How To Index Your App On Google?

Technology is moving forward, so now search engines can show not only your website but your mobile apps. In particular, there is already Google search indexing for iOS and Android applications. This means that the Google app indexing performs an evaluation of mobile applications to list them on search results. Thus, Google mobile index for Android and iOS apps provides more opportunities for app developers and business owners. If you are also eager to try this out, this article will help you learn more about the index of apps and their importance in the online environment.

What Is Google App Indexing?

Similar to conventional websites, Google can also index mobile applications for appropriate searches. As mobile development and promotion of apps gain momentum on the market, knowing how you can index apps on Google is important.

When you decide to promote your website on the web, you usually look for the best links for SEO to build up your reputation. The same goes for increasing visibility and awareness for your mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. The basis of getting them noticed lies in the deliberate linking process but that is a bit different from backlinks and would be described later in this article.

Google Search Indexing For Apps

So, let’s get back to the Google app indexing and what lies beneath that concept. First of all, you need to keep in mind that your app should be developed properly and the content inside it should be of high quality. This is an essential condition for taking other steps in the app promotion and making it visible for Google. When done properly, the app appears in the first lines of Google searches for the appropriate keyword search results.

When your mobile application is ready, you will need to associate it with your website. This is done with the Google Search Console tool and deep linking procedures that would be described in detail later in this article.

Once Google is aware of your application and knows it is associated with your website, it would bring a mobile app for Android or iOS to the search results. This could also enhance the rankings of your principal business website. Read to discover other techniques that would help you boost your website ranks on various search engines.

Moreover, bringing the application to the search result list also changes the interaction with users for the better. Many research studies have proven that user experience tends to improve when using mobile applications. The time of interaction with the application is also usually higher than that of the website. This might be related to various factors, including simpler navigation and various extra options available in the app.

Given the fact of better user satisfaction rates when the app is used, Google has embedded an algorithm for sustaining that fact. Thus, when a web app appears on the search results, Google will take a user directly to the app. In case the mobile application is not currently installed on a user device, there will be an Install option. Users will have a choice to install an application or proceed to the web version.

How To Index Apps On Search Engines?

If you feel that showing your app for iOS or Android on Google search is what you are looking for, then you need to follow several simple steps. When everything is set up, we will also explain how to check the index for apps on search engines.

If you do not have a mobile application for your business, you should consider developing it as such a tool opens up more opportunities. Another thing you can do is start a business blog as a way to promote your business and increase its visibility.

When it comes to indexing mobile applications, the process would be different for iOS and Android platforms. Below are provided two sets of instructions each of which is dedicated to the particular app development system.


  1. Prepare deep links and make sure the content in your mobile app could be associated with your website. This is done by tuning up the intent filters.
  2. Check Google’s guidelines to give permission to GoogleBot to access your application. Once that is done, publish the deep links elaborated during the first step.
  3. Make sure that the deep link implementation is done properly using the Android Debug Bridge tool.
  4. Evaluate results with the Google Search Console by exploring various pages’ performance of your app and observing the number of clicks.


Even though Google works more closely with Android apps by offering more embedded functions and mechanisms, you can still index the Apple apps with iOS 9.0 or newer.

  1. Associate your iOS application with the website using universal HTTP deep links.
  2. Instal CocoaPods tool to figure out dependencies for app indexing.
  3. Register your mobile application with Google by installing the file the search engine has provided for you.
  4. Test how universal deep links are working using Safari browser preferably.
  5. Evaluate results with the Google Search Console by exploring various pages’ performance of your app and observing the number of clicks.
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