How Important Is Link Building For SEO? Know The Benefits

How important is link building for SEO? Optimizing your content is beneficial in so many ways. Creators spend time and money to improve their rankings and findability.

Standing out on the internet is challenging. There are so many articles and websites with similar or near similar content.

It is important to position yourself well regardless of your niche. SEO helps content producers bridge the gap.

Link building is an essential part of search engine optimization. Many creators are keen to get backlinks from credible high-traffic sites. With so many search engine optimization alternatives, you can’t help but wonder:

How Important is Link Building For SEO?

Link building is an essential part of SEO. It helps improve your scalability and improving your rankings on search engines. Getting good ranks comes with many benefits.

Therefore, creators spend time and money looking for and buying good backlink chains on popular sites. Link building is a great alternative to many other SEO techniques. It is effective if you do it right.


Why Should You Invest in Link Building?

Link building has a tone of benefits for creators. It is the go-to option for many websites because of its effectiveness. What benefits do you get from link building?

  1. Improved business credibility

Link building does wonders for your business’s credibility. How so? Having your site linked to trusted sources improves public trust in your content.

It is a sword that cuts both ways, however. If your site has links to shady and untrustworthy sites, it could damage its reputation. The key is choosing the ideal cluster of sites for your content.

Credibility is important, especially on platforms where people spend money or get advice. A string of backlinks helps you get better traction for your content.

  1. Better rankings on search engines


Google’s ranking AI uses many parameters to determine your overall rank. A healthy link chain helps improve your overall position on the search page.

Why does it matter? It is important to rank high, as the first 10 search results receive over 89% of all clicks. Creators on page one, therefore, have a near-monopoly of clicks.

Rankings help your business’s reputation. It creates trust and positive perception. You should, therefore, invest in a good-quality backlink chain.

  1. It generates traffic for your content.

Link building is a great way to improve traffic to your website. Having backlinks on popular sites exponentially increases visits and clicks.

You should invest in good quality backlinks. These are generally links on sites that get lots of traffic. The sites that host the links have similar niches.

Quality backlinks matter more than the backlink quantity. Whitelist websites generally get more click-throughs than other sites. Investing in a good chain could get your content on Google’s first page.

  1. Increased sales for merchandise

Backlinks are essential to eCommerce stores. Link building experts help by increasing traffic to your site.

It, in turn, exposes your products to a broader market. A broader market means more sales and a higher margin for your business.

Links to popular websites are pricy, but it is an expense that most traders willingly incur. It is because the backlinks pay for themselves through the sales they generate.

The link chain matters and quality always trumps quantity. Linking to sites with a similar niche translates to increased sales and profits.

  1. Advertising is more profitable.

Backlinks help you get more ad revenue from advertisers. There are many factors that advertisers consider when looking for ad space.

  • Your reputation matters and you build it through a healthy chain of backlinks.
  • Rankings are important. A high rank indicates that advertising on your site is viable.
  • If you generate lots of traffic, it makes advertising on your site viable and attractive.

Link building is an investment that scales many monetization avenues for your site. It helps create avenues for affiliate marketing, advertising, etc.

  1. It builds relationships with other creators in your niche

Link building helps strengthen relationships within your niche. Having backlinks to your website is a form of corroborative partnership. It positions you well within your content line. A healthy network of partners is beneficial.

Link building is a means of networking and establishing connections with more experienced and successful creators.

How Can I Choose a Decent Link Building Platform?

Now that we know the importance of a strong link network, we should know how to choose the right partner. Here’s what you should consider:

  • The number of visitors

A good link chain should link your content to a larger audience. You can only reach a larger audience if the host site gets many visitors—the host site traffic matters.

  • Your Niche

Build backlinks on sites that make content similar to yours. It makes sense to have backlinks on similar content because the audience is practically the same.

  • Site reputation and credibility

Build links on reputable and credible sites. Using sketchy hosts can irreparably damage your business image. Avoid building links on vice sites like gambling and adult content sites.

  • Backlink price

Get the best deal for your website. Many SEO services offer additional services to link building. Take advantage of bundles and deals as they help you scale your content at a lower price.

  • Broken links

Some platforms are notorious for broken links. Avoid such sites.


How important is link building in SEO? Link building can be the difference between being on the first page and fading into obscurity. It is an essential part of search engine optimization, and creators shouldn’t overlook its importance.

It is an avenue with a high success rate for creators who use it. Link building does wonders for your content in terms of generating traffic.

It improves your scalability. You also get other benefits like improved business image and consumer trust. Link building is certainly worth it.

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David Huner
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