Does Xiaomi Work In USA? Must-Read For Xiaomi Users

The question, “Does Xiaomi work in USA” has become so popular over the years. Xiaomi is one of mobile device users’ favorite smartphones, given its price point and quality. 

Xiaomi’s reasonable price point is not the only thing that makes it popular in the United States of America. Devices produced by the company are worth the value for money. 

The ban placed on several Chinese companies by Donald Trump is making people doubt if Xiaomi would work in the US. Huawei and other related companies weren’t spared in the ban. However, there seems to be good news about Xiaomi. 

This post contains must-know information about Xiaomi. Can someone in the United States of America use it? Here is what you should know. 

Does Xiaomi Work In USA

Yes, Xiaomi works in the United States of America. All the company’s phones work, so you don’t have to bring another brand when traveling to the US.   

When we say Xiaomi phones work in the US, here is what we mean. You can connect your device to your home Wi-Fi anytime you please. But note that most carriers won’t work on Xiaomi. 

Why would some carriers not work with Xiaomi devices? The simple reason is that they don’t support the device. Most of the carrier companies want Xiaomi to invest for them to start supporting its devices. 

Unfortunately, the people running Xiaomi don’t think investing such a significant amount in a US carrier makes business sense when Chinese companies operating in the country are being hunted down.  

Is Xiaomi Banned In USA?

The tension between Donald Trump’s administration and the Chinese government affected many Chinese businesses operating in the country. The trade war between both countries and claims of some Chinese companies being security threats made many Chinese companies a target for the US government. 

Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE and other Chinese companies felt the wrath of the US government. The government blacklisted them because of perceived links with the country’s military. 

The blacklisting happened during the final days of the Trump administration. However, Xiaomi wasn’t happy with the government’s move. Thus, the company sued, arguing that the ban was unconstitutional and unjust. 

A judge temporarily blocked the ban, citing a flaw in how the US government issued the ban.   

The ban on Xiaomi, though not fully enforced, is now a thing of the past. On May 25, 2021, a US District Court for the District of Columbia gave a final order vacating the United States Department of Defense’s designation of Xiaomi as a communist Chinese company. 

Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s chairman, broke the news of the ruling, which exempted Xiaomi from the US government’s ban.  

The ruling lifted all the restrictions on US citizens investing or buying shares from the company.  

Xiaomi is a promising company, though it doesn’t have a massive presence in the United States of America. But you can purchase and use Xiaomi in the United States of America. 

It’s one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, given its affordable and feature-rich range of devices. Xiaomi also struggles to crack the ever-tricky Western Europe market, which Huawei dominates. However, Xiaomi is among the biggest beneficiaries of the Huawei US ban.  

Is Redmi And Xiaomi Same?

Xiaomi and Redmi have similarities but are not the same. Redmi is a sub brand of Xiaomi, created to manufacture budget phones. 

Xiaomi announced the establishment of Redmi in July 2013. In 2019, the company started operating as a separate brand. Redmi makes budget smartphones, while Xiaomi makes upper-range and flagship Xiaomi phones. 

Redmi phones are in three categories. These include entry-level, mid-range and high-end Redmi phones. They also use the famous Xiaomi MIUI interface on top of Android. 

Redmi comprises budget phones, but it has significantly impacted Xiaomi’s growth. In 2014, The Wall Street Journal announced that Xiaomi had 14% of China’s smartphone market share, thanks to Redmi. 

A Handy Tip: Redmi’s first phone, called “Hongmi,” which means red rice in Mandarin, was launched in 2013. The phone was launched on Xiaomi’s official website, and sales began on July 2013. 

In March 2014, Xiaomi announced that the Redmi smartphone had sold out within eight minutes of launching on its official website in Singapore. 

Unfortunately, many weren’t buying the company’s claim. Instead, they believed the company released the devices in smaller batches so that they could be sold out fast. 

Which Is Better, Xiaomi Or Redmi?

Redmi is a subsidiary of Xiaomi, though it has now become a global brand. The reason for its establishment is to manufacture and sell cheaper smartphones.

Xiaomi phones are also not that expensive. However, they are more costly than Redmi phones. Redmi targets users on a strict budget. 

There are differences between Redmi and Xiaomi. You’ll notice this in their hardware and software support. 

How is Xiaomi superior to Redmi hardware-wise?

A comparison between both phones will show you all you need to know about their hardware quality. Redmi is cheaper because the manufacturers use more inexpensive materials to make them. 

On the other hand, Xiaomi phones are made of high-quality materials such as metals and glass. In addition, Xiaomi phones boast high-end features such as waterproof design and wireless charging.

Make no mistake; Redmi high-end phones are made out of materials like metal or glass too. But the cheap build makes them feel low quality compared to Xiaomi. 

How does software make Xiaomi phones different from Redmi? The point is, Redmi phones get fewer software updates than Xiaomi phones. Xiaomi will decide when Redmi receives an update. 

Can Xiaomi Use Google?

Yes, Xiaomi phones can use Google. The company is no longer on the US blacklist so it can use Google products, and investors can have shares in Xiaomi too. 

Xiaomi phones even come with Google applications on Global ROMs, such as:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Chrome
  • Map
  • Play Store
  • Gmail
  • Lens
  • All Google stock system applications, such as phones, messages, etc.  

Is It Safe To Buy Xiaomi Phones?

It is safe to use Xiaomi smartphones. Xiaomi phones are even safer to use than other smartphones. 

Here are the reasons. Millions of Android devices got infected when the StageFright case happened. Interestingly, Xiaomi’s MIUI wasn’t. When an exploit happened globally, Xiaomi was untouchable. Why? The company had already fixed the problem months before the incident occurred. 

So, how safe are Xiaomi smartphones? Overall, the company has been doing well in the area of security. First and foremost, hackers have tried to break its IoT security to no avail. 

Why is this so? Xiaomi has kept a keen eye on every corner of its IoT, preventing any loophole that could give hackers access. So, its security and hardware are fantastic, considering the price point of even their flagship phones.

Do Xiaomi Phones Last Long?

Phones’ reliability or durability is quite tricky to determine. Sometimes, one must use the device for some time to decide. Or, you can depend on unbiased reviews from genuine users. 

People must understand that all phones are prone to bugs and other issues. It doesn’t matter the phone brand or how the device was made. In other words, it does not matter whether Apple or Xiaomi made the phone.  

There have been mixed reactions to Xiaomi phones’ durability. While some users claim that their Xiaomi phones last longer than their other Android phones, others claim otherwise. 

Furthermore, there have been reports of Xiaomi phones having some consistent issues. But these claims are basically on Xiaomi phones using the MediaTek chip. 

If you can avoid Xiaomi phones using this chip, you may enjoy using your phone. In other words, only phones with this chip have been reported as problematic. The other Xiaomi phones with different chips will perform better than Android phones at this price point. 

Most users have claimed that their Xiaomi phones lasted an average of 3 years. But this isn’t fixed. While some may use theirs for 3 years or more, others may use theirs for less.

Xiaomi is a great brand, but it’s not like Samsung and iPhone. These are top brands that are way more expensive. In addition, they have excellent customer support compared to Xiaomi. 

If your phone develops a fault, reaching Xiaomi could be difficult. Instead, you have to rely on third-party companies to fix your phone. With iPhone or Samsung, this won’t be the case. 


Does Xiaomi work in the USA? Yes, all Xiaomi phones work in the United States of America. Though the US government banned the company during the end of Donald Trump’s tenure, the ban has been lifted. 

Xiaomi phones work in the United States. You can connect Xiaomi to your home Wi-Fi. However, note that some carriers don’t support Xiaomi.  

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