steel cutter to cut the hanger into two eight-inch-long sections. You should ensure you buy a high-quality steel cutter that is sharp enough to cut the hanger easily. You will then bend one of the pieces into a U shape with your thumbs. Once you finish, you will have your tool ready to remove the ford radio.

The Key-Style Method

Unlike the cheapskate method, you will need a flat metal strap for the key-style way. It would be best to have a plumber strap piece. You will then trim the metal piece to an acceptable length with a pair of snips. Afterward, you will cut a slight angle at the end of the radio port using the same pair of snips.

The Knife Method

In this method, you will need two thin steel knives. You can also use pliers if knives do not work out for you. It would be best to use tin ones since you will not have to prepare anything like the other two methods.

Problems Of The Ford Radio

The following are some common problems of the ford radio.

A Blown Fuse

Issues with the electrical module or a blown-fuse are the most likely causes of your radio not starting. However, a blown-fuse is the most common cause of this problem. Therefore, you should check with the radio power for the initial inspection. Moreover, you will also check with a voltmeter for further checkups.

If you locate shorted wires in the system, you may notice erratic operations. If that happens, you may have to replace the audio system as a whole. Replacing only the fuse might blow up again, rapidly.   

No Power In The Head Unit

The reason your new aftermarket head unit is losing power is it is not receiving 12V. In addition, if your amplifier is in protective mode, it will lead to a deadhead unit. The amplifier can enter the defensive mode in two ways:

  • When the alternators’ power is too high for the amplifier, it will protect itself by entering protective mode.
  • If the battery cant supply steady voltage to the audio system, the amplifier will enter protective mode.

Therefore, to avoid this, you should rewire the power wire, replace blown fuses if necessary, check the battery, etc.

Distracting Noise

The sound of weird noises coming from your car’s audio system might be upsetting. Car radio noise is something that almost every driver has encountered. Distorted buzzing, pops, and cracklings are examples of these sounds. The good thing is you can solve this using these ways.

  • It would help to locate and re-ground the alternator.
  • Isolate a piece of bare metal chassis, look at the charger and replace or tighten any broken connection.
  • Add a bi-polar capacitor between the power of the accessory and the ground. Doing so will help prevent pops. In addition, your radio will not become clogged up.
  • Switch the station when the speaker starts popping. In addition, the speaker needs to get serviced or replaced regardless of the station.

A Hot Audio System

It is usual for the system to warm up as numerous electrical devices heat up while operating. However, Excessive heat production, on the other hand, could point to a problem. Car stereo components can get damaged by excessive heat. In addition, extreme heat can also start a fire. Therefore, it is crucial to remain vigilant of any excessive heat buildup.

What Tools Do You Need To Remove Your Ford Radio?

The most often used tool is a panel tool. There’s no reason not to get one of these tools since you can purchase them at any auto parts store. Moreover, you will get it at a very reasonable price.

In addition, If you can’t find screws in your car to remove the dash piece, you may need to use a drill. Drilling is an option if there are no screws in the area. However, it would be best to use screws first if they are available. For this task, you’ll need a tiny drill bit.


You can choose to remove your ford radio with or without the tools. The necessary tool to remove your ford radio is the ford din removal tool. However, it is not certain that you will always have it ready with you. Therefore, you will need to know how to remove your ford radio without tools. The above steps will help you disconnect your ford radio successfully without tools.

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