How To Build The Right Social Media Strategy For Your Mobile App

Technology has taken over the world by storm as it’s incorporated into every aspect of our lives. From automated businesses to smart home appliances, it’s plain to see that almost everything depends on technology in one way or the other.

Social media has become a crucial part of the manifestation of technology and it has changed the way we socialize and how we view our world. It has played a massive role in our personal lives but also in business and marketing as an increasing number of business leverage the power of social media platforms to market their products.

It’s also a great way to market your mobile app. However, with a large number of emerging mobile apps, as an app developer, it’s not always an easy task to make consumers differentiate between good and bad ones.

There are more than 5 million apps available on Google Play and Apple App Store. However, nearly 25% of the downloaded apps are never used even after they’re installed. Unique marketing techniques could grab consumers’ attention. There’s indeed no surefire method for promoting your apps as one method could work for one app but it might not work for another.

However, the following tips can help you build the right social media strategy and ensure that your mobile app reaches its target audience.

Choose The Right Social Media Platform

When it comes to choosing the social media channels for your mobile app marketing strategy, remember that this mainly depends on your buyer personas—so create one. 

Think about the people you are trying to reach, what they do and how your app can solve their problems. These are only some of the questions you should answer before choosing the type of content you’re going to create and the social media platform you are going to use.

These types of questions will help you better understand your potential customers and adjust your social media strategy to fit the target audience better.

Grow Your Following

Ideally, you should be active on all social media platforms your target audience uses and create appealing content for each of them, whether it is visuals, videos, posts, and so on.

For example, if your target audience uses Instagram the most, you need to be there too. So make sure to work on your visual content to grow your Instagram followers organically, which will help you build a community of loyal fans.

Conduct A Competitive Analysis 

There’s no doubt that your mobile app will have some competition. Make a list of your main competitors and look at their current price, app store ranking, monetization model, user experience pros and cons, and reviews.

If you want to go a step further and determine how your app compares, make a competitive matrix. Make sure that your mobile app doesn’t repeat any ineffective features or elements that users have negatively reviewed. Take a minute to think about how your app can stand out in the crowd. These considerations are vital as they impact your entire app marketing approach.

Consider Paid Social Media Ads

Sponsored social media ads drive a whopping 49% of mobile app downloads. As there is a decline in organic reach across social media channels, increasing your visibility through paid ads is essential to converting users.

Paid social media ads can be a fantastic investment for several reasons. First, they let mobile app creators reach people who still haven’t heard about you, and on top of that, they allow you to define exactly who it is you wish to reach based on your target demographic. So they can guarantee that your message will reach the right users, regardless of whether they follow you or not. To make things even better, you’re in complete control of how much money from your budget you end up spending.

All social media platforms offer app installs as an advertising option so pick the platforms that are most aligned with your target audience.

Analyze Insights Data To Improve Posts

Finally, you should take advantage of social media analytics and insights to learn how users interact with your posts and how many people have seen them. This information can help you understand what type of content receives the most attention and optimize your future content and posts.

Final Thoughts

Social media is a powerful channel for mobile app marketing. It allows you to attract an audience and create an interested community that will start downloading your mobile app right after it is launched. It can help you interact with potential users as well as gather important feedback on its features and user experience.

David Huner
David Huner
David Huner is a tech lover. After completing his graduation from the University Of Phoenix, he started gather his knowledge mostly on latest technologies that keeps his life smart and cool. Now he wants to spread his knowledge with people who loves technologies.

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