French Authorities Receive Software Update For Apple’s iPhone 12, Confirms Ministry Source

French authorities have received a software update from Apple for its iPhone 12 and are currently reviewing it, according to a source within the French digital ministry. The update comes as Apple aims to avoid the potential costs associated with a product recall.

The issue arose after France suspended sales of iPhone 12 devices earlier in the month, citing concerns about radiation levels exceeding established limits. The French government had even indicated that a recall might be necessary if Apple did not take corrective action.

Apple initially contested the French findings, asserting that the iPhone 12 had received certification from multiple international bodies, affirming its compliance with global radiation exposure standards. 

However, on September 15, the company committed to issuing a software update to address the testing methods used in France. As of now, Apple has not provided a comment regarding the situation.

The concerns surrounding radiation levels from mobile phones have prompted numerous studies over the past two decades. According to the World Health Organization, no adverse health effects have been conclusively linked to mobile phone use.

Nonetheless, the unique results of radiation testing in France, which differ from those conducted in other countries, have raised concerns across Europe and beyond. Belgium, for instance, has also expressed interest in benefiting from the same software upgrade.

Industry experts have emphasized that there is no immediate safety risk, as regulatory limits for radiation are set significantly below levels associated with documented harm. These limits primarily focus on the risk of burns or heatstroke from a phone’s radiation emissions.

It’s worth noting that the iPhone 12 is no longer available directly from Apple, as the company recently launched the iPhone 15. However, the iPhone 12 can still be acquired through third-party sellers with available inventory or through trade-ins of older devices.

Apple regularly provides software updates for its products to address security concerns. These updates can be targeted at specific models or regions, and the company frequently releases multiple updates in a given month. 

The forthcoming iPhone 12 update is expected to follow a similar pattern, with eligible users being prompted to install it when it becomes available.

As of now, French authorities are closely examining the update provided by Apple to assess its compliance with radiation exposure standards and ensure the safety of iPhone 12 users in France.


David Huner
David Huner
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